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“Back when Xiang Xinghai died so alone, you actually stole from him and used all of this to achieve your own goal! We do academic work for the development of modern technology, for the benefit of all mankind, not for you to use as a tool to fight for power!”

Qiu Heng was not just angry at his own loss, but at Xiang Xinghais injustice.

When Shi Jin saw this scene, she thought to herself that Xiang Xinghais friendship was not in vain.

Shi Jins words made Qin Fanyas mouth go dry, and her face turned slightly red.

However, she was not Han Qingshan after all.

She could not be defeated with just a few words.

A slow smile spread across her face.

“This is all just speculation, Shi Jin.

Wheres the evidence”

Shi Jin spread her hands.

“I really dont have any evidence.

Its been so long.

Im afraid all the surveillance cameras and documents from back then have been lost.

Im a human, not a god.

Where can I find evidence for you”

“Then what makes you so sure I did it”

“I merely derived the process from the results of the facts.

As to what the truth actually is, thats all in your conscience.

Ive said everything there is to say.”

Shi Jin gave her a level glance.

Shi Jin had never cared about Qin Fanyas outcome.

She only cared about whether Qiu Heng could seek justice.


Jason and Dr.

Lu had been through manythings.

They were big names in the business and didnt just trust anyones story easily.

Be it Shi Jin or Qin Fanya, no matter how much they said, it was not as useful as Qiu Hengs smooth deduction formula in front of them.

Shi Jin understood this deeply, so she was not worried about todays conclusion at all.

Sure enough, Dr.

Jason spoke up.


Han, youre a disappointment.”


Jason!” Han Qingshan looked at Dr.

Jason pleadingly, but he didnt know what to say.

“Miss Qin, you should go back too.” Dr.

Jason waved at Qin Fanya.

Qin Fanya bit her lower lip hard.

She knew that it was useless to say anything else.

Qiu Heng had already proven himself just now.

People like them would only trust these results and would not believe any excuses.

At the same time, she could not help, but be secretly glad that Shi Jin could not produce any evidence to prove what she had done.

Her reputation had finally been saved.

She had no choice, but to turn sadly and walk out.

Han Qingshan could only follow.


Jason looked at Qiu Heng and said, “Qiu Heng, I have other questions for you regarding this topic.

If you can answer them, come to the laboratory and work.”

“Okay, Dr.

Jason, ask away!” Qiu Heng said happily.


Jason picked a few extremely professional points of knowledge and asked him directly.

In Shi Jins opinion, it was indeed a little difficult to throw out such a question to test someone who had just entered the laboratory.

However, from another perspective, this also proved that Dr.

Jason had high hopes for Qiu Heng.

In the end, Qiu Heng easily took over the question he threw at him.

In a few words, he explained his concept and derivation process clearly.


Jason had been stone-faced earlier, the ends of his eyes drooping.

He, too, was clearly disgusted by the idea of those competing for fame and fortune getting involved in academia.

Only when he heard Qiu Hengs answer did he finally look satisfied and relieved.


Lu smiled at Qiu Heng and said, “Mr.

Qiu, no, Qiu Heng, come to our laboratory next time.”

Qiu Heng looked delighted.

“Okay, thank you, Dr.

Jason, Dr.


After sending the two doctors off, Qiu Heng said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, I didnt even know that such a thing had happened to Xiang Xinghai after his death.

Although Qin Fanyas actions didnt affect Xiang Xinghais reputation, it was still an extremely terrible thing to do.

Fortunately, you appeared and gave me and him justice.”

“Its nothing.

Any normal person would be tempted to come forward and expose this.”

“How did you know about Qin Fanya”

“Didnt Dr.

Jason ask me to look at Qin Fanyas research report I took out the ones from the other years as a reference and took a look at the other peoples research report.

When I saw that Han Qingshans report was very close to the one you showed me before, I couldnt help but look at it for a while.

I realized that there were actually traces of reluctance in many of his content, so I specially checked.

That day, I heard that you were going to pay respects to a friend of yours, so I paid attention and realized that the friend you were talking about was Xiang Xinghai.

After connecting these things, I roughly had an idea.

Didnt you also submit the research report previously You submitted it later than him.

It should be because of this.

The reviewers directly passed you off.”

“Thank you very much.

If it hadnt been for you, I might indeed have missed Dr.

Jasons lab for the rest of my life.”

“Its just a pity that we cant find any evidence that Qin Fanya did this.” Qiu Heng felt uneasy just thinking about it.

Shi Jin indeed could not find any concrete evidence.

Just based on what Han Qingshan had said, Qin Fanya could deny it.

Without evidence, even if Qin Fanya was sued, nothing would happen to her.

Shi Jins only regret was here.

However, although Shi Jin and Qiu Heng still had some regrets, after news of Han Qingshans matter spread, the academic world sighed and criticized him.

The media outlets that had interviewed him before had silently deleted all the content before it was published and replaced it with content about beating up plagiarists.

Naturally, there were no other interviews scheduled.

The reporters had gathered around him because they wanted to interview him in his current mood.

They had come with the intention of watching him make a fool of himself.

Han Qingshan squeezed out of the crowd of reporters and got into his car.

His clothes were in a mess, and he was extremely disheveled.

Thinking back to when he came over previously, he was still surrounded by blooming flowers and warm welcome.

In a short period of time, he had fallen to this state.

He called Qin Fanya angrily, but she refused to answer.

He continued to dial unhappily and Qin Fanya finally picked up.

“Fanya, you cant leave me here alone to suffer this.

Say something for me!”

“What else can I say Even if I inspired you previously, cant you use your brain to change it Its been a few years.

Youve been in the laboratory for so long, but havent you thought of perfecting the derivation process Han Qingshan, Im your junior sister.

I helped you because I thought you had capability, Im not your mother! Think carefully about whos treating you well and whos exposing you.

Whats the use of saying this to me”

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