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When the two small businessmen heard Jiang Nings words, they recognized her.

“So its the eldest daughter of the Jiang family.

Eldest Miss Jiang, you have to pay attention to your interests when doing business.

Dont tell me you still want to continue doing whatever you want after knowing its not profitable No, Eldest Miss Jiang, didnt you just lose to Miss Qin and come here to use us as punching bags Hahahaha.”

“Im only saying this from the moral standpoint.

You had a good talk before, and you broke the contract just like that.

Who would dare do business with you in the future”

“Miss Jiang, youre really otherworldly.

Look at Country F, who told you this Everyone wants to earn more money and suck blood.

Otherwise, do you think you would have lost yesterday Youre so naive and willful, and the Jiang family is backing you up.

Were all earning hard money, how can we compare to you”

These words were sarcastic and happened to mention the word “willful” that Jiang Ning was most unwilling to hear.

She was especially angry.

“People like you cant go far in business!”

“Hahahahaha.” The two small businessmen did not take Jiang Nings words to heart.

They only felt that she was childish and ridiculous.

The local at the side was still pleading.

“No, you cant just not sign it.

There are more than a hundred people in our village, and some of them even bulldozed their houses.

Where are we going to live You have to sign it today!”

The two small businessmen were also a little afraid of so many villagers.

After all, a strong dragon could not suppress all the local snakes.

They suddenly looked at Jiang Ning.

“Miss Jiang, dont you like to talk about righteousness We dont have the money to buy these two mines now.

Look at how pitiful they are.

Why dont you take over Isnt it just right for everyone Fortunately, you dont have a suitable mine to buy now.”

These two people were obviously trying to trick Jiang Ning into falling into their trap.

They felt that she was young and did not know how to behave.

“Do you think Im stupid…” Jiang Ning couldnt help but curse.

However, before she could finish, Shi pressed her hand and said to the two men, “Are you serious”

When the two of them heard Shi Jin speak, they turned their attention to her.

They sized her up and recognized her.

“Shi Jin Young Madam Fu”

Their attitude was much more polite.

They were probably still afraid of the Fu family.

“Young Madam Fu, it looks like youre also here to play with Miss Jiang.

If the two of you are really willing, buy these two mines.

Anyway, youre all rich and cant compare to people like us.

Look at these villagers, theyre all quite pitiful.”

The two of them did not dare to go head-on with the villagers now.

They could not wait to trick Shi Jin and Jiang Ning.

Shi Jin said, “In that case, I do pity these villagers.

Let us buy it.”

The two of them did not expect Shi Jin to be fooled so easily and immediately agreed.

They immediately said, “Alright, alright, well give it to you, but lets make it clear.

We gave it to you, but we didnt force you to buy it.

When you go back, dont go back on your word and say that were bullying you.”

The two of them were afraid that they would face trouble in the future, so they made themselves clear.

“Lets record a video as evidence,” Shi Jin said.

When Jiang Ning saw that Shi Jin had reached an agreement with them so easily, she wanted to persuade her.

However, when she saw Shi Jins demeanor and actions, she immediately calmed down.

At this moment, Shi Jin did not look like she was fooled at all.

There had to be a reason why she was doing this.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ning immediately opened the camera.

Shi Jin found Fu Jiang and said, “Bring the contract over and find a witness.

Also, get the team members that Jiang Ning brought over this time to come over immediately.”

Fu Jiang immediately arranged for everyone to arrive.

The two small businessmen could not stop smiling.

They immediately recorded a video and said that they did not want to buy this mine anymore.

They reached a friendly agreement with Shi Jin and Jiang Ning to buy this mine.

The mine sellers had no objection, of course.

All they wanted was to be paid, and they didnt care who bought it or how.

“Whats the price” Shi Jin asked.

Shi Jin did some mental calculations.

This price was indeed cheap.

It sounded like a lot, but in fact, to get a village to make room for everyone to mine, a hundred people in this village would only get a few thousand dollars each.

These people still had to relocate their houses and bring their families with them.

It wasnt that easy.

“Okay, Ill buy it,” Shi Jin said decisively.

When Jiang Ning heard that the price was indeed not expensive, she did not mind.

They were about to sign the contract when Jiang Ning received a video call from the company.

On the screen, almost all the higher-ups and shareholders were present.

One of the old shareholders looked exasperated.

“Miss, I heard youre going to spend a million dollars on a useless mine”

“Yes.” Jiang Ning felt that she could still make the decision with this bit of money.

“Miss, youre going on a business trip, not to play.

Can you wake up and look at the better mines outside”

“Ive seen it all.

Im only interested in this.” Jiang Nings temper rose.

Why should she be controlled by this group of people

They sat in their offices with the air-conditioning on, telling her what to do.

Did they ever think about her difficulties

“You… Seriously!” The shareholder said, “Go take a good look.

Miss Qin has already found a very good diamond! Let me show you a video.”

Shi Jin couldnt help, but look at Jiang Nings phone.

On the screen, Qin Fanya had found a high-quality diamond.

The entire mine was cheering.

They had recorded this video and sent it to Old Master Fu and Old Master Qin to report the good news.

The Jiang family had also spent some money to get this video.

In the video, Qin Fanyas face was full of pride as she enjoyed everyones praise.

The shareholder almost pounded his chest and stomped his feet.

“Miss, take a look.

This is the mine you gave up yesterday.

The diamonds over there are so good.

They only need to be mined for two more days and the cost they paid will be earned back.

Youve already given up on the best resource.

Now, were not asking you to buy one thats similar to Miss Qin.

At least you cant return it empty-handed and lose money!”

“Then what do you think we should do” Jiang Ning asked.

When she asked, the person on the other end stopped talking.

They were all afraid that if they raised the wrong opinion, they would take the blame in the future.

When it was time for criticism, they had a lot to say.

Yet when asked for suggestions, they all hid to the side.

A few people who supported Jiang Ning did not dare to speak because of their status.

“Since you have no objections, I naturally bought it myself.

As the head of the Jiang family, I can exercise my rights, cant I”

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