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“What are you packing” Jiang Qingsong walked over and asked.

He picked up a random item.

“This is not bad.

Give me one.

Ill give it to the client.”

“What!” Jiang Ning snatched it away.

“Dont lie to me.

Everyone knows that youll take it to coax the women in those brothels! Giving it to a client Ha! Besides, these are my own things, not the companys!”

Jiang Qingsong looked at his empty fingers unhappily.

Facing Jiang Ning, he felt a little helpless.

Now that Old Master Jiang had handed over all the big and small matters to Jiang Ning, Jiang Ning already had the demeanor of a head of the Jiang family.

Although she looked like she would be easy to bully, she was very principled and gradually revealed her abilities.

She gave people a feeling that she was not easy to deal with, which gave Jiang Qingsong a headache.

If Jiang Ning was really the head of the family in the future, their lives would probably not be easy.

“Jiang Ning, whats the point of treating me like this No matter what, Im still your cousin.

In the future, when you become the head of the family, how could I not help you Instead of trusting outsiders, why dont you trust me more”

How could Jiang Ning not understand him Previously, when her grandfather was seriously ill, Jiang Qingsong and the others were not in a hurry to hire a doctor.

Not only were they not in a hurry to hire a doctor, but they were also causing trouble in private.

If something had happened to Grandpa at that time, the Jiang family would have long been divided up by them.

How could it last till today Yet, they were all speaking their dignified words and acting as if they had worked hard.

“Of course I trust you as my cousin, but I dont need you now.

Ill look for you when I need you in the future!” Jiang Ning didnt directly fall out with him, but her tone didnt have much respect.

Jiang Qingsong snorted.

“Then remember what you said.”

“Ill remember.

Theres nothing for you to do here.

You can go out first,” Jiang Ning said.

Jiang Qingsong had no choice but to leave first.

He was on his way out when Shi Jin walked in.

She had been wearing a hat and sunglasses.

As she walked in, she took them off to reveal bright eyes and a small face the size of her palm.

Jiang Qingsongs eyes widened, but when he thought of Fu Xiuyuan, he immediately lowered his head and did not dare to look at her.

It was not until Shi Jin brushed past him that he looked up at her back.

Shi Jin reached the place Jiang Ning had mentioned and knocked before entering.

Jiang Ning skipped to her side and pulled her over to sit down.

“Whats so urgent” Shi Jin asked after sitting down.

‘Id like to give a friend a bracelet, but I dont know which one shed like.

Can you give me some suggestions

“Have you learned about your friends preferences” Shi Jin asked.

Jiang Ning took out the few jewelry bracelets that she had just put away and placed them in front of Shi Jin.

“Aiya, anyway, I only know her general preferences and dont dare to judge casually.

I know that your aesthetic standards have always been good.

Help me take a look.”

The bracelets were unique, but the design and style were simple and generous.

It was obvious that they were made by the Jiang family.

The jewels on it were obviously expensive.

Shi Jin picked out the lightest pink bracelet and said, “I think this one is very good.

The color is light and elegant.

It fits very well.”

“Wow, I think so too.” Yuning quickly picked it up and pulled her hand towards her.

“Then try it on for me first.”

Shi had no choice, but to let her fiddle with her wrist.

This light pink bracelet did not look very eye-catching, but it was indeed very lovely.

Especially since Shi Jins skin was very fair, it was especially compatible.

“It looks good,” Shi Jin said softly and was about to take it off for Jiang Ning.

Jiang Ning pressed her hand down.

“If its not bad, just wear it.

Its for you, Sis.”

“For me” It took her a moment to realize what she was saying, and she laughed.

Actually, with her IQ and EQ, she should have realized that by now.

However, she did not have any friends in her previous life, nor had she experienced too many beautiful details like spending time with friends, so she did not think in that direction at all.

Jiang Ning said with a smile, “Thats right.

Ive wanted to give it to you for a long time, but I knew that you wouldnt be willing to accept it.

Also, I was afraid that you wouldnt like what I liked, so I thought of this method.

Dont take it off.

Since I gave it to you, I dont want it back.

This is my kindness as a friend.

You cant reject it.”

Shi Jin had actually accepted it in her heart.

In this life, she was able to experience a lot of love.

Jiang Nings innocence was something she had always envied and looked forward to.

Shi Jin would not reject such a friend.

“Okay, Ill take it.

Thanks,” Shi Jin said generously.

“Thats good!” Jiang Ning smiled happily.

Outside, Jiang Qingsong, who had followed them, could not help feeling a little sour when he saw this scene.

This bracelet was at least two to three hundred thousand yuan.

Jiang Ning was really generous to give it away just like that, but she wouldnt even let him touch it.

If the Jiang family was in Jiang Nings hands, wouldnt she waste all the money Wouldnt it be harder and harder for him to live under her oppression in the future

Jiang Ning put away the other bracelets and said to Shi Jin, “Then I really have a favor to ask of you.”

Shi Jin pretended to take off the bracelet.

“Take that thing back.

Im under too much pressure.

Who knew that I would really have to help after accepting this”

“Sigh, forget it.

I wont ask you for help anymore.” After saying that, Jiang Ning realized that Shi Jin was joking and couldnt help but laugh.

Shi Jin did not continue to remove the bracelet.

Jiang Ning also put away her playfulness and took out an invitation card.

She said, “In a few days, the Jiang family will be receiving the Princess Consort of England.

This is a very important occasion.

This time, Grandpa asked me to be in charge of this reception.

Its a form of training and an examination for me.

Also, the last time Grandpa was sick, the Jiang family split into many factions.

Everyone is eyeing the family business covetously.

Grandpa also took the opportunity to let me stabilize quickly and master the Jiang family business as soon as possible.

This matter is too important.

This is the first time Im in charge of such an important matter.

Im afraid that I wont be able to stabilize it alone.

Can you come to this banquet”

“Sure,” Shi Jin said without thinking.

“Thats great!” Jiang Nings face lit up.

“Is there anything I need to prepare and help with”

Jiang Ning shook her head.

“Actually, not for the time being.

With you around, Ill feel more at ease and can face this occasion more calmly.

Its already very, very good that you can come.”

“Okay, Ill come,” Shi Jin promised solemnly.

Jiang Ning suddenly choked up.

“Tsk, its actually because I was too willful in the past.

Just because Im the daughter of the Jiang family, I did whatever I wanted.”

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