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Jiang Yiqian smiled.

“Actually, its not just this time.

In the past, Grandpa Fu often arranged important things for Fanya to do.

Other than not being the young madam of the Fu family, she has already done everything that the young madam of the Fu family should do.”

“Yiqian, dont talk nonsense.” Qin Fanya walked over with the plane ticket and stopped Jiang Yiqian.

“Grandpa Fu asked me to do this because he has always loved me.

It has nothing to do with other factors.”

“Im not spouting nonsense.

Grandpa Fu loves you very much.

What you did was indeed something only the young madam of the Fu family would do.”

As Jiang Yiqian spoke, she observed Shi Jins expression.

She realized that Shi Jin had only frowned slightly before her expression turned calm, as if she had not been provoked at all.

She couldnt help but continue, “Tsk, if it werent for someone using underhanded means to become the Young Madam of the Fu family, what do you think Fanyas current status would be She and Master Fu are well-matched in terms of social status.

In the entire Hong Kong, theres no one else whos a better match for Master Fu other than Fanya.”

“Yiqian!” Qin Fanya stopped her again.

Looking at Qin Fanyas hypocritical appearance, Jiang Ning couldnt help but mock, “If you wanted to stop Jiang Yiqian from speaking, why werent you faster You always have to wait for her to finish before stopping her.

You think Jiang Yiqians words make sense, right”

“Jiang Ning, dont vent your anger on me,” Qin Fanya said calmly.

“And dont say such vandalizing words.”

“You have the cheek to say that.

Look at what youre saying.

Isnt it enough Youre mocking Shi Jin openly and secretly.

Do you really think youre the only rich and beautiful woman in Hong Kong You wont be able to catch up to what Shi Jin did in eight lifetimes.”

Qin Fanya looked at her indifferently.

“Whatever you say.”

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“Shi Jin didnt do such a thing because its not important at all.

She has more important things to do!” Jiang Ning said disdainfully.

“And you dont even deserve to know.”

“Isnt buying a diamond mine important enough” Jiang Yiqian retorted.

“Dont deny it.

Grandpa Fu doesnt like Shi Jin.

He likes Fanya to be his granddaughter-in-law.”

“You!” Jiang Ning was very angry, but she could not refute.

Shi Jin pulled her back and said calmly, “Jiang Ning, theres no need to be angry.

Grandpa told me that he left this matter to Miss Qin to make up for the last time.”

“The last time Xiuyuan went to look for Fang Yunxi, wasnt Fang Yunxi in the Qin family Xiuyuan injured Fang Yunxi in front of Old Master Qin.

It was indeed a little offensive to the elders, so Grandpa promised to give Miss Qin a resource to make it up to her.

Its also to apologize for Xiuyuans offense.”

Shi Jins words made Jiang Ning smile.

“I see.”

Jiang Yiqian did not know that there was such an inside story.

She did not know what to say, so she immediately looked at Qin Fanya.

Something in Qin Fanyas eyes cracked slightly as she gritted her teeth.

She knew better than anyone that Shi Jin was telling the truth.

In the past, Old Master Fu indeed doted on her and relied on her.

He would trust her to do anything.

However, at some point, everything had changed.

Now, Old Master Fu was only giving her such resources as compensation.

In fact, Old Master Fu had not contacted her for a long time.

He did not even ask her about medical issues either.

And she knew very well that if she did not handle this matter well, she would not be able to maintain her reputation with Old Master Fu.

Jiang Ning shook her head and said, “I thought that Grandpa Fu doted on Qin Fanya a lot.

It turns out that he was sensible and didnt want to ruin the relationship between the two families for generations, so he asked Qin Fanya to help.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Shes really bragging.

She really makes people think that shes doing something that only the young madam of the Fu family would do.

In my opinion, the young madam of the Fu family should be like Shi Jin, being doted on by Master Fu.

She can do whatever she wants.

She doesnt have to care about what others think.”

Qin Fanya looked dejected and said to Jiang Yiqian, “Lets go.”

“Hey, dont go!” Jiang Ning waved at her.

“Were not done yet! Youre leaving already!”

Jiang Yiqian turned around and rolled her eyes at her before continuing to follow Qin Fanya.

At the moment when no one was paying attention, Qin Fanyas palm trembled violently.

After a short trip, the group disembarked.

Jiang Ning and Shi Jin got into Fu Jiangs car.

“Fu Jiang, help me change my hotel to be with Jiang Ning,” Shi Jin said.

Jiang Ning went to talk to Fu Jiang and told him her hotel location and room number.

Shi Jin lowered her head and thought for a while.

She knew that Jiang Ning must be under a lot of pressure to buy a diamond mine this time.

Although the old shareholders were somewhat accepting of her, as long as she made a mistake, these people would definitely cause a commotion.

Thinking about how Jiang Ning had been defeated in the crown incident in her previous life, Shi Jin had not heard of her name since.

Since they were fated to meet again this time, she had to watch Jiang Ning complete this matter.

“What are you thinking about now, sis”

“Nothing.” A faint smile appeared on Shi Jins face.

Jiang Ning looked at her smile and sighed.

“Sigh, I can really understand your fans happiness.

No, Im much happier than your fans.

You dont easily smile for others, right Its impossible for others to sit beside you easily, right”

Shi hooked her fingers.

“Come, give me a pen and paper.

Ill give you an autograph.”

“Then can I get a picture with you Im a huge fan!” Jiang Ning pretended to be a fan and took out her phone.

Shi Jin leaned over and really took a photo with her.

Jiang Ning clicked the shutter and recorded this moment.

After settling down, Shi Jin asked Fu Jiang to go over and understand the situation at the diamond mine.

Fu Jiang was indeed someone who had once followed Fu Xiuyuan.

He quickly brought back a very detailed report.

“Young Madam, there are hundreds of diamond mines of various sizes developed in this area in Country F.

They all belong to different individual bosses.

Now, theyre all waiting for an opportunity to sell mining rights.

At the moment, there are many people buying mining rights here.

However, no one knows which mine can produce good diamonds.

Everyone can only rely on luck.

What we know now is that someone secretly went to the north to test the content of a few large mines.

Its said that the diamond content is very high.”

“The mine on the north side is the one we contacted.” Jiang Ning smiled immediately.

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