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Qin Fanya originally thought that giving this research report was the start of her crushing Shi Jin.

When she saw Dr.

Jasons actions, she was stunned.

Everyone else could not help but look at this scene, wondering what Dr.

Jason meant.

Shi Jin did not take it and looked at Dr.



Jason said, “Shi Jin, I want you to review this research report.”

The others were also stunned.

Let Shi Jin “review” it Could it be that Dr.

Jason had not learned the S language well and had misunderstood the meaning of the word

She couldnt help but say, “Dr.

Jason, I spent a lot of time and effort on this research project.

I didnt just create it out of thin air.

I hope it can be treated fairly.”

“I know your hard work, so I gave it to Shi Jin to review.” Dr.

Jason looked at her strangely.

Did she think that he would personally review these things Every year, only the top research report would be sent to him for him to personally give his opinion.

“But Shi Jin…” Qin Fanya was anxious and angry.

How could Shi Jin review her things

Could she bear the weight of the word “reviewing”

“If even Shi Jin is not qualified, we can only let Dr.

Lu review it.

However, Dr.

Lu has been very busy recently and I believe he does not have the time.

Perhaps, you want to take it back” asked Dr.


Only then did everyone understand that Dr.

Jason had not used the word “review” by mistake.

He wanted Shi Jin to review it.

It turned out that in his heart, Shi Jin was already close to Dr.

Lus capabilities and status

Qin Fanya sucked in a cold breath and whispered, “I dont want to take it back.”

Shi Jin took the report and said, “I will finish reading it as soon as possible.”

Qin Fanya could not stay any longer and said, “Then, Dr.

Jason, Dr.

Lu, Grandpa Fu, Uncle Fu, Ill take my leave first.”

“Take care,” Old Master Fu said.

“We wont see you out.” Jiang Ning waved her hand.

Old Master Qin, Han Qingshan, Professor Xu and the rest followed Qin Fanya.

The other guests also left one after another.

Qin Fanya heard people gossiping about her.

“In that case, Fanya is really inferior to Shi Jin”

“Ive always told you not to doubt Master Fus taste.”

“Thats true.

The position that Master Fu stands in is something that ordinary people like us can only look up to.

Everything that Master Fu has done naturally has his reasons.

Now that I think about it, Master Fus vision is always trustworthy.”

Qin Fanya turned around abruptly.

When these people saw that she had heard it, they quickly dispersed and pretended that they did not hear it.

Old Master Qin rushed over and said, “Fanya, dont bother with these people.”

“Grandpa, I know.” As soon as she said that, she could not help feeling wronged.

“Good child, you dont have to compare yourself to others.

We dont know whats going on inside, so you dont have to compare yourself to them.

Itll only make you sad.”

Qin Fanya bit her lips.

She was really upset.

Her results had always been solid.

No one remembered that.

She had been turned upside down by Shi Jin in just a few days.

Was the Fu family really not afraid of the backlash

Han Qingshan and Professor Xu also walked over, feeling extremely indignant.

“Fanya, dont worry.

I will talk to Dr.

Jason about it.

You are my student.

I watched you do the research project, but Dr.

Jason humiliated you for the sake of Shi Jin.

I will not allow him to do this without prior consideration,” Professor Xu said.

“Thats right.

Fanya, giving Shi Jin face is only temporary.

How can it last forever” Han Qingshan said.

“Your ability is the real deal.

No one can take it away.”

Qin Fanya was comforted and finally felt much better.

She said, “Its not that I want to fight with Shi Jin for anything, but I cant bear to see my hard work being trampled on.

But its alright, I believe Dr.

Jason and Dr.

Lu are reasonable people.

They know what to do.”

“Thats right, we must maintain this mentality.” Han Qingshan patted her shoulder.

After the guests left, Dr.

Jasons fondness for Shi Jin was finally revealed.

He said to Old Master Fu, “Old Master Fu, I dare say that Shi Jins talent is unparalleled.

It is also a talent that God has bestowed upon her that others cannot possess.

This time, in the treatment of Fu, the magical energy that she displayed made me gasp in amazement.”

“Professor Jason, you are too kind.

Dont praise her too much.” Old Master Fu was delighted.

He was starting to feel proud.

“The next highlight is the treatment for Mrs.


I will be here to appreciate Shi Jins treatment.” Dr.

Jason had already treated this treatment as a combination of art and medical skills.

Shi Jin sat at the side with a faint smile on her face.

Jiang Ning lowered her head and said, “Not bad, Sis.

Youre really amazing! Im really amazed by you now.”

“Do you find it interesting to defeat your enemy like this” Shi Jin asked with a smile.

“Thats right, thats right.

Looking at Qin Fanyas face, I can even wake up smiling from my dream tonight,” Jiang Ning said while holding her face.

“Then you should go back and learn from Grandpa Jiang how to manage the Jiang family.”

This was the only way she could truly compete with Qin Fanya in terms of strength.

Jiang Ning knew that Shi Jin was right, but she was not fully prepared to say such things.

She wanted to inherit the family business, so she could not help but shake her shoulders.

“Sigh, it was not easy for me to forget about this matter and steal some time to play, but you brought up my unhappy matters again.

Sigh, why is my life so bitter”

Although she was complaining about Shi Jin, her head could not help but lie on her neck.

The other elders couldnt help laughing when they saw how the girls behaved.

Until Jiang Ning felt a chill down her spine.

She turned around abruptly and saw Fu Xiuyuan standing not far away, staring at her.

Even though his gaze was calm, it seemed to contain a substantial coldness.

She jolted and sat up straight, not daring to place her hands on Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan strode over and Jiang Ning felt even more guilty.

“M-Master Fu.”

“I heard that Grandfather Jiang is unwell.

Didnt you go back to accompany him” Fu Xiuyuan asked calmly.

“My grandfathers health is much better now.

Theres no problem,” Jiang Ning said.

“Oh Then the Jiang family doesnt need anyone to inherit the family business”

Sigh, he really hit where it hurts.

She only hugged Shi Jin, why did he sound like he was facing a mortal enemy

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