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After saying that, Qin Fanya hung up.

Only then did Han Qingshan think of Shi Jin as if he had woken up from a dream.

It was all Shi Jin.

Everything was because of her!

Qin Fanya was right.

It was all Shi Jins fault! It was Shi Jin who had nothing better to do than to reveal everything and embarrass him!

He clenched his fists tightly, as if he was squeezing Shi Jins neck.

In the Qin family, Old Master Qin was holding a banquet to give Qin Fanya a surprise.

Everyone was congratulating Old Master Qin.

“Old man, when Fanya enters the lab this time, she will be the youngest in Hong Kong and the youngest in Dr.

Jasons lab.”

“Fanya is really young and promising.”

“The old man really taught his granddaughter well!”

Old Master Qin held his wine glass and said, “Thank you for your praise.

Everyone has watched Fanya grow up.

Her achievements today are all thanks to everyone.

On behalf of Fanya, let me toast everyone.”

Everyone said, “Youre too kind, Old Master.”

“We were invited by Old Master to attend Fanyas celebration banquet today.

It should be our honor!”

As everyone was talking, the butler walked to Old Master Qins side and said in surprise, “Old Master, Eldest Miss is back!”

“Good! Are you ready to surprise her”

Qin Fanya was furious.

She could no longer tolerate Shi Jins actions today.

If she had never faced Shi Jin head-on before, now that Shi Jin had directly challenged her, she could not tolerate it no matter what.

Was it because Shi Jin had sensed the threat to her position that she had turned on her and concentrated on picking on her

Qin Fanya walked into the hall in frustration.

There were a few loud bangs, and something exploded beside Qin Fanyas ear.

Then a shower of fireworks exploded over her head.

She was already distracted.

Suddenly agitated by these things, she could not help but say angrily, “What are you doing Are you guys that bored”

Everyone was waiting for her in silence.

They planned to give her a surprise before congratulating her.

Suddenly, they were stunned when they heard the usually dignified, elegant, and polite Qin Fanya roar.

Only then did Qin Fanya see that there were people everywhere, looking at her in disbelief.

She also realized that her grandfather had invited people to congratulate her.

There were guests everywhere now.

Initially, she wanted to try her best to downplay the fact that she had been rejected by Dr.

Jasons laboratory.

She would slowly announce it later.

Everyone would gradually forget about it and not mention it again, but she had not expected such a situation.

The scene was very silent and awkward.

No one even needed to ask to know the outcome from Qin Fanyas expression.

Qin Fanya reacted and reluctantly stopped biting her lips, accepting the awkward gazes of the crowd.

As soon as Shi Jin walked in, Old Master Fu asked, “Shi Jin, is the situation with Qin Fanya true”

“The rumors that she didnt enter Dr.

Jasons lab”

“Yes.” Shi Jin nodded.

She might not ever be able to get in in the future.


Jason and Dr.

Lu seemed to have a very low tolerance for such things.

Old Master Fu shook his head.

“I heard that what happened to Han Qingshan is also related to her”

This matter actually did not spread widely, but Old Master Fu was especially concerned and still heard some things.

“I cant spread things I dont have proof of.

Whether or not you believe it is up to you.”

Old Master Fu also understood and sighed.

“This child has been talented since she was young and has a good character.

I dont know why she suddenly took this path.

Its a pity.”

Shi Jin hung her head and did not respond.

Old Master Fu coughed lightly.

He wanted to say more to Shi Jin, but he felt too embarrassed to mention it.

“If theres nothing else, Im going upstairs,” Shi Jin said and left.

“Old Master, if you have anything to say, just say it to Young Madam.

Why are you so indecisive” Butler Kang said as he poured tea.

“How can I say that In the past, I gave the tea she gave me to someone else.

In the past, she wanted to take my pulse, but I directly refused.

Now that something has happened to Qin Fanya, Im looking for Shi Jin again.

Where should I put my old face”

Butler Kang smiled and said, “I think Young Madam is very respectful to you.

Its normal for a family to help each other when theyre feeling unwell.”

“Forget it.” Old Master Fu waved his hand.

Butler Kang brought over his daily tea and placed it in front of him.

“Then, Old Master, do you still want the tea Miss Qin gave you to nourish your body”

Old Master Fu took a look and said, “No, take it away.”

Butler Kang couldnt help but laugh.

He picked it up and took it away.

After Shi Jin went upstairs, she received a photo from Jiang Ning.

It was a couple of jewelry-related photographs.

They looked shiny and particularly pretty.

“This is your familys jewelry designs, right”

“How did you guess right away!”

Shi Jin smiled.

Her photo was so obvious.

Did she need to guess

Everyone knew that the Jiang family mainly made jewelry.

Jewelry was the supporting industry of the family.

Now that she was managing the family business with Old Master Jiang, she was naturally in the jewelry design room.

“Then can you do me a favor” Jiang Ning sent a voice message.

“Ive run into a little problem that I cant solve.

Im afraid that Grandpa will come back and scold me.

Can you come over”

“Why cant you say it over the phone” she replied as she sorted through her things.

“My good sis, this isnt something that can be said over the phone.

Otherwise I wouldnt be troubling you to come all this way.”

Shi Jin had no choice but to say, “Alright, Ill be there soon.

Wait for me.”

“Okay! Sis, youre so kind!”

On Shi Jins side, after putting down her phone, she packed up and left.

On Jiang Nings side, she put down her phone and smiled.

She packed up the jewelry and placed them aside.

The door was suddenly pushed open.

Jiang Ning glanced at Jiang Qingsong, who had entered without informing her, and said in a bad tone, “Why did you come in yourself”

“I just came over to take a look,” Jiang Qingsong said.

“Isnt my surname Jiang too This is the Jiang familys territory.

If you can come, cant I”

Although Jiang Qingsong was useless, Old Master Jiang had given him a chance to train before.

He currently held a pretty high position in the Jiang family.

Jiang Ning glanced at him and continued to put the things she liked into her bag.

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