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Fu Xiuyuan chuckled and sat beside her.

“I wont.”

Shi Jin picked up her phone again.

Because she had just received access to the account, she was able to see all the confidential information in the lab.

She was so intrigued that she couldnt stop reading.

Fu Xiuyuan said nothing more.

He sat calmly beside her and looked on with her.

Shi Jin flipped through the pages and occasionally put down her phone to think.

Undoubtedly, being able to get such an opportunity to read other peoples things was also an excellent expansion of her own knowledge system.

Suddenly, her fingers stopped.

She stopped and let out a soft “Tsk.”

Fu Xiuyuan frowned and asked, “Whats wrong”

“I think Ive seen this article somewhere before.” Shi Jins fingers unconsciously scrolled down the phone page, reading the content back and forth.

“Saw it where” Fu asked, helping her search for clues.

“I dont remember very clearly…” Shi Jin put down her phone and suddenly remembered something.

She picked up her phone again and opened the WeChat page.

She found a lot of content that Qiu Heng had discussed with her previously.

She handed it to Fu Xiuyuan.

“Look, isnt this article in the laboratory library very similar to what Cousin studied”

Although Fu Xiuyuan didnt understand this line of work, he could understand a lot of the general content.

He scanned it and said, “Very close indeed.

So who wrote this one in the lab library”

“Let me take a look.” Shi Jin found the directory index and clicked on it.

She suddenly saw a familiar name.

“Its Han Qingshan Whats going on”

Shi Jin thought for a moment and said, “I remember my cousin telling me that he also used this content to apply for access to Dr.

Jasons laboratory, but he didnt get the chance.

However, at that time, I just thought that Dr.

Jason was very strict and didnt think of anything else.

Now it seems…”

Fu Xiuyuans brow furrowed.

“It looks like you need to communicate with Dr.


“Indeed.” Shi Jin picked up her phone and called Dr.


At the other end of the line, Dr.

Jason listened in silence.

After a long time, he asked, “Shi Jin, if it were you, what would you do”

“Ill look for Han Qingshan and personally test him to verify it.

As for Qiu Heng, he didnt do anything, so we shouldnt have to verify things with him.

However, we should still give him a chance as usual to see if hes qualified to enter the laboratory.”

After putting down the phone, Shi Jin said to Fu Xiuyuan, “Ive already communicated with Dr.


I believe the truth will be revealed soon.”

At a newspaper interview.

The reporters were surrounding Han Qingshan and Qin Fanya and interviewing them.


Han, as the youngest researcher to enter Dr.

Jasons research lab in Hong Kong, do you have any suggestions for other fellow researchers”

“Are you going to stay on Hong Kong Island this time, or are you going back to Dr.

Jasons side to continue your work”

“I heard that Miss Qin is also going to Dr.

Jasons side.

You two will have a long partnership in the future, right”

After Han Qingshan and Qin Fanya answered a few questions, Han Qingshans phone rang.

He picked it up.

“Professor Xu” Han Qingshan said into the phone.

When the reporters around him heard him make the call, they consciously stopped talking and waited for him.

Han Qingshans face was filled with joy.

“You said that Dr.

Jason wants to see me And you want me to prepare some information to go over Okay, Ill be right there! Let Fanya come with me, right Okay, sure.”

After he put the phone down, his face was full of excitement.

“Fanya, Dr.

Jason wants us to come over.

He wants to see us in an hour.”

“Alright, well go over now.” Qin Fanya suppressed the excitement in her heart.

When the surrounding reporters heard this, they also said, “Congratulations.

It looks like Dr.

Han is going to be promoted this time.

Miss Qin is also going to enter the research lab.”

Han Qingshan smiled and said, “Thank you, everyone.

Thank you for your blessings.

Ill accept your interviews later.

Lets have a good chat then.”

“Okay, Dr.


Remember to accept my interview when the time comes.”

“Dont forget mine either, Dr.


Im still waiting for your live interview.”

“Definitely!” Han Qingshan said happily.

After he and Qin Fanya walked out, they made some preparations and rushed to the private club that Professor Xu had mentioned.

Shi Jin and Dr.

Jason, Dr.

Lu, and Professor Xu were already waiting.


Jason and Dr.

Lu pored over the information Shi Jin had found.

Everyone, including Shi Jin, did not come to a direct conclusion about Han Qingshans doubtful research report.

Everything could only be discussed after seeing Han Qingshan in person.

Soon, Han Qingshan and Qin Fanya arrived at the door.

At the knock on the door, Shi Jin said, “Please come in.”

Hearing Shi Jins voice, Qin Fanya instinctively felt uncomfortable, but she still pushed open the door and walked in.


Jason, Dr.

Lu, Miss Shi.” Qin Fanya and Han Qingshan greeted politely.

She and Han Qingshan subconsciously raised their voices.

Clearly, the meaning of being personally received and inspected by Dr.

Jason and Dr.

Lu was still very different.

When Han Qingshan first entered the laboratory, it was all thanks to Professor Xus recommendation.

Even his research report was not reviewed by Dr.

Jason and Dr.

Lu personally.

Now that they could communicate face-to-face, it was naturally different.


Jason spoke first.

“Were going to ask you some professional questions today.


Han will go first.”

“Okay.” Han Qingshan quickly took a step forward.

“Please, have a seat.” Dr.

Jason took out the subject report hed submitted earlier.


Han, the case you proposed in this previous subject report cited is very solid and reliable.

The conclusions youve drawn are also very forward-looking and very valuable for research.

Now, Id like to ask you, what are the details of the deductions youve drawn from the content”

When Han Qingshan heard this, he quickly perked up and said, “Its like this.

The previous content…”


Jason and Dr.

Lou exchanged glances.


Lu said, “So how was this data collected Can you demonstrate it live”

Han Qingshan was visibly flustered.

Shi Jin stood up and handed him a stack of paper and a pen.


Han, you can use this to calculate.

If you need a computer to do model sampling calculations, theres a computer here.”

Shi Jin pointed to an open computer.

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