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Jason, Dr.

Lu, I really did this myself.

I do know Han Qingshan, but we dont have a deep relationship.

How can I get his things If you also feel puzzled, you can ask questions about my content.” Qiu Heng didnt want to pay attention to Han Qingshans pestering and directly spoke to the two doctors.


Jason said in a flat voice, “Okay, then go through the calculations on the spot.

The final proof of your subject report.”

Qiu Heng walked straight to the computer and opened the software.

He picked up the electronic pen and began to calculate on the tablet.

With the help of the computer, much of the data for the calculation could be derived directly from the calculator.

However, the formula and process of the calculation had to be deduced step by step.

The person who had to submit the research report had to know everything clearly in order for it to be smooth.

On the display screen, Qiu Heng wrote out all the derivation formulas step by step and came to the final conclusion.

“Ive finished my calculations, doctors.” Qiu Heng stood up after writing.

Han Qingshan gulped and his face suddenly turned pale.

He wanted to argue for himself, but he didnt know what to say.


Jason nodded.


Qiu, when did you start preparing this project report”

“About four or five years ago.

I just havent been able to get my bearings before, so theres been a lull.”

He had begun research four to five years ago, and Han Qingshan had submitted this research report about two to three years ago.

Han Qingshan was still defending himself.

“Then who knew that you started four or five years ago You just opened your mouth.

Wheres the evidence”

Shi Jin glanced at Han Qingshan and asked, “Mr.

Han, can you deduce the last step now”

Han Qingshan was stunned on the spot.

Shi Jin also looked up and sized him up.

Her usually cold gaze now seemed a little aggressive.

Her words hit the nail on the head.

Everyone present fell silent and waited for Han Qingshans answer.

Those who were truly knowledgeable knew that Qiu Heng had used a very special formula and derivation process to calculate the final step.

Some industry big shots might be able to tell the exquisiteness of his method at a glance.

However, even if the others understood his calculation, they could only sigh at how amazing it was.

They could not immediately learn it.

It was just like a bad student watching a top student solve a problem.

They only knew that he was very good at it, but they would not really master the top students solution just because they had seen it once.

At this moment, Han Qingshan was that bad student.

Shi Jin reached out with her slender fingers and pressed the computer restart button.

The process and content of Qiu Hengs calculations disappeared instantly.

After the computer restarted, it returned to a brand new page.

Shi Jin slowly stood up and walked to Han Qingshan.

She handed the electronic pen to Han Qingshan.

“Here, Mr.

Han, come.”

Han Qingshans hands kept trembling, but he didnt dare to take the pen.

Qiu Hengs calculation formula and content just now.

Give him some time to experience it and remember it.

He could clearly display it next time.

However, even if he followed the original method, he could not replicate it.


Han, why dont you tell me and Ill write it for you” Shi Jin suggested.

There was no extra emotion in her tone, but to Han Qingshan, every word was mocking.

At this point, everything was clear.

There would not be anybody who would be unable to write down the specific derivation process of his own research.

There was no way these conclusions were just stumbled upon with no calculations backing them.

Qiu Heng reacted and stared at Han Qingshan.

“Han Qingshan, when did you get my things When did you steal them”

Han Qingshan suddenly stretched out his finger and pointed at Qin Fanya.

“Dont ask me, ask her! When I was discussing with her, she kept guiding me to study this topic.

She was the one who told me the final conclusion!”

The bad feeling in Qin Fanyas heart finally materialized and smashed towards her.

She took a deep breath.

“Eldest Senior Brother, its not fair for you to say that.

We clearly discussed the outcome together back then.

How could it become like what you said You werent the only person I discussed this with.

I also discussed it with other peers.

No matter what, you cant push the blame on me.”

“In any case, I dont know anything else.

I discussed everything with you.” Han Qingshan took out his phone and shouted at her excitedly, “I cherish our previous discussion opportunities.

After every discussion, I took photos and made notes.

Your handwriting is clear.

Fanya, back then, you guided me in all kinds of ways and gave me a lot of opportunities.

Ive always been very grateful, but why did you want to harm me”

Qin Fanya calmed down.

“You can say whatever you want.

If thats what you think happened, so be it.

Anyway, I have a clear conscience.”

Seeing her like this, Han Qingshan knew that he was doomed.

He immediately rushed to Dr.



Lu, believe me, I really want to stay in the laboratory.

I know that my aptitude is poor and Im a little stupid, but I really thought that Qin Fanya was seriously helping me.

She helped me reach a conclusion and helped me enter the laboratory… Dont chase me out of the laboratory…”


Lu shook his head and said, “If you cant even convince yourself with your research report, how can you stay in the laboratory You should go back and learn more.”


Lu…” Han Qingshan was in despair.

Qin Fanya looked at Dr.

Jason and Dr.

Lu and said sincerely, “Doctors, please believe me.

If I really knew about these things, I would have used them for myself long ago.

Why give them to others I really didnt expect Han Qingshan to push the blame for what he did to me.

Im really sorry.”

“Miss Qin, do you still remember Xiang Xinghai” Shi Jin asked.

These ordinary words suddenly caused Qin Fanya to break out in cold sweat.

She bit her lip hard, then pretended to be calm.

“What do you mean”

“Shi Jin, what are you talking about” Even Qiu Heng was very surprised.

“Xiang Xinghai is an alumnus from the same university as Qiu Heng.

Hes also your former senior, Miss Qin.

This Xiang Xinghai has always been very reclusive.

Hes not good with words and is easily offended.

Hes very antisocial.

No one is willing to hang out with him, and he doesnt even have a good relationship with his mentor.

Everyone knows that he has always been alone and only cares about his research.

He doesnt care about anything else,” Shi Jin said.

Regret and guilt flashed in Qiu Hengs eyes.

“Yes, thats what everyone thinks of him.”

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