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Even the last time Fu Zhaoxiang came out of the Southern Courtyard, it was Butler Kang who informed her.

“Whats the matter” Old Madam Fu was a little suspicious.

What was so important that he had to call her personally

“Do I need a reason to call you”

Old Madam Fu could tell from his tone that it was not an urgent matter.

She put down the flowers in her hand and said, “My time is precious.

I dont have time to chat with you.”

Old Master Fu could only cough.

“Well, I do have something.”

“If you have something to say, say it quickly,” Old Madam Fu said impatiently.

“Didnt you say last time that a doctor prescribed you essential oil to calm your mind Is there more” Old Master Fu tried to make conversation.

Because of Fu Zhaoxiangs insistence on moving to the Southern Courtyard, the two of them had a disagreement.

Previously, they had a huge argument.

Now, it was really difficult to break the ice.

“Didnt Heyan get someone to send it to you You used it up already”

Old Master Fu felt guilty.

He didnt even use it at all.

He didnt know if he had gotten Butler Kang to give it away or if he had thrown it in a corner.

Now, he couldnt find it anymore.

“It had good results, so I used it all up.”

The more Old Madam Fu listened, the more she felt that his tone was strange.

“What exactly do you want Dont beat around the bush.

I dont understand.”

“What else could I want I just asked you about the essential oils.”

“Just ask Qin Fanya for something to calm your mind.

I dont even have much essential oil left.”

“Alright, forget it.” Old Master Fu hung up the phone, feeling a little depressed for no reason.

Old Madam Fu snorted and continued arranging the flowers.

“Crazy old man.”

After Shi Jin studied it for a while, she realized that the herb that was needed for Qiu Xingmi was not sold in the pharmacy.

She consulted a few teachers from Imperial Capital University, who also said that they had never seen this herb before.

She had checked many ancient books and found that this herb should only be found in a small country, Country F.

This herb liked mineral-rich soil, and there were very few natural places suitable for it to grow.

This soil was also very difficult to artificially create, so it gradually became extinct.

She told Fu Xiuyuan her thoughts.

“To Country F” Fu Xiuyuan raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Its a little too far.

I wont have time to accompany you there during this period.”

“You dont have to keep me company.

I can go myself.

Just pick two people to come with me.”

Fu Xiuyuan was still a little worried.

“Think about it.

If we find the drug, Mom can come out of the South Courtyard.

Arent you happy”

Fu Xiuyuan thought for a moment.

“Then Ill find a few trustworthy people to accompany you.”

“All right.” She reached out and gently pressed her fingers between his eyebrows, smoothing them.

Fu Xiuyuan knew what she was capable of.

He didnt need to worry, but this was what it was like to love someone.

Concern would lead to confusion.

The person Fu Xiuyuan had arranged to accompany Shi Jin to Country F was Fu Jiang.

He followed Shi Jin with a few bodyguards.

Without the trouble of his leg injury, Fu Jiang seemed especially high-spirited and energetic.

Shi Jin came out of the house pulling her suitcase, so he hurried forward to take it.

“Young Madam!”

“Lets go.” Seeing that everyone was ready, Shi Jin got into the car.

Fu Jiang immediately followed.

When they arrived at the airport, Fu Jiang led Shi Jin into the VIP lounge to wait.

She found a corner seat, pulled out a pen and notebook, and scribbled away, keeping to her usual routine.

Shi heard the voice and looked up to see Jiang Ning standing in front of her.

Unlike Jiang Nings usual feminine attire, she was dressed very maturely and formally today.

She was wearing a light-striped blue ladys work suit and her hair was tied up.

If not for the fact that her smile was exactly the same as usual, Shi Jin would not have dared to recognize her.

However, Jiang Ning, who was dressed like this, did look very capable.

“Sit.” Shi Jin patted the seat beside her.

“Where are you going” Jiang Ning asked after sitting down.

“To Country F.

What about you”

“What a coincidence, me too.” Jiang Ning sat down at the side.

“This time, Im going to Country F to complete my work.

Havent I officially taken over the Jiang familys business now Theres a newly developed diamond mine in Country F.

Its not convenient for Grandpa to travel long distances, so Ill go over and take a look on his behalf.”

“What a coincidence.

Im also going in that direction.” The herb that Shi Jin wanted needed to grow on specific ores.

It was difficult to find in ordinary places.

The mine in Country F was the closest place to find this herb.

“Ahhh, are you also buying diamond mines for the Fu family I know that although the Fu family doesnt specialize in diamond jewelry, they have a branch company in this industry.

So are we going to buy them together”

Shi Jin laughed.


Im on my own personal schedule.”

“Oh.” Jiang Ning was a little disappointed.

“I was thinking that if you were also going to buy a mine, I could follow you.

To be honest with you, although a few mines in that place have produced diamonds, its actually similar to stone gambling.

Before theyre completely mined, no one knows if there are diamonds under the mine, how many there are, whether the composition is good, whether its difficult to pick, and if you want to invest, you have to be lucky.”

“Arent diamonds detectable by machines Is it harder than stone gambling”

“Yes, it can be tested, but most of the time, the machine might not be completely accurate.

Besides, they wont let you go in and test it casually and reveal the truth to you.

Therefore, theres still a lot of luck involved.”

Shi Jin more or less understood and said, “In that case, theres no need to worry.

Since everyone is gambling on luck, youll know the results when you get there.”

“Thats true, but Im worried.

Its a lot of money to spend.”

Shi Jin understood her anxiety.

She had just taken over the company.

Which of the old shareholders in the company did not prioritize benefits

She said soothingly, “Then lets move together.

I cant be of much help to you, but it would be nice to have a little chat.”

“Thats great! By the way, I wonder who the Fu family arranged to buy the mine this time” Jiang Ning asked kindly.

A voice came from the side.

“Sorry, its Fanya!”

Shi Jin and Jiang Ning turned around.

The person who spoke was Jiang Yiqian.

She stood in front of the two of them with a smug expression and said, “You guys dont know yet, right Grandpa Fu arranged for Fanya to help the Fu family buy the mine this time.

Speaking of which, Grandpa Fu really values Fanya.

He even arranged such an important matter for her.”

Seeing Shi Jins frown, Jiang Yiqian seemed to have found a way to attack her.

She was extremely pleased.

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