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If Jiang Yiqian bought the dress, she would not have the money to buy the bag.

If she bought the bag, she would not have money to buy the dress.

As a result, she could only come look at the bag first.

Seeing Shi Jin spending money like water, Jiang Yiqians heart was extremely sour, but she could only be helpless.

“Whos that person beside her” Jiang Yiqian was a little puzzled.

“Mom, do you want to rest first before choosing” Shi Jin asked.

“No need, Im not tired at all.” Qiu Xingmi was in a good mood and could not bear to rest at all.

“This stores bags are not bad, and the clothes are actually quite nice.

Why dont I try the clothes too”

Shi Jin had no objections and continued to choose with her.

On the other hand, when Jiang Yiqian heard Shi Jin address her, she confirmed that the person was Fu Xiuyuans mother.

Jiang Yiqian thought to herself, “Qiu Xingmi really came out.

I didnt expect her to recover from her illness, but it seems that even after she recovered, she can only live in the Southern Courtyard.

Grandpa Fu didnt let her go back to live”

Jiang Yiqian knew some of the past.

Back then, Qiu Xingmi had been despised by Old Master Fu when she was sick.

All these years, she had never been welcomed.

In that case, she did not have any respect for Qiu Xingmi.

The clerk serving her saw that her expression was not right and asked, “Miss Jiang, did those two people outside offend you”

“Did you see that middle-aged woman She has an infectious disease.

Your store actually dares to entertain such people”

The clerk was shocked.

“Theres such a thing”

“I heard it too.

Believe it or not.

Xiaoli, its not that I want to say this, but arent you afraid of contracting an illness” Jiang Yiqian wanted to cause some trouble for Shi Jin, but she was afraid and did not dare to go in person.

She could only encourage this clerk.

This clerk had originally been serving Jiang Yiqian for a long time and had always treated her as the God of Fortune.

Knowing that she was the Young Miss of the Jiang family, her words were definitely not wrong.

She carefully sized up Qiu Xingmi and Shi Jin.

Although these two people looked like they had decent figures and were dressed well, they were actually wearing masks.

There indeed seemed to be something wrong.

Especially when she saw the bag Qiu Xingmi was carrying.

She did not know what year it was from, but the more she looked at them, the more suspicious she felt.

Coincidentally, Qiu Xingmi and Shi Jin went to try on some clothes.

Shi Jin sized up Qiu Xingme and said, “There were a few good bags just now.

We can buy a few and you can alternate, but these clothes dont fit very well.

I think we should forget about the clothes.”

“I think so too.” Qiu Xingmi also saw the flaw in the clothes.

They were not suitable for her.

After the two of them were done changing, Shi Jin handed the clothes to the clerk.

“Please put these two clothes away.”

“Alright.” The clerk reached out and took it.

Xiaoli walked over and said with a smile, “Guests, I hope you can buy these two clothes immediately.

Also, I hope you can leave quickly after buying them.”

The clerk from before was a little surprised and said, “Assistant Manager, why is that”

Xiaoli picked up a pair of gloves and slowly put them on in front of the two of them.

She did not answer but picked up the two clothes and placed them in a bag.

She said arrogantly, “You must buy them.”

As the assistant manager of a luxury store, Xiaoli was usually a little arrogant.

She would only bow humbly in front of noble VIP customers.

This was naturally because of the tonality of the luxury goods, but it was also because she personally thought too highly of herself and looked down on others.

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