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Shi Jin stopped in her tracks.

She turned back to look at Fu Xiuyuan.

“Accompany me out for coffee”

“Okay.” Fu Xiuyuan grabbed her hand and slowly walked out of the Southern Courtyard together.

The consecutive happy events made even the servants in the Fu family walk with light footsteps.

The villa was even cleaner today.

Under Old Master Fus arrangements, the red lanterns for the new year were all dug out and hung up.

Old Master Fu was so happy that he seemed to have become ten years younger.

He instructed Butler Kang, “Is the room ready”

“Its all cleaned up.

Sir and Madams room was already cleaned up when Sir returned.”

“Wheres the tea Wheres the food”

“Those are all the things Sir, Madam, Young Master, and Young Madam like to eat.

Theyre all prepared,” Butler Kang said with a smile.

After Old Master Fu asked, he also realized that he had lost his composure.

There was no point in being this naggy.

He said seriously, “Alright, you can prepare the rest as you see fit.”

Butler Kang walked out and saw Fu Zhaoxiang, Qiu Xingmi, Fu Xiuyuan, and Shi Jin walk in together.

It could be seen that Fu Zhaoiang and Qiu Xingmi had aged, but probably because they had lived in a place like the Southern Courtyard all year round and did not have to deal with outside matters, they lived very idle lives.

As a result, they still looked younger than their actual age.

Especially Qiu Xingmi.

She was gentle and upright, with an outstanding temperament.

Her skin was tight and fair, and there was not even a shadow of the terrifying appearance from back then.

“Sir, Madam!” Butler Kang also had mixed feelings.

He had mixed feelings and his voice was choked.

“Its Butler Kang” Qiu Xingmi said gently.

“Long time no see.”

“Yes, long time no see.

Madam, please come in.”

Qiu Xingmis gaze kept sweeping across everything in the house.

Seeing that everything was as it had been, her heart was quite agitated.

Over the years, she had many grievances and imbalances in her heart, as well as disappointment and despair.

However, now that she saw that her son had already grown up to be more outstanding than she had imagined and that Shi Jin and her son were harmonious and loving, she felt that what had happened in the past was no longer important.

The four of them arrived in front of Old Master Fu.

“Dad,” Qiu Xingmi greeted.

Old Master Fu coughed lightly.


Shortly, they began eating.

After the meal, Fu Zhaoxiang held Qiu Xingeis hand.

“Dad, were going back first.”

“Go back Go back where” Old Master Fu was stunned.

“Didnt you always live at home”

“Back to the Southern Courtyard,” Fu Zhaoxiang said calmly.

“Ive already decided.

Ill live in the Southern Courtyard from now on.”

Qiu Xingmi looked at her husband in shock.

Why hadnt he said anything about such a huge matter before

To her, of course, it was more convenient to live somewhere other than the Fu family.

She also had a greater sense of belonging, but would Old Master Fu agree

“The Southern Courtyard is such an unlucky place.

How can you live there The house is so big.

Is it not enough for you” Old Master Fu originally wanted to enjoy the feeling of having his children and grandchildren around him, but when his son suddenly said this, his tone could not help but become a little stronger.

Shi Jin calmly tried to smooth things over.

“Grandpa, listen to Dads opinion.

Perhaps he has his own considerations.”

Old Master Fus anger subsided.

“Then tell me what you think.”

“Dad, I know that you wont be able to bear it if I move out with Xingmi this time, but this is also what I really think.

Early on, when Xingmi was sick, you kept stopping me from visiting her and even had the intention to make me divorce her.

I dont blame you for this, and I believe Xingmi doesnt blame you either…” Fu Zhaoxiang said.

Qiu Xingmi nodded.

“I really dont blame Dad.

I have a child myself.

I understand your love for your son as a father.

Just like me, when I see Xiuyuan put himself in danger, I would rather he abandon everything else and only protect himself.

As a parent, I understand every parents good intentions for their child.”

She glanced at Fu Xiuyuan and said calmly, “But now that Xiuyuan has grown up and has his own thoughts, I respect his own thoughts more.”

“You two!” Old Master Fu said angrily.

Fu Zhaoxiang continued, “I understand your thoughts as a father, but have you ever understood Xingmis misery and difficulties when she fell ill How she stayed in the hospital alone for a long time to endure the pain of her illness Please understand my feelings now.

She has indeed returned, but that doesnt mean that the pressure from the Fu family can erase the harm she has suffered over the years.”

Qiu Xingmi looked at her husband with tears in her eyes.

She originally felt that as long as she returned this time, nothing else mattered.

Even if the Fu family had indeed made things difficult for her and had not supported her wholeheartedly, as long as it was for the stability of the family, she could forget those memories and cherish her current time.

However, she had not expected that while she had convinced herself to forget, her husband would remember her grievances and stand by her side unconditionally.

Although Old Master Fu was angry, he had nothing to say.

Fu Zhaoxiang continued, “Dad, youre my father.

Ill still respect you.

Even if I live in the Southern Courtyard, Ill often come back to visit you, accompany you, and be filial to you.

But Xingmi and I do need personal space more.

I also need to live in a more comfortable place with her.”

After saying this, he looked at Old Master Fu calmly.

Shi Jin also subconsciously looked at Fu Xiuyuan and realized that he was also looking at her.

She could see from Fu Xiuyuans eyes that he agreed with Fu Zhaoxiangs actions and that this was his attitude—no matter what happened, he would stand by her side unconditionally.

After Fu Zhaoxiang finished speaking, Old Master Fu had nothing to say.

He raised his hand and waved.

“Alright, do whatever you want.”

“Then Xingmi and I will go back first.

Ill come and see you when I have time,” Fu Zhaoxiang said calmly as he held Qiu Xingmis hand and walked out.

Old Master Fu sat back on the sofa dejectedly.

He looked at his son and daughter-in-laws backs and then at Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin.

Had he done something wrong He didnt think he did.

His children and grandchildren understood where he came from.

However, his correctness was built on his own personal interests and had never considered the feelings of others.

Old Master Fu called Old Madam Fu.

Old Madam Fus tone was unfriendly.

“What is it”

“Did you know Xingmi is back”

“I know.

Shi Jin told me long ago.

If not for the fact that Heyan is pregnant now, I would have returned to Hong Kong to see Xingmi.

Do I need you to say more”

For once, Old Master Fu did not retort.

Instead, he sighed.

Old Madam Fu did not speak for a long time.

After a long time, he said, “Do you think I really did the wrong thing back then”

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