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Qin Sinian hurriedly turned and pressed Fu Heyans hand tightly.


Blood gushed.

No one knew whether it was Qin Sinian or Fu Heyans blood.

“Let me go! Let me go this instant!” shouted Fu Heyan.

Fu Xiuyuan stepped forward to pull Qin Sinian and Fu Heyan apart and took the surgical knife.

This time, Qin Sinian was injured.

Fortunately, the wounds were not particularly deep even though there was a lot of blood loss.

“Fu Heyan, cut it out!” Fu Xiuyuan suppressed his voice and called his older sisters name in full.

Fu Heyan wailed.

“I am as good as disabled.

What is the point of staying alive”

She was always an optimistic woman and she did her best to remain positive and calm.

However, people often collapsed after hearing too much false hope.

Fu Xiuyuan and Qin Sinian stood on each side of the bed quietly.

What else could they do when even Richard said it was hopeless

Someone knocked on the hospital ward door.

Qin Sinian was a little annoyed.

He wondered who it could be disturbing them at a time like this.

“Come in.” His voice sounded stern.

The door opened and a short-haired woman in her twenties entered the room.

Despite her somewhat mature appearance, it was impossible to hide her youth.

Qin Sinian spoke slightly more courteously when he noticed her wearing a white robe with a doctors lanyard hanging over her chest.


“I am here to examine Miss Fu and operate on her.

My name is… Si Jin.” Since Shi Jin was able to alter her singing voice at will, she was certainly able to do the same with her speaking voice.

Qin Sinian, Fu Xiuyuan, and Richard looked towards her in unison.

Their eyes seemed to be saying in unison, “You”

For most medical students, it would take at least five years of study to become doctors.

By the time they became an attending physician, they would be at least in their thirties.

Richard was a medical prodigy who made his name when he was young.

After working in the medical trade for years, he was now over 50 years old but still considered young in the trade.

However, the young woman before them was only in her twenties.

How could she have the audacity to offer to examine Fu Heyan and operate on her again

Qin Sinian was in no mood to patronize her, so he replied calmly, “She doesnt need it.

Please leave.”

Shi Jin just knew this would happen.

Fortunately, she came prepared.

She pointed at her name tag and said, “Have you heard of Du Xie I am his… junior.

I came especially to see Miss Fu.”

Qin Sinian and Fu Xiuyuan looked at Shi Jin quizzically.

She veered her eyes out of fear Fu Xiuyuan would recognize her, but he kept looking at her as he contemplated.

Richard could not help stepping forward in joy.

“Are you talking about Du Xie, the person who made it into the National Institute of Health when he was 18 The man who is as celebrated as me No, correction.

He is even more distinguished than me!”

“Uh huh.

Thats him.” Shi Jin nodded.

“He is my senior, but our medical research differs slightly.”

Richard looked at her deeply.

“Operations and research are completely different.

You are so young…”

Doctors who are too young did not have enough experience with operations.

Regardless of how knowledgeable she was, it was not enough.

He shook his head and said, “I suggest that you avoid making promises about conducting operations.

Even Dr Du wouldnt dare to talk big about surgery.”

“Why dont you get out” said Qin Sinian coldly.

He did not want to go on listening to the argument.

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