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Jiang Ning also smiled and said, “Thank you, and congratulations to you too.”

She pinched herself and realized that it hurt.

She was not dreaming.

She said, “Were rich, right”


And its just the two of us,” Shi Jin said with a nod.

To a rich girl like Jiang Ning, she no longer cared about the money she had seen since she was young.

To be able to make her say that she was rich was indeed a monstrous wealth.

When she returned to the hotel, a very reliable higher-up arranged by the Jiang family was standing at the door.

He walked forward and said, “Miss, we were arranged by the Old Master to come over.

He brought many security personnel to protect you.”

“My safety is not important.

Arrange for more people to watch over the safety of the mine.”

Jiang Ning walked into the hotel with Shi Jin and said to her assistant, “Report to me whats going on with Qin Fanya.”

“Theres nothing much so far.

Ill let you know if theres any progress.”

Shi Jin smiled and shook her head.

She did not care about Qin Fanyas situation, but Jiang Ning was different.

She had lived under Qin Fanyas halo since she was young, and she seemed useless when compared to her.

Once there was a chance, Jiang Ning naturally would not let go of any chance to turn things around.

If she had to blame someone, she had to blame Qin Fanya for being too arrogant in the past and not leaving herself any connections.

Three days later, the mine in Country F was basically confirmed to have no problems.

Shi Jin and Jiang Ning had arranged for trustworthy people to take over, and the two of them returned home.

On the way to the airport, Jiang Nings phone kept ringing.

She took out her phone and hung up ruthlessly before setting it to silent mode.

She glanced at the caller ID and said, “Its all those higher-ups and shareholders.

Ever since they found out about our mine, they wish they could eat every word they said back then.

Ill see what they say when we go back this time.”

Shi Jin laughed when she heard that.

She could already imagine what Jiang Ning would be like after she returned to Hong Kong.

After this time, Jiang Ning had completely established himself in the Jiang family.

The entire airport was already filled with people because of Jiang Ning and Shi Jins return.

Everyone was here to pick them up.

Although there were friends and reporters among them, most of them were people who had missed an opportunity previously and were now kneeling and licking their boots.

Looking at the crowded mass of people in front of her, Jiang Ning exclaimed, “Did I bring too few security guards”

“This way.” Shi Jin was good at hiding from fervent fans.

She grabbed Jiang Nings hand and quickly walked to the side.

Halfway through, the mass of people followed.

Suddenly, Shi Jins hand was grabbed.

She looked up and saw that it was Fu Xiuyuan.

He was wearing casual clothes, a baseball cap, and a black mask.

He had deliberately downplayed his own mark.

Only when she raised her head and saw his face could his defined brows and deep eyes confirm his identity.

“Follow me.” Fu Xiuyuan held Shi Jins hand and quickly walked towards the safe zone.

Jiang Ning immediately followed.

A moment later, the three of them returned to the car, leaving a bunch of puzzled people behind.

“Heavens, I was frightened to death,” Jiang Ning said as she patted her chest.

“Why are there so many people”

“Most of them are from your company,” Fu Xiuyuan said coldly.

Jiang Ning quickly shrank her neck.

Indeed, this was the trouble she had caused Shi Jin, but she was not at fault either.

Was success not better than failure

Fu Xiuyuan said coldly, “Ive already gotten Song Fan to arrange for some people to go to the Jiang family to help you keep an eye on them.

Youre on your own.”

Jiang Ning was immediately happy.

Did this mean that Fu Xiuyuan had actually gotten someone to help her

In that case, it would not be a problem for her to suppress the restless people from the Jiang family in a short period of time.

She was so excited that she was incoherent.

“Master Fu, thank you.

I was really out of my wits when I returned this time.

Its great that you can help me.”

Song Fan, who was driving, reminded kindly, “Why do you think Master Fu helped you”

Jiang Ning smiled and hooked onto Shi Jins arm.

“Of course its because Im good friends with Shi Jin.

If anything happens to me, Shi Jin wont be at ease, so Master Fu is afraid that Ill drag her down.”

Fu Xiuyuan didnt say anything else, but the words “Its good that you know” were written all over his body.

After sending Jiang Ning off, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan returned to the Fu residence.

Old Master Fus face was clearly happy as he picked up the phone.

“Aiya, you flatter me.

Shi Jin is originally a child of the Li family.

Like father, like daughter.”

After hanging up, he gestured for the two of them to sit down.

“Grandpa, Shi Jin is tired.

Let her go back and rest first.” Fu Xiuyuan did not accept his invitation.

Old Master Fu: “Alright, whatever.”

Shi Jin was indeed tired.

She quickened her pace and followed Fu Xiuyuan upstairs.

Just as they left Old Master Fus gaze, Fu Xiuyuan pulled her into his arms.

Shi Jin looked up and met his gaze.

They only needed to be a little closer before their lips touched.

Fu Xiuyuan hugged her waist with one hand and pushed open the door with the other, bringing her into the room.

Shi Jins plan to have a good rest was destined to fail tonight.

The next afternoon, when Shi Jin woke up, Fu Xiuyuan had already gone to the company.

She took a slow shower before starting to concoct the medicine.

Halfway through, her phone rang.

She casually swiped the answer button and heard Jiang Nings voice.

“Hello, what are you doing”

“Concocting medicine.” Shi Jin did not stop.

“Oh, oh.

Then guess what good news I have for you”

“Bingo! Why are you so good at guessing I heard the news.

Up to today, I can basically confirm that the mine on Qin Fanyas side is empty.

Forget about diamonds like that day, there isnt even a single diamond.” Jiang Ning was delighted.

Shi Jin asked, “Didnt they say that the amount of ores over there can be estimated to be a lot of diamonds Many people have done data calculations before”

“Sigh, like they said, that if they dont dig it up personally, all the data will be inaccurate.

Just like us, who knew that such a treasure would be hidden underground”

“Then were really fortunate.”

“Thats right.

Qin Fanya even transferred a few other expert teams over last night.

Now, she should resign herself to fate.”

This was not a big deal to Shi Jin.

She did not feel that there was any conflict between her and Qin Fanya.

Any competition for Fu Xiuyuan was just Qin Fanyas wishful thinking.

However, it was indeed good news.

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