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Under Fu Xiuyuans oppressive gaze, Jiang Ning stood up sensibly.

“Master Fu, please sit here.”

She gave up her precious spot and obediently moved to the other side of the sofa.

“As for me, Ive been learning from my grandfather to handle the Jiang familys affairs.

I still have to learn from Sister Shi Jin… for guidance.” Jiang Ning felt that with every word she said, she would receive more scrutiny from Fu Xiuyuan.

She sighed.

She was already sitting so far away from Shi Jin!

Fu Xiuyuan sat down beside Shi Jin.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Stop scaring the poor girl.”

“If shes not guilty, would she be scared”

Jiang Ning pouted.

She was just lying on Shi Jins shoulder.

Those who didnt know better would think that she had stolen Shi Jin away.

“If you continue like this, Im going to lose my friends,” Shi Jin said softly.

“Isnt it enough that you have me” Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes to look at her, the distance between them growing closer and closer.

Shi Jin pushed him gently and coughed lightly.

Had he forgotten that Dr.

Jason and the elders were here

Fu Xiuyuan raised his head to look at them.

Everyone was sipping tea with teacups in their hands.

They looked like they had been through this before, and there was a forgiving look on their faces.

They didnt take these young peoples petty squabbles seriously at all.

Jiang Ning made a face at Shi Jin.

Even so, Shi Jin felt awkward showing affection in front of everyone.

She stood up and said, “Dr.

Jason, are you sure you want me to review this report”

“I believe in your abilities.”

“Thank you.

However, even though I can understand the research project report, Im not familiar with the laboratorys review standards.

Im afraid I might miss some things.”


Jason said, “Ill get Dr.

Lu to open an account for you.

You can download the research reports that the laboratory has passed over the years as a reference.”

He directly gave Shi Jin an account to download the research reports from the laboratory.

He treated her as one of his own.

The research reports in Dr.

Jasons laboratory were kept strictly safe.

Even if other people wanted to borrow them, they might not have the chance to do so.

The content was very valuable.


Lu immediately said, “Shi Jin, open an account first.

Ill help you access it.

Ill send you the internal address of the laboratory.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin took out her phone, registered her account and sent it to Dr.



Lu immediately activated her authority.

When Old Master Fu saw how much Dr.

Jason valued and trusted Shi Jin, he could not help but nod.

Recalling how Han Qingshan and Old Master Qin had spoken rudely earlier, Old Master Fu couldnt help but snort coldly.

Shi Jin thought of Qiu Heng and said to Dr.

Jason, “Dr.

Jason, speaking of which, I have a friend who I would like to recommend to you so that he can enter your laboratory.”

“Oh” Dr.

Jason was very interested.

“Since hes your friend, there must be something extraordinary about him.

Ask him to submit the research report to me.

If theres no problem, you can ask Dr.

Lu to take him.”

“Alright, Ill get him to prepare.

Right, his name is Qiu Heng.

He has always been doing genetic research,” Shi Jin said.

Old Master Fu stroked his beard and said, “So its Qiu Heng.

Why didnt he say so earlier”

“He prepared before, but missed the opportunity,” said Shi Jin.


Lu was very happy.

“Shi Jin, I will definitely take care of your friend.

I am in need of a suitable person.

We look for people every year, but we never find anyone suitable.”

“When the time comes, well have to see how capable he is.” Shi Jin didnt dare to guarantee how good Qiu Hengs content would be, but from her point of view, Qiu Heng was indeed not bad.

However, she couldnt be too confident.

“I believe in your taste.

Dont you think Dr.

Jason also believes in your taste” Dr.

Lu said with a smile.

“Ill get him to prepare after I contact him,” said Shi Jin.

Seeing that Shi Jin was busy, Jiang Ning had no choice but to leave.


Jason and Dr.

Lu also took their leave.

After they left, Jiang Ning thought for a while and called her friends to tell them that Shi Jin had recommended Qiu Heng to Professor Jason.

This news quickly spread to Qin Fanyas ears.

This was the effect that Jiang Ning wanted to achieve—to make Qin Fanya nervous.

Indeed, Qin Fanya felt pressured when she heard the news.

“Are you sure Shi Jin recommended Qiu Heng”

“Yeah, I heard that it was Jiang Ning who said it personally.” Qin Fanyas friend said seriously, “I heard that Dr.

Jason values Shi Jin a lot now.

If she recommends Qiu Heng to Dr.

Jason, will it affect you entering the laboratory”

After thinking for a while, Qin Fanya pushed her thoughts back.


If Qiu Heng was so powerful, he would have entered the research lab long ago.

Why would he need Shi Jins recommendation Qiu Heng is Qiu Heng, I am me.”

“I also believe in your abilities.

Qiu Heng cant compare to you!”

“Yes, its just Qiu Heng.”

After Qin Fanya put down her phone, she felt an inexplicable sense of frustration.

She remembered that Qiu Heng did have some capabilities.

If Dr.

Jason were to take a liking to him, her chances would be slim.

Han Qingshan said, “Fanya, you dont have to worry.

Our laboratory has always been short of people.


Jason needs more than one or two people.

He needs talented and capable people.

Even if Qiu Heng is outstanding, so what With your ability, you will definitely be able to enter.

He wont affect you at all.”

Old Master Qin added, “Qingshan is right.

No one can deny your ability.


Jason can at most take Qiu Heng in with you.

No matter what, it wont affect you.”

Qin Fanya nodded lightly.

“I understand.”

When Shi Jin returned to her room, she first looked at Qin Fanyas research report and said, “Qin Fanyas research results are not bad.

However, in order to gain the upper hand, many of the methods she used to prove her hypothesis are biased.

Of course, overall, she is still considered talented.”

Fu Xiuyuan nodded and said, “Just like her personality.”

“It seems like you know her very well,” Shi Jin put down the documents and said to him.

“Why I cant know about others” Fu Xiuyuan walked to her side.

It was rare to see her care about such things.

He raised an eyebrow, a flicker of pleasure crossing his features.

Shi Jin burst out laughing.

“No, I know that you have a special team to provide you with information so that you can get hold of the information that you should have but are usually unwilling to come into contact with.

Dont try to get to know other people just because you think I will be jealous.”

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