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“We sent someone to investigate before.

It looks like we made the right bet,” said Jiang Ning.

Fu Jiang asked, “Should we go to the north to take a look first”

“Alright, lets go right away.” Jiang Ning immediately stood up.

Shi Jin accompanied her and soon arrived at the mine to the north.

Countless luxury cars were parked around several large exposed mines.

It looked like a lot of bosses had gotten wind of the situation.

The situation in F Country was much more chaotic than in other countries.

Therefore, after developing the mine, they basically did their own thing and sold it at any price.

Shi Jin accompanied Jiang Ning to the bosss office.

The boss was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed.

Beside him were Qin Fanya and Jiang Yiqian.

As soon as Jiang Yiqian saw Shi Jin and Jiang Ning, she said, “Aiya, you guys sure got the news quickly.

You just found out that we were here and followed us.”


I contacted this boss before I came here.

We even negotiated the price.” Jiang Ning walked over to the boss and said, “Boss, you can have the check now.

Give me the mine!”

Shi Jin frowned slightly when she heard Jiang Nings words.

Looking at the situation around them, although many people wanted to buy this mine, it was unknown what could be dug out.

Especially when everyone was fighting over it like this, it was easy to make mistakes in judgment.

She tried her best to recall the situation at this time in her previous life and finally found some clues in her mind.

She remembered that a shocking diamond mine had indeed exploded in Country F back then.

Because the real mineral sites were mostly in South Africa, European and American diamond miners rarely went to places like Country F to dig for diamonds.

However, after that time, they attracted many companies, but they had never found such a valuable mine again.

She vaguely remembered the picture in the newspaper at the time and already had an idea.

“Jiang Ning, how much are you planning to pay to buy this mine” Shi Jin asked.

“I talked to this boss before.

A hundred million dollars.

If you can really find good diamonds, a hundred million is practically pocket money.”

Shi Jin asked, “Have you thought about what if there arent diamonds Or what if the quality and quantity you find isnt worth a hundred million”

Jiang Ning thought for a moment and said, “No way The company has already made all kinds of inquiries.

They said that the mines here are the best and that they will definitely be able to find good stuff.

And look at the people around here.

Everyone is gathered here.

It seems like they all know that there are good things here.”

“I suggest you think about it,” Shi Jin advised.

“I cant.

If I think about it, everyone else will have already bought it.

Boss, sign the contract!”

At the side, Jiang Yiqian walked over and said, “Wait a minute, our Fanya hasnt even spoken yet.

Who are you to buy it”

“We already have a verbal agreement here! We agreed that I would sign it when I come over personally!” Jiang Ning took out the contract and slapped it on the table.

“Then Im sorry.

Save your hundred million dollars for a dress when you get back.

And you want to buy such a big diamond mine! Have you asked around This mine is the largest diamond mine discovered in Country F this time.”

The boss stood up slowly and said, “Miss Jiang, the price has increased.

Its two hundred million dollars.”

He didnt speak the language of Country S very well.

Jiang Ning wanted to hit him.

“What do you mean Didnt we agree I even called you to confirm it before we came.”

“You said it was back then.

Look at how popular we are now.

Many European and American bosses will be coming over soon.

Everyones worth has doubled.

Its not like Im the only one raising the price.

Besides, this doesnt belong to me alone.

This belongs to our village.

Now that this has been dug out, our village has to give up an empty space for you to operate.

Does it not cost us money to relocate”

“You!” Jiang Ning had never seen such a scoundrel.

Fu Jiang hurriedly stopped her.

“Miss Jiang, Country F is in a mess, and the locals are mobilizing in groups.

Theres no need to get into a conflict with them.”

Jiang Ning had no choice but to endure it.

“Ill discuss it with the companys shareholders first.”

She immediately called back.

The current shareholders were waiting for her to come back from signing the contract.

After the video conference call was connected, Jiang Ning briefly explained the situation.

The other party immediately started arguing.

“The budget has been doubled.

It would be fine if we can find something, but if we cant, wouldnt it be a waste”

“Thats right, Miss Jiang.

This is too expensive.

Talk to them about the price.”

Jiang Ning shook her head and said, “Theres no way to bargain anymore.

There are people waiting to buy it everywhere outside now.”

“How can you do business without bargaining Eldest Miss, you cant be too thin-skinned.

You have to learn to reduce the cost.”

On the other side was a group of people who spoke without thinking.

Each of them had their own ideas and did not care that Jiang Ning was in a difficult position.

There were also people who implied that she was incompetent.

Anyway, the budget was only a hundred million.

No more.

She was the one who had to deal with the rest.

Clearly, they had thrown this problem directly to Jiang Ning.

A few people wanted to speak up for her, but they were silenced by a few voices taking advantage of their seniority.

Jiang Ning hung up the video call and secretly clenched her fists.

Her foundation was still unstable, and her grandfathers health was not good.

She could not count on her father and could only rely on herself.

Only by standing up would she be able to deal with these old things in the future.

“Cant it be less than 200 million” Jiang Ning had to smile apologetically at the boss.

“Pay the price and Ill give the goods.” The boss crossed his legs.

There were dozens of people from the same village following behind him.

He looked like he was not to be trifled with.

Jiang Ning rubbed his hands.

“Shi Jin, I plan to get it.”

“Jiang Ning, calm down.

The corporation only gave you 100 million yuan.

Where are you going to get the other 100 million yuan or US dollars”

“Ill think of a way to make up for it and find Grandpa to think of a way.

When I find a good diamond, Ill make up for it,” Jiang Ning said.

She didnt believe that she would really lose here.

Shi Jin shook her head.

“No, the loss of 100 million dollars is too big.

Youre doing this business with the greatest expectations now, but how can a real business make a steady profit without losing anything”

“Shi Jin, if you really consider me as your friend, dont persuade me anymore.” Jiang Ning had no choice.

With the crown, she could only get rid of Jiang Qingsong.

To really convince everyone, she had to rely on the accumulation of every matter.

She was already in this position.

There was no way out.

She immediately picked up her phone to make a call.

At the side, Jiang Yiqian said, “Boss, we wont bargain with you.

200 million it is.

Ill give you an additional 1 million as compensation for moving.”

Jiang Ning looked back at her in shock.

“Are you crazy”

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