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Everyone had seen the Jiang familys jewelry before.

The workmanship had always been top-notch, and it was rare for them to be so sloppy.

It didnt look like a real crown at all, especially the ruby.

It didnt have the flowing brilliance to it at all.

Although it didnt look like a very bad jewel, it was a far cry from matching the Princess Consort.

“This…” Everyone was equally surprised.

“Did they not find the real one”


Jiang, what is the meaning of this”

“Even if the real one cant be found, you cant use a fake one to fool us, right”

Jiang Qingsong was very close to Princess Consort Charles and could see more clearly than the others what was going on with the thing in her hand.

His expression changed drastically.

His originally smug joy was now a kind of dispirited gray.

“Princess Consort Charles…” For a moment Jiang Qingsong was not even sure how to remedy the situation.

“Is this how you do things, Mr.

Jiang” the man with Princess Consort Charles could not resist asking.

“Ill… Ill arrange for someone else to find it immediately!”

“Cousin!” Jiang Ning walked towards him.

“Take this walkie-talkie.

If theres any news, tell us immediately, okay Were also very worried about you.”

Jiang Qingsong casually put the walkie-talkie into his pocket and did not have time to think about anything else.

His footsteps were frantic as he hurried outside.

His steps were so erratic that he lost his rhythm.

Soon he was gone.

After he walked out quickly, Jiang Ning suddenly smiled and said, “Princess Charles, Im sorry for what Jiang Qingsong did just now.

Everyone, please dont take this small episode to heart.

This is a chance for everyone to relax.

The real crown is actually in my hands.”

“Is that so” someone below the stage immediately asked.

The others quickly looked over.

In front of everyone, Jiang Ning opened the brocade box in her hand.

As soon as the brocade box was opened, the crown was revealed to everyone.

It was the same as the one shown on the screen earlier.

No, the crown was even more breathtaking than the one on the screen.

It glowed with a warm, jade-like light that shone brightly.

It wasnt a particularly bright color, but a quiet and hard to ignore light.

The overall shape of the crown matched the ruby.

It was unforgettable.

Everyone was shocked by the beauty in front of them.

It was as if taking another breath would affect the existence of the crown.

For a moment, they held their breaths and tried to sense it.

There was a moment of dreamy silence.

Princess Consort Charles reached out with both hands and took the brocade box carefully.

The smile suddenly filled her eyes.

“I like it very much!” she whispered.

“Very much!”

True beauty did not require any instruction manual.

It could be felt intuitively with the eyes.

The good craftsmanship was all displayed.

No further explanation was needed.

“Princess Consort Charles, thank you for your trust in the Jiang family.

On behalf of all the designers and employees of the Jiang family and the jewelry department, I wish you eternal beauty.

I wish you and Prince Charles eternal happiness.

Let this crown witness your happiness.”

“Thank you, thank you!” Princess Consort Charles sounded thrilled.

“By the way, Jiang Qingsong seems to be still searching.

Why dont I use the walkie-talkie to ask him to come back first” Jiang Ning said.

She pressed the intercom.

Before she could speak, Jiang Qingsongs voice came from inside.

He sounded exasperated.

“I thought I told you to keep the exchanged crown safe.

Where is the real one”

Everyone was stunned.

They could tell that Jiang Qingsong was talking to someone else.

The other party was also aggrieved.


Jiang, this is the crown.

Ive already handed it to you.

Youre asking me, but who should I ask”

“Are you f*cking courting death!” Jiang Qingsong seemed to have punched the man.

“Are you hiding the real one Let me tell you, if you dont take it out today, youll die!”

The man continued to argue.

“I really didnt take it.

What was sent over was exchanged.

At the time, you asked me to find the glass case and exchange the fake crown for the real one.

It took all my strength to find a way to go in and exchange for something.

Ive never opened it to take a look.

Honest to God!”

However, Jiang Qingsong did not believe him at all and slapped that person.

Everyone heard Jiang Qingsongs words clearly through the walkie-talkie and could not help being shocked.

“Jiang Qingsong actually arranged for someone to steal the real crown”

“Hes harming the entire Jiang Corporation!”

“This is also to harm Jiang Ning!”

Some of the higher-ups recalled that they had supported him just now and felt their hair stand on end.

They couldnt wait to cut ties with him.

“To think that I supported him just now and thought that he could save the Jiang Group from danger! It turns out that I was wrong about him! This person is simply overly ambitious!”

“How evil! How can he compare to the Eldest Miss!”

“It would be terrifying if the Jiang family was handed over to someone like him!”

Everyone started to criticize Jiang Qingsong.

Jiang Ning smiled at everyone and could not help but look at Shi Jin, who was sitting in the distance and had not spoken.

A moment later, Jiang Qingsong finally returned.

It seemed that he was still unaware of what had happened.

Jiang Yiqian had originally wanted to help Jiang Qingsong, but after seeing how stupid he was, she decided against it.

She did not dare to offend so many people in public and stood aside as if she did not know anything.

“Cousin, how are things going” Jiang Ning asked.

“Ive already arranged for someone to look for it.

The matter is a little tricky.

After all, the crown is priceless…” Jiang Qingsong was not confident at all.

He no longer had any confidence in his words and was no longer arrogant.

“Is that so Then why dont we hurry up and call the police to deal with it Then, we can get the insurance company to compensate us for our losses.

After we get the insurance companys compensation, we can hurry up and give the princess an explanation.

Otherwise, well be in big trouble!”

Everyone already knew the truth of the matter.

Looking at Jiang Nings sincere words, they finally understood that this young lady had indeed grown up.

She was not a silly and sweet girl at all, but someone who hid herself very well!

In the workplace, everyone actually admired such a person.

More than half of the upper echelons of the Jiang family were completely convinced now.

If one were to say that they felt aggrieved following her in the past, looking at her strategizing now, she indeed had some of Old Master Jiangs vigor from back then.

Jiang Qingsong immediately panicked.

How would he dare to call the police And even ask the insurance company to compensate him If this blew up and they found out about him, everything would be over.

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