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In the afternoon, Shi Jin went downstairs to the courtyard to get her herbs and saw Qin Fanya sitting on the sofa.

Seeing Shi Jin, Qin Fanya stood up and greeted, “Shi Jin.”

Her smile seemed to be as dignified and generous as ever, and her actions were impeccable.

However, there were obvious dark circles around her eyes that even heavy makeup could not hide.

“Yes, Miss Qin.” Shi Jin nodded.

Old Master Fu said, “Fanya, come and report to me about work.

Shi Jin, do you want to hear it”

Qin Fanya bit her lip on the spot.

Old Master Fus meaning was too obvious.

He was completely treating her as a staff member, not as one of his own like before.

“I wont trouble you, will I”

“Whats inconvenient about it Sit,” Old Master Fu said reproachfully.

“The Fu family is also your family.

You have to listen to work matters.”

Only then did Shi Jin walk over.

She was wearing light-colored lounge clothes and wide-legged pants, making her look casual and natural.

Her hair was loose and smooth, and evey strand of hair was exquisite and flawless.

She sat down in front of Qin Fanya and poured her a cup of tea.

“Miss Qin, please.”

This was how a host treated her guests.

Qin Fanya clenched her cold palm and had no choice but to say, “I was entrusted by Grandpa Fu to go to Country F to do something.

I didnt investigate accurately enough in advance, so I caused a huge loss…”

The moment she said this, painful memories replayed in her mind.

Back then, she had forcefully snatched this mine from Shi Jin and Jiang Ning.

“Grandpa Fu, I know I didnt do well this time.

Im willing to pay for this deficit myself.” After Qin Fanya temporarily took a share and invested money, the Qin family invested again.

Their losses were already very great.

However, in order to strengthen her relationship with Old Master Fu, she was still willing to compensate for this loss.

Old Master Fu glanced at Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, what do you say”

“Grandpa, what I mean is that Miss Qin was originally helping the Fu family with something.

If she made a mistake, it would be a mistake in her work and she shouldnt bear the losses alone.

If every employee of the Qin Corporation has to compensate themselves for the project losses, who will dare to work in the Fu family in the future”

Old Master Fu nodded repeatedly.

“Thats true.

So, Fanya, you dont have to compensate for this.”

“Grandpa Fu!” Qin Fanya refused to agree.

If she let that happen, she would no longer have a personal relationship with the Fu family.

Their relationship would completely be reduced to employer and employee.

She would rather spend money to buy this relationship.

Wouldnt they even allow her to do that

The corners of Shi Jins lips curled up into a smile.

“Miss Qin, if you really compensate, what will happen to the employees who follow you Could it be that if the Fu family has losses, you want them to compensate too The company has its rules, so well just follow them.

Furthermore, the Fu family can afford to lose this little money.”

Qin Fanya had not expected Shi Jin to see through their relationship so clearly.

She had directly blocked any possibility of her being tied to the Fu family.

Seeing Old Master Fus happy expression as he drank his tea, he did not intend to speak up for her.

That was true.

This loss of money was nothing to the Fu family, not to mention that Shi Jin had earned so much this time.

There was no room for negotiation.

Qin Fanya had no choice but to get up and bid farewell.

“Then, Grandpa Fu, Ill leave first.

If theres anything else you need me to do in the future, feel free to arrange it.”

“Alright, Ill look for you if theres anything,” Old Master Fu said.

“Butler Kang, send Fanya off.”

However, the two of them knew very well that nothing would happen in the future.

After Qin Fanya left, Old Master Fu stroked his beard in satisfaction and said, “Shi Jin, you can even bear such a loss openly.

You indeed have the bearing of our Fu family.”

“Grandpa, this is also my way of doing things.”

Shi Jin had never tried to please the old man on purpose, but her ability was not weak either.

She would not let others decide for her.

Old Master Fu was paused and laughed.

“Alright, alright.”

“Then Ill get back to work.”

After Shi Jin went to the backyard to get the dried herbs, she returned to her room and finally prepared all the useful herbs.

Only then did she contact Qiu Xingmi.

The next day, she was going to the Southern Courtyard.

Fu Xiuyuan did not go to the company today and accompanied her to the Southern Courtyard.

When he found out that Shi Jin was coming, Fu Zhaoxiang had already arrived at the Southern Courtyard.


Jason and Dr.

Lu were also already doing research and were waiting early.

Seeing Qiu Xingmi, everyone held their breaths and waited for Shi Jin to take out the medicine.

“This is the syringe and this is the medicine.

For the next three days, medicine will be both injected and consumed at the same time.” Shi Jins words were very simple, and the treatment plan was also extremely simple.

In the eyes of professional doctors and hospitals, these treatment methods were extremely simple and unreliable.

However, Dr.

Jason and Dr.

Lu, who had long seen Shi Jins treatment methods, did not dare to be negligent or look down on her.

They immediately took the medicine solemnly.


Jason, Dr.

Lu, Ill be troubling you for the next three days.”

“Dont worry,” Dr.

Lu said.

“The outcome will definitely be good after three days.”

Qiu Xingmi sat beside Dr.

Jason and Dr.


The two doctors personally checked various data for her with serious expressions.

Qiu Xingmi clasped her hands tightly, not daring to look at the two doctors expressions.

She had been waiting for this day for a long time.

When her growing hope approached, it was accompanied by disappointment that was magnified countless times.

Whatever the final result pointed to, the waiting process was extremely suffocating.

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were also sitting in the car outside the Southern Courtyard, waiting for the outcome.

Shi Jin looked calm, but she was not relaxed.

No treatment plan would be 100% effective.

There were many unexpected distractions.

She was also afraid of the one in ten thousand chance of failure.

As she was thinking, she felt a warmth on her fingers.

She turned her head and Fu Xiuyuan happened to hold her hand.

His fingers interlocked with hers.

Just these two words contained countless emotions.

It was to reassure her that even if it was only one in ten thousand, no one would blame her.

There was a knock on the window.

Shi Jin rolled down the window and Song Fans happy face appeared.

“Congratulations, Master Fu and Young Madam! The results of the examination are out for the Madam! Shes completely recovered!”

A smile bloomed on Shi Jins usually cold face.

It rose like the morning sun and dispersed the clouds in the cold morning.

She immediately got out of the car and walked towards the Southern Courtyard.

Fu Xiuyuan quickly followed her.

Before they got close, the two of them heard Qiu Xingmi crying loudly.

From afar, she was lying in Fu Zhaoxiangs arms, revealing her true feelings.

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