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“Fanya came on behalf of the Fu family to buy things.

The budget is enough.

If you want to buy something, you naturally have to buy the best, right” Jiang Yiqian said.

“Qin Fanya, this is something I had my eyes on first!” Jiang Ning said angrily.

“Its fine if you liked to snatch things from me in the past, but youre also snatching this from me Do you know what youre doing”

Qin Fanya stood up.

Her long curly hair made her look mature, and her smile was impeccable.

“Jiang Ning, if you want to think like this, I really dont know what to say.

This is a business occasion, not a childrens game.

This isnt some sharing is caring situation.

Ive already set my eyes on this mine too.”

She glanced at Shi Jin again and said meaningfully, “I naturally have to do my best to do what Grandpa Fu asked me to do.

I definitely wont disappoint him, right”

“Ive already spoken to the boss.

Once I raise the money, Ill sign the contract immediately!”

“My money is already prepared.

Why dont you ask the boss for his opinion” Qin Fanya gave a look fearlessly, and someone immediately took out a huge check.

Jiang Ning gritted her teeth so hard that they were about to break.

When the boss saw the check, his eyes immediately lit up.

He laughed and said, “Ill sell it to whoever pays.

This is the principle of doing business! Besides, she has offered an extra million yuan!”

The chaos in F Country allowd this to happen.

Verbal agreements were completely useless here.

However, they were very good at raising prices.

Before Jiang Nings money was gathered, Qin Fanya had already taken out a check.

The contrast was too obvious.

Jiang Yiqian smiled and said, “Jiang Ning, I advise you not to compete with us.

Find another place to buy.

In any case, your company is unwilling to give you money.

Why do you have to humiliate yourself”

Jiang Nings blood rushed to her face.

Qin Fanya said calmly, “Jiang Ning, let me tell you the truth.

Dont be angry.

Youre still too young and dont understand the situation in Country F.

I can still buy it with 200 million yuan now.

If I wait a little longer and someone who raises the price comes, I might not be able to buy it even if I pay another sum of money.

Im not fighting with you.

Im just doing this for the sake of everyone.

I hope you can understand this.”

Her words were not completely unreasonable, but they still hit Jiang Ning hard.

She felt like crying as she walked out.

However, Qin Fanya was right.

Many jewelers were still rushing here.

Many people came with the greed.

Companies even took out loans to buy this diamond mine.

Because perhaps, what they would buy would be diamonds that they would not be able to finish mining for decades.

It would bring them endless wealth and even take them directly into the ranks of the global rich.

Jiang Yiqian ran out and said, “Jiang Ning, I advise you to take whatever money you can use and quickly buy something else.

Dont be picky.

If you delay any longer, you wont have anything to choose from.”

She said it was advice, but she was gloating.

Shi Jin glanced at her sideways.

When she met Shi Jins gaze, Jiang Yiqian quickly shut up and returned to Qin Fanyas side.

After she returned, she muttered, “That Shi Jin is really something.

She only knows how to follow Jiang Ning every day.”

“The Jiang family is considered a big family in Hong Kong.

She doesnt have any foundation, and Grandpa Fu doesnt really like her.

She has to find someone to support her,” Qin Fanya said lazily.

Jiang Yiqian understood this logic.

Just like herself, she had to follow Qin Fanya.

Qin Fanyas people were handling the contract, so she herself pulled out her phone and called Old Master Qin.

Old Master Qin said, “The reliable news outside is that this mine will be able to mine a lot of expensive diamonds.

You must find a chance to take it.”

“Ive already taken it, Grandpa.” How could Qin Fanya not know that the last time she didnt enter Dr.

Jasons laboratory had already severely damaged her reputation in Hong Kong If she could not turn things around, the road ahead would be even harder.

Therefore, this time, she had to complete this matter no matter what and protect her reputation.

“Good, good!” Old Master Qin was very pleased.

“Id like to put some money into it myself, Grandpa, and take a stake in this mine.”

Old Master Qin thought for a moment and understood her intentions.

“Alright, the Qin family will give you a sum of money.

Well take half of the shares.”

“Okay.” Qin Fanya hung up.

Jiang Yiqian asked weakly, “Fanya, if you want to invest money, will Grandpa Fu agree”

“Before he came, he said that he would leave things to me to handle.

Theres no need to ask him about small matters.” A smile appeared on Qin Fanyas lips.

She invested a sum of money not only because she wanted to earn a sum of money, but also because once she and the Qin familys money entered, the relationship between the Qin family and the Fu family would become even closer in the future.

Among the benefits, there would be both of them.

It would not be so easy to untie them.

She might not be able to become the young madam of the Fu family, but it would not be easy for Shi Jin as the young madam of the Fu family.

Qin Fanya wanted to stick this thorn here forever to disgust Shi Jin.

Jiang Yiqian was envious when she heard that.

“Fanya, youre really lucky.

Youre the first in the Qin family, and youre so favored in the Fu family.

Its so good to work for you.

Can I invest my pocket money too…”

“Forget it, you dont have to invest,” Qin Fanya said.

Jiang Yiqian was a little disappointed until she heard Qin Fanya continue, “Ill just give some shares to you.”

After all, she really did not care about Jiang Yiqians pocket money.

She could not be bothered to make another contract for her.

Jiang Yiqian was overjoyed.

“Thats great! Fanya, youre really my best friend! No, its my honor to have a friend like you!”

Jiang Ning got into the car angrily.

Shi Jin comforted her softly, “Jiang Ning, that big mine might not be able to dig out any good diamonds.

It doesnt matter if you cant buy them.”

“Thats true, but if we cant even dig that, which other mine can we dig” Jiang Ning was very vexed.

Speaking of which, the diamond mines developed in Country F in the past could produce high-quality diamonds.

That was why so many people flocked to them this time.

It was also because of this that the Jiang family wanted to buy it as soon as possible so that they would not be controlled by others in the future.

If she couldnt buy a suitable one, Jiang Nings path wouldnt be so easy.

“Anyway, Qin Fanya has already bought this place.

Why dont you follow me to another place to take a look tomorrow” Shi Jin asked.

“Okay.” Jiang Ning was a little emotionless.

She still had to discuss with her assistant and the others how to handle todays matter.

Shi wrapped her arms around her shoulders.

“All right, cheer up.”

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