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She gave her a big smile.


Im happy.”

After Qin Fanya signed the contract, she immediately got someone to surround the entire mining area that she had bought.

After cleaning up the idle people, they could start digging for diamonds the next day.

They were extremely speedy.

When the news reached Old Master Fus ears, he couldnt help but sigh.

Qin Fanya was quite capable.

“Old Master, I heard that Young Madam is also there now.

If Young Madam finds out that youre giving such an important task to Miss Qin, will she be unhappy”

“Shi Jin isnt that kind of person.

I think that child is very generous,” Old Master Fu said indifferently.

“If the mine really makes money this time, we wont owe the Qin family anything in the future.”

“Do you mean that Miss Qin has invested in it herself” Butler Kang asked.

Old Master Fu smiled without saying anything.

“How she does it is her business.

As for Shi Jin, I think this child is even better than I imagined.”

That day, after Shi Jin asked Fu Jiang to send Jiang Ning back, she asked him to drive her around the entire area.

She quickly recalled what she had scanned in her previous life and determined her bearings as soon as possible.

Seeing that she was observing seriously, Fu Jiang couldnt help but ask, “Young Madam, are you helping Miss Jiang look for mines”

“Im just looking around.”

“I heard… that Miss Qins side is ready.

They can start mining tomorrow.”

“Doesnt matter.

Thats her own business.”

The longer Fu Jiang followed Shi Jin, the more he felt that he could not see through her.

Her emotions had never fluctuated much.

No matter how difficult things were, she seemed to be like this, but it always gave people the feeling that she could solve anything.

Fu Jiang had only seen this feeling on Fu Xiuyuan before.

He thought to himself that perhaps this was the so-called husband-and-wife coordination.

Even though their looks and figures were vastly different, they gave the impression that they were similar.

When the car reached a place, Shi said, “Stop.

Ill get out and take a look.”

After the car stopped, Fu Jiang followed her closely, afraid that something would happen.

This area was deserted and a few mines had been opened, but they had heard that they were opened later and had been identified as rubbish mines.

There was nothing useful to be found, so there were only a few villagers guarding them now, all of them listless.

Seeing Shi Jin and Fu Jiang pass by, these people did not react.

Shi Jin hurried over and saw a few inconspicuous flowers in the desolate weeds.

“Found it!” A smile flickered between her brows as she stepped forward to pluck it.

“Young Madam, so this is what youre looking for.

Ill help you find more.” Fu Jiang didnt understand why she was looking for this, but he knew that she loved to raise these flowers and fauna.

He knew that she must have a great use for them, so he immediately helped.

After a while, he really picked a large number of them.

“Young Madam, what flowers are these Ive been to Country F a few times before, but Ive never seen them before.

I havent seen them anywhere else today either.”

“An unknown flower, but very useful indeed.” The smile on Shi Jins face widened for a moment.

Fu Jiang was stunned.

So this was what she looked like when she smiled.

“Help me look for some more,” she said.

Fu Jiang hurriedly retracted his thoughts and went to find another handful.

Shi Jin packed up everything and felt completely confident.

The next day, Shi Jin met up with Jiang Ning in the hotel restaurant.

Although she had been worried the entire night and lost sleep, Jiang Ning, whom Shi Jin saw at this moment, was still full of energy.

She was in high spirits and had a serious expression on her face.

When she saw Shi Jin, she smiled.

“Lets have breakfast first.”

“I checked a lot of information last night and even consulted Grandpa and the experienced employees in the company.

I decided to go out and try my luck again today.” Jiang Nings fighting spirit had already risen.

Her attitude made Shi Jin smile.

Actually, it was not easy for one to be defeated by the enemy.

The easiest thing to defeat was ones own determination.

Jiang Ning was indeed still very inexperienced, but with this spirit, she would definitely not be bad in the future.

Shi Jin looked at Jiang Ning now as if she were seeing another version of herself.

They went out together again after eating.

However, because of the serious competition outside, the mines with slightly better qualifications were all bought by large companies at a high price.

When Shi Jin opened the car door, she heard people discussing outside.

“You guys dont know, right Qin Fanya and her people spent a huge sum of money to buy the largest mine.

The price is double what was previously estimated.

What does this mean”

“This means that the mines in this area must be profitable! Even the jewelry tycoons in Hong Kong are mobilized.

This means that they have high hopes for this place!”

“Thats the spirit.

The bigwigs have their eye on it.

If they eat the meat, well chew on the bones.

Lets go.

Make it quick.

Dont end up with no broth.”

Jiang Ning frowned.

“After what Qin Fanya did yesterday, they really raised all the prices.”

“No matter what happens to Qin Fanya, lets do our own thing.”

Shi Jin asked Fu Jiang to park the car in the same spot as yesterday.

She got out of the car, and Fu Jiang said, “Young Madam, you still want that flower, right I brought a bag today.

Ill go pick some more.”

Fu Jiang brought some people over.

Shi looked around and Jiang Ning said, “So there are mines here, too.”

“Well, its just that its too remote.

And I heard that someone had come to explore it before.

They said there was nothing good, so no one came this way.”

Jiang Ning looked over and heard a bunch of people arguing.

One of the locals, who looked like he didnt speak fluent Country S, was saying, “Why did you break the contract Our family is moving and youre saying youre not buying.

Is that appropriate”

The other man, who looked like he was from Hong Kong, said, “Your qualifications here are too poor.

We dont want this mine.

The contract doesnt count either.”

“That wont do.

Everyone here is ready to move to make room for you, but you said you wouldnt buy it.

No, no!”

The mines here all belonged to individual villages.

This village was in a very remote area and had barely discovered two mines.

They had thought they could follow this trend and get rich.

Unexpectedly, someone asserted that there was nothing good here at all.

Two small businessmen reluctantly came and agreed to buy this place at a low price.

They had both chosen the address and planned to move their families to make room for them.

When the two small businessmen saw that there was no profit to be made here, they wanted to increase their money to buy somewhere else.

Now that they had not reached an agreement, they quarreled.

Jiang Ning was furious when she heard that.

“These people who broke the contract are too much! Why did they break the contract when everything was going well Do they even have any basic morals”

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