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Everyone looked at Dr.

Jason and saw him walking towards Shi Jin.

Suddenly, a smile appeared on his face.

“Shi Jin, Ive seen all your previous content.

I still have some things to discuss with you.

Its good that youre here.

I dont have to look for you everywhere.”

“Should we discuss it now or go to the laboratory” Shi Jin asked.

Hearing their conversation, everyone was shocked.


Jason was actually discussing with Shi Jin Was this real

Qin Fanya and Old Master Qin also looked over.


Jason smiled and said, “Youve worked hard too.

Well talk when you have time.

Theres no rush.”

“Thats great.

To be honest, I still have a lot of questions about the plan you used for treating Mr.


Ill be able to understand if I can see the information you compiled.”

As Dr.

Jason and Shi Jin discussed, the surrounding peoples gazes gradually changed.

The calmest person was Fu Zhaoxiang.

He was the one who knew the truth the most, so it was nothing.

Old Master Fus doubts about Shi Jin had long disappeared.

He knew too well what kind of person Dr.

Jason was.

He did not care about reputation or benefits.

When he accepted the Fu familys financial aid, it was only to do research and not to cling to a rich family.

There was nothing that he truly valued other than ability and talent.

The others were truly astonished.

Qin Fanya and Old Master Qin exchanged glances and saw the shock in each others eyes.

Han Qingshan wished he could stand up and stand between Dr.

Jason and Shi Jin—he had been in the laboratory for so long, and the things he had said to Dr.

Jason added up were not as much as what Shi Jin had said in this moment.

“Shi Jin, please sit down and talk to Dr.

Jason.” Old Master Fu couldnt help but call out to them when he saw them standing there.

Shi Jin could not help but laugh.

When Dr.

Jason brought up the topic of research, he did not care about anything else.

She did not even remember to greet him.

With Old Master Fus reminder, she smiled and said, “Dr.

Jason, please take a seat first.”


Jason sat down.

Han Qingshan could not help but ask, “Dr.

Jason, is Shi Jin going to submit the research report and enter your laboratory now”

“Of course not,” Dr.

Jason denied.

Qin Fanya and Han Qingshan heaved a sigh of relief.


Jason continued, “However, she might cooperate with Dr.

Lu to conduct research.

Ancient Chinese medicine isnt my area of expertise.”

As soon as he said that, Han Qingshan and Qin Fanya felt their hearts skip a beat.

Professor Xus expression changed and he asked, “Work with Dr.


Although Dr.

Lu was not as good as Dr.

Jason, he was still the second-in-command in the laboratory.

He had a high position in the laboratory.

It was an amazing thing to work with him.

Professor Xu hadnt even been able to cooperate with Dr.

Lu yet.


Lu chuckled.

“Shi Jin, Im really honored.”

Everyone had different expressions on their faces.

Some were jealous, some were thinking about the reasons behind this, and some did not know anything and only felt that Shi Jin was very lucky.

Qin Fanya was the most shocked.

She could not understand how Shi Jin could treat Fu Zhaoxiangs illness.

How could Shi Jin handle a condition that even a few large laboratories could not

No matter how much evidence there was, no matter what Dr.

Jason and Dr.

Lu thought, Qin Fanya was not convinced.

She would never be able to sincerely agree to this.

Outsiders might not know that this was a simple task, but only real professionals knew that developing a medicine and treating a disease was not a simple task.

It could easily take tens of years of hard work.

Shi Jin, how could she do it

Although Jiang Ning didnt really understand what was going on in their laboratory, when she saw Qin Fanyas ugly expression, she smiled and said, “Shi Jin, congratulations.

I heard that both Dr.

Jason and Dr.

Lu are quite capable.

Everyone cant wait to work with them.”

“Thank you.” Shi Jin nodded.

“Sigh, no wonder everyone is so envious of you.

I have heard that many people in Hong Kong want to learn from Professor Jason and get his attention.

Some people have worked hard for many years to get what they want, but to no avail.

As for you, Shi Jin, you got such a great opportunity just because you are smart and capable.

It was not easy at all.” Jiang Nings words sounded like sincere praise, but in the ears of the Qin family, it sounded like a serious insult.

Qin Fanya lowered her gaze and did not look at Jiang Ning, suppressing the dissatisfaction in her heart.

She had always known how to hold back.

When there were many people around, she would not add unnecessary trouble and criticism to herself because of such matters.

To others, she was always generous and sensible, neither arrogant nor impatient.


Jason suddenly said, “Professor Xu, did you just say that you have a students research report for me”

When she heard this, Qin Fanyas eyes lit up.

Before Professor Xu could reply, she stood up and said, “Dr.

Jason, Im Professor Xus student.

Ive always admired your talent, so I really wanted to enter your research lab.

When I found out that you were coming back, I made some preparations.

This is a research report on genetics.

Please take a look.”

When everyone heard what she said, they couldnt help, but look at her and secretly sigh.

Her reputation as a talented girl was not in vain.

Even Dr.

Jason had to review her work personally.

The Qin family was really proud to have her.

Professor Xu was overjoyed.


Jason, I have already read Fanyas research report.

It is very thoughtful and the data is very detailed.

It has filled a blank spot in the genetic research branch.

It is very beneficial to our research.

It is really amazing.”


Jason and Dr.

Lu both nodded.

Old Master Qins face lit up as he looked at his granddaughter.

Qin Fanya took out the research project report she had printed out from her bag and walked over to Dr.


She respectfully held the report in front of him.

If she could enter Dr.

Jasons research lab this time, she would be the youngest person in Hong Kong or even the entire S Nation to enter the research lab.

This alone was enough to go down in history.

The limelight that Shi Jin had garnered previously would all be suppressed by her.

Who knew, after Dr.

Jason took the report from Qin Fanya and casually flipped through a few pages, he passed it to Shi Jin.

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