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“But…” The shareholder spoke again.

“Youre spending the companys money.

This amount already requires the shareholders signature to be transferred.”

Jiang Ning laughed angrily.

“Good, very good.

Then I wont spend the companys money, okay”

“Thats fine.

I hope Eldest Miss is successful.”

Jiang Ning cursed silently.

‘What a cunning old thing!

She put down her phone and planned in her heart.

When she returned this time, she would promote a few of her trusted aides and gradually replace these people.

These were all disasters that Jiang Qingsong had raised previously.

She did not expect these people to jump up after Jiang Qingsong was defeated.

When the small businessman beside her heard her conversation, he said worriedly, “Miss Jiang, you personally promised us that you would buy it just now.

Dont go back on your word.

Your family can withstand any trouble, but we cant.”

Jiang Ning could not be bothered to argue with these people.

She said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, Ill pay for it myself.”

“Of course Ill make money with you on such a profitable project,” Shi Jin said.

“Buy it in my companys name.

Theres no way to buy it privately.”

Actually, she wasnt completely sure about the two mines.

If they werent the two mines she knew about in her previous life, she would have to bear half the losses herself.

Jiang Ning was not someone who liked to fuss over these things.

In any case, she was just trying to vent her anger.

Since that was the case, she readily agreed.

“All right,” she said with a smile.

“Now well share our troubles and blessings.”

It didnt take much effort for the two of them to get this bit of money together.

They quickly finished signing the contract.

The two small businessmen also hurriedly left.

Fu Jiang quickly led his people and surrounded the two mines.

However, it did not matter if they were not surrounded.

It was very quiet here and there were very few people.

No one cared to pass by here and could not be bothered to look at this place.

“Lets get people to come over and mine it tomorrow,” Shi Jin said.

Jiang Ning nodded.

After this incident, most of the other mines outside had been sold.

She was not in the mood to look around anymore.

The shareholders and higher-ups were very resentful.

They all felt that she had not done a good job this time.

Jiang Ning simply turned off her phone and stopped accepting these negative energies.

After a while, Shi Jins phone rang.

She answered it and gave it to Jiang Ning.

Jiang Ning picked it up and choked when she heard her grandfathers voice.

“Youre still young.

Who doesnt experience these things” Old Master Jiangs open-minded voice sounded.

“When I was young, there was once when I was so short on money that I couldnt even afford steamed buns.

Didnt I still come over There was another time when everyone in the company was against me, and I managed to hold on.

It doesnt matter.

If you dont succeed this time, there will be a next time.

If you lose this million yuan, Grandpa will compensate you.

The entire family supports you.”

Old Master Jiang continued, “Those people in the company are your chess pieces if you use them well.

If you dont use them well, you can just change them in the future.

Everyone is together for the sake of benefits.

If you dont value them so much, they wont be that important to you.”

“I understand, Grandpa.” Jiang Nings eyes were red.

She returned the phone to Shi Jin, feeling much more relaxed.

Shi Jin shook her hand.

“Lets go look at the diamonds tomorrow.

Ive never seen how diamonds are mined before.”

“Sure.” Jiang Ning was also a little excited.

She also wanted to see such a grand occasion.

Together they reached the mine.

The originally deserted place was especially lively today.

It was not entirely because there were more workers today, but because many people knew that the willful eldest daughter of the Jiang family and the new young mistress of the Fu family had spent money to buy the two most useless mines here.

Everyone was pointing at this joke for fun.

“Young Madam, Ill go and chase these people away,” Fu Jiang said.

“Forget it, as long as they dont affect our work, thats it.” Shi Jin didnt want to cause trouble.

She walked inside with Jiang Ning.

The workers were already at work.

The mine on Qin Fanyas side was also working hard.

Because she had found a diamond of good quality yesterday, all the workers on her side were full of enthusiasm today, waiting to get a bigger surprise.

Qin Fanya looked at the workers on the various monitors with a lazy and smug expression.

Jiang Yiqian said excitedly, “I wonder if well be able to discover a large area of diamonds today.

If we do, well have to strengthen security measures and control this place.

Well dig slowly in the future.

I heard that there are mines in South Africa that can allow workers to slowly dig for decades.”

“Well be able to tell if there are any today after another round of detection by the equipment and excavation by the workers,” Qin Fanya said.

“The experts said that according to the situation of the diamonds we saw yesterday, we can basically confirm that there will be many diamonds in this mine.”

When Jiang Yiqian thought about how she still had some shares, she could not help but feel excited.

She said, “Shi Jin and Jiang Ning are the funny ones.

They didnt buy anything yesterday and were fooled by two small businessmen.

They spent a million yuan to buy two useless mines, the small and useless kind.

Theyre also digging there today.

The entire Hong Kong is shocked by the two of them.

They want to see what kind of joke they can make.”

Qin Fanya originally didnt pay much attention to their situation, but now she was interested.

“Oh Hows the situation on their side”

“Ill ask right away.” Jiang was happy to ask about all this.

She immediately called and quickly told Qin Fanya, “Hahahahaha, Im dying of laughter.

I heard that Fu Jiang arranged for several times the manpower to go over and start work on the expressway.

Now, weve already heard most of the information about the first mine.

Other than finding a diamond the size of a grain of rice, theres nothing else.

I heard that Jiang Ning almost cried on the spot.”

Qin Fanya smiled.


Jiang Ning was indeed on the verge of tears.

These two mines were small, so it was not difficult to explore them.

However, after exploring them, they only obtained that little.

The onlookers outside were not stingy with their laughter.

“Can you afford this loss” Shi Jin asked.

Jiang Ning thought for a moment.

The losses on the surface were nothing to her.

However, the loss of her reputation in the dark was indeed very serious.

It might take a long time to make up for it in the future.

However, she thought of her grandfathers words and the support of the friend standing beside her.

It was just a difficulty.

It was nothing to look back on after she had crossed over.

She nodded.

“Its only a small loss.

It doesnt bother me.”

“Fu Jiang, get someone to scout the second one,” Shi Jin said.


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