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An introduction came from the big screen.

“On the other hand, the crown is inlaid with a very valuable ruby.

Its Princess Consort Charless favorite color, and its a love token for her and the prince.

The fact that the princess gave the ruby to the Jiang family to forge underscores her trust in them.

Such a ruby also makes the entire crown look both valuable and extraordinary.

It also has a fiery aura.

The two sides are fused and the temperament is outstanding.

It suits the princess perfectly.”

On the big screen, the conceptual picture of the crown slowly turned into a picture of the final product.

It was really ingenious and extraordinary.

There was a round of applause.

Jiang Ning was not prepared for this segment.

She frowned slightly at Jiang Qingsong, not knowing what his intentions were.

Princess Consort Charles nodded eagerly.

“Its very good.

Its what I want! I didnt expect that the real thing would be so much more exquisite than the conceptual drawing.”

Jiang Ning relaxed a little at Princess Consort Charless words.

“In that case, Princess Consort, I will personally deliver the crown to you,” Jiang Ning said as she stood up.

The security captain led the security guards and publicly removed the brocade box containing the crown from the glass case.

He carried it to the Princess Consort.

Jiang Ning reached out to take it and said, “Let me check it first.

After confirming that there are no mistakes, Ill hand it to the princess consort.”

She extended her finger and was about to open the brocade box when Jiang Qingsongs expression suddenly changed.

He said, “Jiang Ning, the crown has been stolen!”

“What” Jiang Ning exclaimed.

“Everyone, I actually received news long ago that the real crown has been stolen.” Jiang Qingsong said loudly to the people around him, “So Ive already arranged for people to go up and search.

In order not to disturb everyone, I didnt say anything just now.”

Princess Consort Charless face was still polite, but the smile was gone.

The crown was such an important thing.

She handed the responsibility to the Jiang family, and that ruby was a token of her love.

Now that something had suddenly gone wrong, no one would be able to tolerate it.

There was also an uproar among the guests.

“So have you found it now”

“Have you called the police”

“Where is the real crown”

Everyone originally knew that the host today was Jiang Ning, but as the situation changed, everyone started to ask Jiang Qingsong as if he was the one in charge.

Jiang Ning immediately said anxiously, “Everyone, dont be anxious for the time being.

Nothing will happen.

Ill also arrange for people to search immediately.”

“Its such an important thing.

How could we not be anxious” The person who spoke was a senior member of the Jiang family.

Some of them looked down on Jiang Nings youth and insensitivity.

Now that such a big thing had happened, they naturally had to criticize her.


Do you know the importance of this, Eldest Miss”

“I think the Old Master is confused.

He actually entrusted such a big matter to Jiang Ning.

Ive long said that shes unruly and willful.

Its embarrassing for her to take on such a big responsibility.”

Jiang Qingsong immediately raised his hands and pressed them down.

“Everyone, dont worry.

Weve secretly set up exquisite locators on the crown.

Moreover, we were already on guard early in the morning.

After we lost the item, I immediately got someone to follow and investigate.

Therefore, we should be able to retrieve the item soon.”

He turned to Princess Consort Charles and said, “Princess Consort, Im really sorry to have caused you so much trouble, but please dont worry.

We will resolve the issue, and we wont delay your wedding ceremony with the prince.”

Princess Consort Charles nodded slightly.

When the other members of the Jiang family below the stage saw that he was so good at handling matters and could still be so responsible in the face of disaster, they could not help but respect him a little more.

Then, looking at Jiang Nings flushed face, the comparison was even more obvious.

It seemed that if something big happened, Jiang Qingsong was still reliable.

Jiang Qingsong comforted Jiang Ning, “Ningning, we can definitely think of a solution to this matter.

Dont worry.”

Jiang Yiqian could not help but say, “Sigh, fortunately, Cousin is here today.

Ningning, youre really lucky.”

The other guests could not help looking at Jiang Qingsong in a new light.

Someone said in a low voice, “I thought that the person chosen by Old Master Jiang would definitely not be wrong, but it turns out that it was just like that.”

“Thats right, so we still cant rely on nepotism.

Although Jiang Ning is the old mans biological granddaughter, she cant bear the responsibility.

The Jiang family will have to give up sooner or later.

We might as well let Jiang Qingsong from the side family manage it.

After all, theyre all surnamed Jiang.

After Jiang Qingsong takes over, as Jiang Nings cousin, wont he definitely protect her”

Everyone nodded and praised Jiang Qingsong.

Jiang Ning stood alone at the side with the brocade box in her hand, as if she was about to cry.

As time passed, there was still no news from the real crown.

Gradually, everyone became impatient.

“Should we call the police first”

“Isnt Jiang Ning in a hurry Does she think that the insurance company will pay for the crown”

Following everyones words, some people, who wanted to watch the show but couldnt, slowly wanted to leave.

After Jiang Qingsong received a call, he said to everyone, “Everyone, theres already news! The stolen crown has been sent over! The bad guy has also been caught and handed over to the police!”

“Thats great!” The senior members of the Jiang family were overjoyed.

Everyones bonus had been saved.

The VIPs who had planned to take sides stopped.

Princess Consort Charles stood up excitedly.

A man in black hurried towards the stage with a brocade box in his hand.


Jiang, Princess, Eldest Miss, its been found!”

“Alright, give it to me!” Jiang Qingsong immediately took the brocade box.

He faced the princess consort very solemnly.

“Princess Consort Charles, Im really sorry that such a thing happened today.

Weve kept you waiting and made you afraid.

On behalf of the entire Jiang family and my colleagues in the jewelry department, I would like to apologize sincerely.

Fortunately, the matter has been resolved now, and the current outcome is not bad.

In any case, please forgive us for our mistakes.”

In front of everyone, although Princess Consort Charles was slightly unhappy, it was not convenient for her to say anything.

She said magnanimously, “Im glad you found it.

Please give it to me.”

Jiang Qingsong handed over the brocade box with both hands.

Princess Consort Charles reached for the box and opened it in front of everyone.

Her face suddenly changed.

The others couldnt help but look over curiously.

The people standing in the front row saw clearly that the crown was indeed in the brocade box in her hand, but its shape and craftsmanship were on a completely different level from what was displayed on the screen just now.

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