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“What do you think” Old Madam Fus voice also became much lower, carrying a hint of helplessness.

“Is it really wrong for me to consider our son” Old Master Fu asked.

Old Madam Fu sighed silently.

“Then just think about it.

Why are you asking me Since we cant convince each other, you dont have to call me.”

Unexpectedly, Old Master Fu did not hang up as usual.

Old Madam Fu was silent for a moment before saying, “Is there anything else you want to say”

“Our son and Xingmi are moving to the Southern Courtyard.

They would rather live in the Southern Courtyard than at home.”

“Thats normal.

Id rather live in the capital than in Hong Kong.”

Old Madam Fu said, “Then if theres nothing else, Ill hang up first.”

“Well, its not exactly nothing.”

“Do you still have the essential oil you gave me last time” Old Master Fu made conversation awkwardly.

Subconsciously, he already knew that many of the things he had done previously were inappropriate.

He just could not bring himself to apologize.

“You asked me to look for the essential oil.

Isnt Shi Jin with you Ask her and see if she still has it.

She made it all.”

Old Master Fu was shocked.

“She made that too”

“That child is smarter than you think.

During this period of time, she has also been tolerating you, right Old man, I sincerely advise you not to let what you did to your son repeat itself on your grandson.”

After ending the call, Old Master Fu had mixed feelings.

For a moment, he thought a lot, and his thoughts were complicated.

Qiu Xingmis return from the Southern Courtyard was no less sensational than Fu Zhaoxiangs return from the Southern Courtyard.

This news spread throughout Hong Kong.

Shi Jins name quickly entered the ears of the nobles.

Everyone flocked over to visit Shi Jin.

However, they were all blocked by Fu Xiuyuan.

In short, Shi Jin had her own things to do and would not entertain anyone.

His attitude was very firm, and he gradually dispelled these peoples thoughts.

The day was clear and bright.

Shi Jin went to the Southern Courtyard to see Qiu Xingmi.

There were new servants in the Southern Courtyard now.

The dispirited atmosphere from before had been swept away.

The sunlight was gentler and brighter, shining diagonally in the courtyard.

Qiu Xingmi was on a video call with Fu Heyan.

“Mom, you really dont want me to return to Hong Kong” Fu Heyan said unhappily.

“Youre already a mother, yet youre still throwing a tantrum.

Your stomach is big now, so its not convenient for you to run back and forth.

I dont want to see you now because Im afraid that I still have some sickness and Ill give it to you and the child.

This is when a pregnant womans immune system is at its weakest.

Its not like you dont know.”

“Alright, well talk about it afterwards then.” Fu Heyan could only compromise.

She had sharp eyes saw Shi Jin enter from the corner of the videocall screen at a glance.

She waved at her.

“Shi Jin!”

Shi Jin walked over and asked with a smile, “How have you been recently How are the regular checkups”

“Im doing very well every time.

Look, the child is kicking me now,” Fu Heyan said with a smile.

“Then rest well.

I plan to go out with Mom.”

“Go out and buy beautiful clothes and eat delicious food!” Shi Jin glanced at Qiu Xingmi, who was moved.

She really wanted to go out and shop.

Fu Heyan said enviously, “Unfortunately, Im not around.

Sigh, you guys really have to come back early.

Im suffocating.”

“Alright, well be back soon.” Qiu Xingmi hung up the video call first.

The worried look on her face had long been swept away.

When she smiled, she was filled with gentleness.

One could tell that she was beautiful and moving when she was young.

The new skin was very smooth, making her look even younger.

She was actually very straightforward.

It was just that she had been suppressed by these things for so many years.

“Lets go to the mall and buy some clothes,” Shi Jin suggested.

“Alright.” Qiu Xingmis eyes lit up.

Shi Jin got into the car with her.

Qiu Xingmi looked at the streets and shops outside the window and said in a low voice, “This change is really huge.”

When she lived in the Southern Courtyard, she was not completely isolated from the world.

However, she was still out of this world after all.

There were many things that she could only understand from her phone and computer.

The feeling was completely different from going to the scene herself.

The expression on her face was like that of a child who had just experienced the world.

It was filled with novelty and curiosity.

After getting out of the car, Shi Jin put on a mask.

After all, she was a public figure and had always paid attention to her privacy.

Qiu Xingmi saw that she was wearing one and followed suit.

After entering the mall, she was clearly dazzled.

Only then did she realize that the clothes she was wearing were indeed a little outdated.

“Shi Jin, am I dressing too ugly” she asked as she looked at the display window.

“Its not ugly.

Its just that youve lost weight and your skin has recovered.

The clothes you wore in the past are no longer suitable.

Just buy new ones today.”

Shi Jins words made Qiu Xingmi feel relieved and much more comfortable.

Shi Jin looked at her clothes.

They were actually very tasteful.

However, they were indeed old, which was why they looked out of place.

She looked around and said, “Mom, lets go take a look first.”

“Yes.” Qiu Xingmi held her hand and said with a smile, “You should buy more too.

Girls must dress beautifully.”

The two of them walked into a store and chose a few sets of clothes for each other before going in to try them on together.

After trying some clothes out, Shi Jin saw that Qiu Xingmi seemed to have become a different person.

She couldnt help but smile and say, “Mom, youre really good-looking.

Only now did I notice that Sister looks like you.

Xiuyuan also looks like you.”

“Really” Qiu Xingmi said happily.

“Do you think so too

“I dont think so.

Its the truth.”

“You child.” Qiu Xingmi patted the back of her hand happily.

“Where did Xiuyuan get the good fortune to know you”

The clothes they tried on were all very suitable.

Shi Jin and Qiu Xingmi each changed into new clothes.

They instructed the clerk to send the rest to their house and went to another store.

The purse that Qiu Xingmi used was very old and was a style from a long time ago.

So the two of them entered a branded bag store together.

Qiu Xingmi was dazzled by this selection of purses.

She felt that any one of them looked good.

Shi Jin gave her advice seriously and asked the clerk to take out everything she liked to try.

Jiang Yiqian was sitting in the lounge of the store.

She was there to buy a bag.

As a VIP customer, she was drinking coffee as someone was introducing the new bag to her.

When she heard Shi Jins voice, she looked over and saw that Shi Jin was wearing a new floral dress.

It should be a new season design from a new brand.

It was not far from the store next door and was expensive.

Jiang Yiqian had seen this long dress before, but she was short on money now.

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