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Chapter 67: Little Ancestor

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“Let me try!” Fu Heyan pushed Qin Sinian aside and stood up.

“Baby,” said Qin Sinian deeply as he reached his hands out to pull her.


“Let me try.” Fu Heyan sounded determined as she said, “Dr Si, please operate on me immediately.”

Qin Sinian shook his head.

“You are at least able to use your hands now.

If you have the operation, Im worried that…”

“I am not afraid.

To me, I am already as good as disabled.

Even if I let Dr Si give it a shot, how bad could it get”

Fu Heyan was determined to go ahead with the surgery.

Shi Jin replied, “I will prep the theater.”

She walked out quickly.

Since she had already gotten in touch with Du Xie, she had hospital approval for the surgery.

Also, they had equipped her with an operating team.

The moment she walked out of the hospital ward, she received a text from Du Xie: [Little Ancestor, how are things going Is everything okay Remember to film the surgery and send it over so I can admire your skills!]

[Little Ancestor, are you there]

[Grandmaster, can you reply to me]

Shi Jin had already put away her phone and changed into sterile surgeon robes and put on a pair of gloves before striding into the operating theatre.

This time, she wanted to use traditional Chinese medicine and help to unblock Fu Heyans meridians using acupuncture.

Fu Heyans previous surgery was considered a success, but she was unable to recover to her tip-top condition as her meridians were blocked.

Modern medicine had already taken over the world, and people doubted Chinese medicine.

However, there was nothing wrong with Chinese medicine in theory.

Instead, there was a problem in its learning process, and many people were incapable of mastering the true essence of Chinese medicine.

Hence, no one was able to develop and promote it.

After she performed acupuncture to unblock Fu Heyans meridians, she would have to redo a part of her previous operation.

However, the section of the surgery that needed reworking was considered minor for Shi Jin.

Qin Sinian and Fu Xiuyuan waited in the corridor expressionlessly.

Qin Sinian leaned against his gold-rimmed glasses without moving for a long time as though he was frozen.

Fu Xiuyuans long body left a shadow on the ground.

He appeared to be in deep thought as though he was thinking hard.

Only Richard remained excited.

Even though he was not entirely confident that Dr Si could succeed in performing the operation, he bore hope.

If she did, it would not be a wasted trip for him!

The operating theatres sign board gave off a faint glow and flickered in the corridor.

The hospital director and Fu Heyans previous surgeon, Dr Liao, had hurried over.

“As her family members, how could you allow her to do this That doctor doesnt even belong to our hospital.

How could she operate If anything goes wrong, who is going to take responsibility” said the plump and fair hospital director in an officious tone.

His secretary softly filled him in about Qin Sinian and Fu Xiuyuans identities.

The hospital director went stiff and only calmed down moments later.

“Mr Qin, Mr Fu, Miss Fu is an important person, so you cant let her undergo the operation.”

“There is nothing we can do about it.

The surgery has already started.” Richard shrugged.

The hospital director felt upset!

Dr Liao nodded in agreement with the hospital director.

They had accidentally approved Dr Sis request for the right to conduct surgery in the hospital at Du Xies recommendation.

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