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Han Qingshan looked at her disdainfully.

“Havent you heard of Dr.


“So what if Ive heard of him What does this prove” Jiang Ning asked.

“So you believe that Uncle Fu was cured by Shi Jin and not Dr.

Jason What evidence do you have” Han Qingshan had always thought that Jiang Ning was brainless, but he didnt expect her to be so brainless.

Jiang Ning stood beside Old Master Fu with a smile and said, “Uncle Fu was cured by Shi Jin.

This is something that both Grandpa Fu and Uncle Fu have verified.

I also heard about it from Butler Kang before I came to the Fu family.

So, Han Qingshan, do you think that Grandpa Fu, Uncle Fu, and Butler Kangs words cant be trusted, and only your own words can be trusted When you want to spread the rumor, you have to first prove that what I said was wrong, and not let me use evidence to prove that what you said was nonsense.”

She was eloquent and her words rendered Han Qingshan speechless.

He did want to prove that these words were wrong, but how could he say this in front of Old Master Fu

Old Master Fu listened as Jiang Ning spoke up for Shi Jin.

He calmly stroked his beard and smiled as he watched his juniors bicker.

Qin Fanya could tell that Old Master Fu was indulging Jiang Ning.

However, rather than saying that he indulged Jiang Nings nonsense, it would be more accurate to say that he was actually indulging Shi Jin.

At the thought of this, Qin Fanya felt sour in her heart.

She raised her head and sized up Fu Zhaoxiang.

He had a calm look on his face as he smiled at everyone quarreling.

It was obvious that this matter had been settled in the Fu family.

After Shi Jin prepared the medicine, she passed it to Butler Kang and instructed him to send it to Fu Zhaoxiang after he was done.

She came down from upstairs and heard Jiang Ning and Han Qingshan quarreling.

She could not help but smile.

Seeing her come down, Jiang Ning waved and called out, “Sis!”

“Why are you here” Shi Jin asked.

“Im here to visit you and also to congratulate Uncle Fu.

Congratulations to Uncle Fu and Grandpa Fu.” Jiang Ning smiled and said, “Shi Jin, youre really amazing! If it were a few years earlier, I would have wanted to learn medicine from you.”

“You” Han Qingshan asked indifferently.

“What about me If you can learn it, why cant I” Jiang Ning asked.

Han Qingshan was a grown man, so it was inconvenient for him to bicker with her, so he could only keep quiet.

“Arent you tired of talking so much Sit down and have some tea if youre tired!” said Shi Jin.

Jiang Ning sat down obediently beside Shi Jin and took a sip of tea.

Butler Kang led Professor Xu in.

When everyone saw him, they quickly greeted him.

“Professor Xu, please take a seat.” Old Master Fu respected him.

Professor Xu smiled and said, “Old Master, we are all very happy that Mr.

Fu can come back this time.

This is really a big event worth celebrating.


Jason will be coming over later.”

“Really Thats great!” Old Master Fu was elated.

“Thats right.


Jason has put in a lot of effort for this treatment.

Its really a fortunate thing to be able to get his medicine and treatment plan.” Professor Xu had also heard about Shi Jin taking credit, so he had to help Dr.

Jason clear his name.

Hearing his words, Old Master Fu could not help, but wonder what he meant.

Could it be that Dr.

Jason was the one who treated him

The others couldnt help, but reveal similar doubts.

When Jiang Ning saw this scene, she wanted to step forward and say something but was held back by Shi Jin.

Professor Xu said, “Actually, Dr.

Jason is here today for another matter.

He has been wanting to recruit new talents for the laboratory to supplement the research team.

The research report that Fanya submitted this time is very good.

I have already read it.

The content is very professional.

I have recommended Fanya to Dr.


When Dr.

Jason comes later, you can talk to him personally.”

Everyone could tell how much Professor Xu liked and respected Qin Fanya.

They couldnt help but praise her.

“Fanya is really leaving more and more now.

She actually got Dr.

Jasons attention!”

“This is what it means to be someone elses child.

Shes indeed amazing!”

“Stop it, Fanya has been that talented child since she was young.”

Old Master Fu heard that Dr.

Jason looked at Qin Fanya in a different light and nodded.

“Fanya is indeed talented.”

“Old Brother, youre flattering me.

Fanya was just casually researching these things, and her main focus is still on ancient traditional Chinese medicine.” Old Master Qin chuckled.

His pride was written all over his face.

Shi Jin picked up the teacup and took a sip casually.

When she received Qin Fanyas gaze, she looked back calmly.

Qin Fanya looked at Shi Jin with a hint of provocation in their eyes.

Then, it was gone in the blink of an eye and she returned to her usual lady-like appearance.

The ends of Shi Jins cold eyes twitched as she retracted her gaze.

She did not take Qin Fanyas actions seriously at all.

After Professor Xu received a message, he stood up and said, “Dr.

Jason and Dr.

Lu are here.

I will go and pick them up.”

“Okay.” Old Master Fu stood up.

Old Master Qin and Qin Fanya stood up as well.

Even Han Qingshan could not help but say, “Fanya, Im going to see Dr.

Jason today thanks to you.”

Speaking of which, although he had also entered the laboratory, he had only seen Dr.

Jason a few times.

He remembered that the last time Dr.

Jason wanted to see him was because he had written a good research report.

Soon, Professor Xu came in with Dr.

Jason and Dr.


Everyone couldnt help staring at these two industry big shots.

Both of them were a little old, and their faces were solemn and serious.

Professor Xu said something to them, but they only responded faintly.

It was not until they entered the hall and saw someone that there was a clear warmth and brightness in their eyes.

They walked over quickly.

Old Master Fu and Fu Zhaoxiang greeted them first.

Old Master Qin and Qin Fanya followed suit.

Han Qingshan could not hide his excitement.


Jason, Dr.


“Mm.” The two of them were calm and distant.

Old Master Qin smiled and said, “Dr.

Jason, Dr.

Lu, please forgive us for not welcoming you from afar.”

“It doesnt matter,” Dr.

Jason said.

“Were not exactly here as tourists.”


Jason, my granddaughter Fanya is Han Qingshans junior and also Professor Xus student…” Old Master Qin introduced.

“She would like to submit a research report to see if she can enter your laboratory.


Lu said to him, “Professor Xu has already brought this up.

Well talk about it later.”

This attitude was really a little cold, and it doesnt seem like they took Qin Fanya seriously.

Old Master Qin could only stop temporarily.

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