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Chapter 68: Success

They only came to realize Dr Si was a girl in her twenties after they approved her request to operate in the hospital.

The two of them rushed over before they even finished their meeting.

Now that this had happened, neither of them wanted to be held accountable if something went wrong! However, it was impossible to blame important men like them for negligence.

The hospital director was beside himself with worry.

If a major medical incident were to happen, his career would be over.

He was unable to catch his breath, so his secretary went over to get his inhaler and he kept breathing into it.


The operating theater light went off and the door opened.

Shi Jin appeared at the door standing against the light as everyone looked at her.

It felt as though she was bathed in light.

The hospital director shoved aside the inhaler and shouted, “How could you do this This is absolute nonsense!”

Qin Sinian rushed over.

“Dr Si, how is she”

Although he did not harbor hope, he really wished god would take pity on Fu Heyan and give them a second chance.

“How else could things have gone” The hospital director strode over and said, “Dr Liao, check on the patient immediately and see if there are any problems with the surgery! Hurry up.

Get to it this instant!”

Dr Liao headed inside the operating theatre immediately.

It was against policy to barge into an operating theatre while an operation was underway since it might aggravate Fu Heyans condition.

Otherwise, they would have stormed in earlier to put an end to the debacle.

How could the operation have turned out All of them could imagine the outcome of the operation.

How could a young, unknown doctor be capable of having any success with her surgery

Even Dr Liao and Richard had concluded nothing else could be done to improve the patients condition.

Would this diagnosis change just because of this doctor

The hospital director almost wanted to redo Fu Heyans surgery and treatment right away!

Shi Jin stood by the side and looked at Qin Sinian as she said, “Give her some time.

I dont see any problem with her hands recovering to the level required for professional piano!”

Qin Sinian was beside himself with joy.


The hospital director shook his head immediately.

“How can that be”

The hospital directors asthma almost acted up again when he realized the doctor in question was even younger than he imagined.

“As a doctor, you have to be honest to your patients family members.

You cant talk big!”

Shi Jin nodded.

“You are absolutely right.”

The hospital director went speechless.

The hospital director was so furious that he nearly had a heart attack.

Dr Liao and Richard entered the operating theatre to examine Fu Heyans condition.

Shi Jin had a feeling Fu Xiuyuan kept looking at her.

However, he happened to be looking elsewhere every time she turned to check, so Shi Jin stopped thinking about it.

The hospital director nagged nonstop, but she disregarded everything he said.

Dr Liao ran out as he shouted for the hospital director.

The hospital director lost all hope and knew he was dead meat.

He was the one who approved this surgery, so the medical incident had occurred on his watch.

Now that this had happened to the Fu familys eldest daughter, his career was over.

Also, he had offended two very important men.

He could only quietly light himself a candle to mark his death.

“Dont tell me.

I understand.” He walked out with his feet feeling heavy.

“Did you already know her operation was a success”

“Huh Was it a success” The hospital director opened his eyes wide instantly.

He stopped walking, his heart stopped feeling constricted and his asthma abated.

Dr Liao said happily, “It was really a success! Miss Fus two most delicate veins and tendons have been repaired.

Judging from her stats, she ought to make a full recovery!”

Richard also agreed with Dr Liaos conclusion.

“Its true!”

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