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“What friend Why dont we discuss it next time” Shi Jin asked.

“Theres no other way.

Hes no longer in this world,” Qiu Heng said in a low voice.

“Im sorry, it was my mistake.”

Qiu Heng smiled.

“Its fine.

Those who dont know cant be blamed.

I didnt explain it clearly.

Ive discussed the two questions I sent you with him before.

We were originally working on this research project together.

Unfortunately, just as we were about to produce the results, he passed away in a car accident…”

“Its been a long time,” Qiu Heng said.

“Today is his remembrance day.

Im going to the cemetery now.”

Qiu Heng left in a hurry.

Shi Jin watched him leave before returning.


and Mrs.

Qiu didnt stay for long.

After they left, the Fu family did not quiet down.

Instead, it was unusually lively.

It turned out that the news of Fu Zhaoxiangs return from the Southern Courtyard had shaken the entire Hong Kong.

Initially, some people didnt believe it and thought that Fu Zhaoxiang would never come back.

Or perhaps they did not believe that his illness was cured and had returned, but gradually, everyone had to believe that Fu Xiuyuan was the one who had personally picked Fu Zhaoxiang up when the Fu family opened their doors.

His condition had indeed recovered without any doubts.

Therefore, the families of Hong Kong came to visit.

There were many people in the Fu family.

Butler Kang dismissed some of them, but some of them were old friends of the family.

Old Master Fu and Fu Zhaoxiang had to receive them.

These people were initially skeptical about Fu Zhaoxiangs matter, but now that they saw Fu Zhaoxiang with their own eyes, they finally believed it.

After Shi Jin returned, she was not in the mood to receive these guests.

She took the herbs and went back to her room to prepare them.

Now that Old Master Fu knew what she was doing, he didnt think she was being disobedient.

He silently allowed her to be free and not be restricted by the rules of these wealthy families.

Old Master Fu was in a good mood and happily entertained these people.

He didnt find it troublesome at all, so Fu Zhaoxiang had no choice, but to accompany them and perform his filial duties.

Everyone was chatting when Butler Kang led Qin Fanya and Han Qingshan in.

Everyone hurriedly stood up to greet them.

Old Master Fu smiled and said, “Old Brother Qin, Fanya, Qingshan, take a seat.”

Old Master Qin smiled.

“Old Brother, congratulations.

Zhaoxiang, Ive finally seen your return.”

“Thank you for your concern, Uncle Qin.” Fu Zhaoxiang nodded.

“Uncle Fu, Grandpa is always thinking about you at home.

When I heard that you were coming home, I rushed here immediately because I wanted to see you safe and sound with my own eyes.

Now that Ive seen you, Im very happy too.” Qin Fanyas words were sincere.

Fu Zhaoxiang took another look at her and remembered that she had come to take care of Old Master Fu quite often.

Even if she didnt have any contributions, she had worked hard.

He nodded and said, “All these years, its all thanks to you for taking care of my fathers health.”

“Its what I should do.” Qin Fanya said humbly, “Uncle Fu, dont stand on ceremony.”

Old Master Fu waved his hand and said, “Sit down and talk.

No need for formalities.”

Butler Kang brought the tea over, and Old Master Qin drank a round of tea before going to the main topic.

“Brother, Zhaoxiangs illness is finally cured.

I heard that it was due to Dr.


“Sigh, the people outside are always making mistakes.


Jason has indeed helped a lot over the years, but this time, its not him, but Shi Jin.” Old Master Fu laughed.

Old Master Qin was just probing, but who knew that Old Master Fu really confirmed this matter.

He unconsciously twirled his beard.

Qin Fanya lowered her head as well.

A smile that did not seem to have any hidden meaning hung on her lips, as though she was mocking Shi Jin.

Han Qingshan asked directly, “Shi Jin Which laboratory is she working in Which teacher does she usually follow How long has she been studying in this direction How did she achieve such results”

Hearing his indignant tone, Old Master Fu placed the teacup on the table.

“Young man, if you have so many questions, you can go and check on them yourself.

I dont have any obligation to answer your questions.”

Han Qingshan blushed.

“Grandpa Fu, thats not what I meant.

I just thought it was weird.”

“Slandering people just because its weird” Old Master Fu was displeased.

Old Master Qin knew that he was the most protective, so he quickly said, “Qingshan is just too straightforward.

He didnt mean to question Shi Jin.

Old brother, dont be angry.

Actually, everyone also wants to know this question, so they are curious.”

“Then we have nothing to tell you.

Its up to you whether you believe it or not,” Old Master Fu replied domineeringly.

Fu Zhaoxiang took a sip of his tea, obviously agreeing with Old Master Fu.

Han Qingshan was used to being respected by everyone in Dr.

Jasons laboratory.

Even Old Master Qin had always supported him.

However, now Old Master Fu actually said that about him for Shi Jins sake.

So he looked extremely unhappy.

He said lightly, “Im not questioning anything.

Its just that Dr.

Jason is my mentors superior and a senior that I respect very much.

If his achievements are taken over by someone, I will have to say something if I cant stand it.

Otherwise, wouldnt I be a despicable person who doesnt respect his teacher”

“Eldest Senior Brother, dont say that.


Jasons research results can be arranged however he wants.

How can we interfere in his matters” Qin Fanya quickly persuaded.

Although her words were words of persuasion, her meaning was actually the same as Han Qingshans.

It was just that she was being tactful.

The other guests who were sitting at the side could not help, but react when they heard this.

They muttered to themselves, “Everyone said that Fu Zhaoxiang was cured by Shi Jin.

Now it seems like theres something fishy going on.”

“So Fu Xiuyuan gave the credit to her in order to build Shi Jins reputation Tsk tsk, Shi Jin is really pampered.

Even the other members of the Fu family acquiesced to this.”

“Whats everyone talking about” A crisp voice came from outside the door.

Everyone looked outside and saw Jiang Ning enter.

She asked curiously, “I think I heard someone talking about Shi Jin”

After she walked in, she greeted them very obediently, “Grandpa Fu, Uncle Fu, Grandpa Qin, how are you Are you saying that the medicine wasnt developed by Shi Jin But Shi Jin has always been very capable.

She even helped Doctor Zhu treat many of the Fu familys bodyguards, didnt she She usually likes to study medicinal herbs.

Its not surprising that she can treat illnesses, right”

“But Uncle Fus illness cant be cured by Shi Jin!” Han Qingshan refused to believe it.

“Thats because youre ignorant.

You cant blame others for being too capable!” Jiang Ning said.

“If it wasnt treated by Shi Jin, who do you think it was”

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