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“But he actually wanted to be friends with everyone, he just couldnt find the right way.

He was so lonely.”

“Thats why you still have some interaction with him, Qiu Heng, because youre as passionate about academic research as he is,” Shi Jin said.

“Its just that hes not good at interacting with others.

Youre just slightly closer to him than others, but you dont consider him as a real friend.”

Qiu Heng nodded.

“Yes, but if I could start over, I would choose to give in to him a little more.

I would try my best to get closer to his inner world and truly become friends with him.”

Shi Jin continued, “Xiang Xinghai and Qiu Heng have some interactions, so Qiu Heng sent his research report to Xiang Xinghai, right”

Qiu Heng thought for a moment and said, “Yes, I wasnt sure about some things and wanted to ask him to teach me, but I didnt expect…”

“Unfortunately, he didnt respond to you because he couldnt.

Once, he went out with his mentor and unfortunately met with a car accident.

He couldnt be resuscitated and died young,” Shi Jin continued slowly.

Qin Fanyas calm expression gradually began to show signs of panic.

She could not hide it and her eyes began to avoid everyone elses.

Shi Jin said, “I remember that Miss Qin was there when Xiang Xinghai was rescued, right”

“Yes, I was there because I happened to know his mentor too.

I even helped call the police.”

“You did a good job helping to call the police, but because Xiang Xinghai passed away, you took part of the data from his folder.

You cant deny that, can you”

Qin Fanya gritted her teeth.

“I didnt do it! Who knows where the information was scattered when Xiang Xinghai got into the car accident”

“Yes, you can deny it.

After all, I dont have much evidence.

However, I deduced that the information you took away from Xiang Xinghai happened to be the things that Qiu Heng gave Xiang Xinghai.

It was the research report of Qiu Heng and Han Qingshan this time.

You took these research reports and originally planned to use them yourself, but after all, they belonged to the deceased.

You felt that it was very unlucky and were afraid that you would eventually get caught, so you didnt use them.

However, you were unwilling to let such a good thing go to waste.

After confirming a few times that Xiang Xinghai didnt have any friends or family who cared about the things he left behind, you became restless.

“Although you didnt use it yourself, you took these things and specially gave them to Han Qingshan step by step for him to use.

This way, Han Qingshan will forever be grateful to you, his little junior sister.

The Han family will also treat you as their familys VIP and will always be grateful to you.

Am I right”

Shi Jin slowly explained everything.

She was very calm, but her tone expressed her regret for Xiang Xinghai and Qiu Heng.

Qin Fanyas face kept changing colors.

Shi Jin shook her head and sighed faintly.

“Its a pity.

Although you know that this is a good thing, you cant deduce the most crucial step at the end.

After Han Qingshan obtained it, he couldnt deduce it either.

He could only casually gather some steps and put the results on it.

Thats why you guys exposed yourselves, right”

When Qiu Heng heard this, he already understood what was going on.

He looked at Qin Fanya angrily.

“Qin Fanya, youre really ruthless!”

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