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Only then did Jiang Ning say to her, “Princess Consort, thank you for your help today.

Im sorry.

It was supposed to be a good day for you, but you were disturbed.”

“Since you told me in advance, of course, its not offensive.

The quality of your crown is indeed very high.

Consider it a favor.

Consider it my repayment for your help today.” In fact, Princess Consort Charles was quite pleased with the show.

Ever since she was about to become the princess consort, she had been very careful with her words and actions.

She was dignified, generous, and polite.

She often attended boring occasions and was already bored to death.

Today was truly the happiest time she had had in a while.

Jiang Ning said with a smile, “Actually, my friend Shi Jin contributed greatly to catching this Jiang Qingsong today.

Sis, come over quickly!”

Shi Jin had been watching the show just now, but she was also helping Jiang Ning control the situation.

She was afraid that Jiang Qingsong would be driven into a corner and cause a bigger dispute.

Now that everything was settled, she could relax.

She strolled over, and Princess Consort Charles suddenly laughed.

“Shi Jin!”

She quickly pulled a notebook out of her purse.

“Can you sign this for me Im a fan!”

She handed over the pen and paper with a pious expression.

She found a tune in her mouth and started humming Shi Jins song.

Shi Jin did not expect to meet a fan of this status.

She reached out for a pen and paper and signed her autograph.

Princess Consort Charles handed the signed notebook to the man beside her, along with the crown.

“Keep it well.”

Jiang Ning couldnt help but laugh.

“Ha, so your signature is the same level as the crown.”

Princess Consort Charles smiled back.

“All very precious.

Keep them safe.”

After sending off Princess Consort Charles, Jiang Ning was finally released from her serious cage.

She swung her arm and said, “So being head of the family is really tiring!”

“Any sense of accomplishment”

“Yes, a lot!” Jiang Ning was full of responsibility.

“It turns out that my grandfather used to manage such people.

Its really not easy.

But now, Im starting to figure it out.

In the future, he can really rest easy.”

After she finished speaking, she said to Shi Jin, “Sis, youre really impressive.

How did you guess that Jiang Qingsong would come to change the crown”

“He has bad intentions, and hes been eyeing your position.

So hes bound to do something to hurt your interests and elevate himself.

Thats why I suggested you test him.”

“As expected, this test revealed everything! I knew you were my stabilizing force.”

After saying goodbye to Jiang Ning, Shi Jin returned to her car and thought about the Jiang family.

In her previous life, she had also heard a little about what happened to the Jiang family, but she was not too sure about the details.

At that time, there were rumors that the Jiang family had lost a very important crown and offended the princess consort.

It was a mess internally.

Later on, it gradually became empty.

In the end, the entire Jiang family collapsed.

That was why she had asked Jiang Ning to focus on the crown and find out who the mastermind was.

She made some calculations about her previous life and guessed that it was about the same as now.

It should be Jiang Qingsong who suddenly attacked and stole the crown when Jiang Ning was in charge for the first time.

He stabilized everyone and waited for an opportunity to ascend the throne.

Actually, Jiang Qingsongs methods were not brilliant at all.

It could even be said that they were full of loopholes.

As long as the police investigated, they would be able to quickly find out the truth.

However, at this time in his previous life, Old Master Jiang had not been saved by Shi Jin and had long died in the hospital.

Therefore, Jiang Ning could not obtain his personal guidance.

Amidst the chaos in the Jiang family, Jiang Qingsong had caused such a commotion.

Everyone was in a panic, so how could they have the time to care about Jiang Nings life and death and investigate Jiang Qingsongs scheme They could not wait to take advantage of the chaos to quickly scoop up benefits into their pockets, causing the Jiang family at that time to quickly go from being a well-known family to being completely neglected.

Shi Jin smiled at the thought of Jiang Nings smiling face.

She had always thought that her rebirth had only saved her and Fu Xiuyuan, but now it seemed that she had done far more right than she had imagined.

It felt so good to right all the wrongs!

After Shi Jin left the Jiang family, she went straight to the Southern Courtyard.

Now that only Qiu Xingmi lived in the Southern Courtyard, it was inevitably even lonelier than before.

Seeing Shi Jin, Qiu Xingmi stood up happily and hurried to her side.

“Shi Jin!”

“Mom, I havent been able to come see you in days.

Are you okay”

“Good, good! Ive been taking the medicine you gave me for the past few days.

I feel much better.

Look, this skin…” She lifted her wrist.

On her originally scarred arm, new skin replaced the old skin.

It was obvious that there was great hope.

Before this, she had never thought that she could grow such skin at her age and when she was so sick.

Shi Jin reached out and took her arm.

Qiu Xingmi avoided her, feeling a little embarrassed and afraid that she would dirty her eyes.

“Mom, right now, Im a doctor.” Still, Shi Jin held her arm.

Qiu Xingmi had no choice but to let her examine her.

“Hows the situation” Qiu Xingmi asked.

“Your situation is slightly more serious than Dads.

Youre still missing some medicine, but I should be able to get it to you quickly.

Dont worry.”

Qiu Xingmi was very relieved.

She said with a smile, “Dr.

Jason and Dr.

Lu come every day.

I can hear them praising you every time.

How can I not trust you”

Shi Jin asked about some other things before leaving.

Qiu Xingmis condition was much less contagious than before, so before Shi Jin left, she only needed to do some simple disinfection measures.

When Shi Jin returned to the Fu residence, she saw Butler Kang pouring tea for Old Master Fu.

“Shi Jin is back Why dont you sit down and have a cup of tea” Old Master Fu greeted.

Butler Kang picked up the teapot and poured Shi Jin a cup.

Old Master Fu asked Butler Kang, “What tea is this”

“Oh, its the tea that Miss Qin sent over last time.” Butler Kang knew that Old Master Fu was fully aware of what tea it is.

He didnt expose him and only answered seriously.

“I already told you not to make this tea.” Old Master Fu waved his hand and said, “Take the rest of the tea and give it to someone or throw it away.”

Butler Kang held back his laughter.

How many times had Old Master said this Unfortunately, Young Madam did not hear it even once.

Fortunately, today Young Madam finally got the chance to hear it.

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