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“Eldest Senior Brother, is this a new drug from Dr.

Jasons lab Why didnt you tell me”

“I havent arrived at Dr.

Jasons side yet.

I havent been able to come into contact with his core research, so I really dont know.

However, he came back in such a hurry this time because something must have happened.

Now it seems that what happened was a good thing.

This trip wasnt in vain.” Han Qingshan was also very happy.

No matter what, this was a good thing.

Old Master Qin shook his head and said, “You are wrong.

The medicine was not provided by Dr.


It was Shi Jin.

The treatment method was also used by her.


Jason came back to verify it.”

Qin Fanyas face fell as a shadow appeared between her brows.

She looked at Old Master Qin with a puzzled expression.

Old Master Qin had heard the news over the phone with his own ears.

He had already confirmed it over the phone, so he couldnt have heard wrongly.

He nodded at Qin Fanya, indicating that he wasnt joking.

Han Qingshan was shocked.

He then shook his head and said, “Thats not possible! Weve been researching for so long but we havent come up with a good solution.

How is it possible for Shi Jin Furthermore, shes alone.

How did she research the medicine and come up with the treatment method Did she do it out of thin air”

When he said that, Old Master Qin also remembered and said, “Yeah, where did she conduct her research Not to mention that she doesnt have a research lab, I havent seen her do research in this area.”

The rock in Qin Fanyas heart was lifted.

She smiled and said, “Thats true.

I see Shi Jin going back and forth between the Jiang and Fang families every day.

I wonder where she got the time to study it.”

“Maybe, its just what the Fu family said.

After all, Shi Jin is the girl that Master Fu likes.

She has to have some kind of bright spot to be able to establish herself in the Fu family.” The butler at the side spoke for Old Master Qin.

His words made sense to Han Qingshan and Old Master Qin.

Qin Fanya had also figured this out.

This was most likely Fu Xiuyuans doing.

He had specially arranged such a huge contribution for Shi Jin.

Firstly, he wanted to let the people of Hong Kong know that the mistress of the Fu family was not a useless piece of trash.

Secondly, he wanted to please Fu Zhaoxiang and Qiu Xingmi.

And Dr.

Jason wasnt a man who loved to brag.

He probably didnt care what people said.

Just thinking about this, Qin Fanya felt jealous.

Fu Xiuyuan had gone so far for Shi Jin!

“No matter what, now that Fu Zhaoxiang has returned home, we should pay him a visit,” Old Master Qin said.

“Mm, Ill make some preparations then.

Well head over together when the time comes.” Qin Fanya indeed wanted to see how powerful this new medicine was.

When they heard that Fu Zhaoxiang had returned home from the Southern Courtyard, Qiu Heng and his parents rushed over to visit him.

This was the first time Father Qiu and Mother Qiu visited them after they moved to the Southern Courtyard.

Fu Zhaoxiang personally welcomed them and invited the three people from the Qiu family in.

“Zhaoxiang, we are relieved to see that you are fine,” Father Qiu said emotionally.

After not seeing each other for so many years, both of them had white hair at their temples.

They looked at each other and realized how much time had passed.

“Xingmi will be back quickly too.

Big brother, sister-in-law, dont worry,” Fu Zhaoxiang said calmly.

Father Qiu and Mother Qiu looked at each other and felt at ease.

They were also very grateful to Fu Zhaoxiang.

He knew that they wanted to ask about Qiu Xingmi, so he told them directly without waiting for them to say anything.

It could be seen that Fu Zhaoxiang was still as sincere towards Qiu Xingmi all these years.

“Brother, Sister-in-law…” Fu Zhaoxiang looked at Qiu Heng.

“Qiu Heng, please come in.”

The three of them came in together and saw Old Master Fu sitting on the sofa drinking tea.

There was a look of joy on his face and the three of them went up to exchange greetings.

Old Master Fu had a lot of grudges against Qiu Xingmi back then.

He felt that she was the one who wasted his sons life, so when Father Qiu and Mother Qiu were ostracized, he had also stood by and watched for a few years.

Now that he saw Father Qiu and Mother Qiu again, he felt that things had changed.

He called out, “Have a seat.

Were all family, theres no need to be reserved.”

The group sat down and talked about the illness.

Qiu Heng obviously couldnt sit still anymore, as if there was something urgent.

Old Master Fu said, “Qiu Heng, if youre busy with something, go do it.

You dont have to chat with me here.”

“Its nothing much.

I just heard that Uncles medicine was developed by Shi Jin.

I really want to ask her for advice.” Qiu Heng had sent Shi Jin a WeChat message, but she was too busy today so she didnt reply.

“Oh, then you can go to Doctor Zhus place to take a look.

Doctor Zhu has already dragged her away and wanted to ask her a question.” Old Master Fu couldnt help but smile kindly at the mention of Shi Jin.

“Ill go check on Doctor Zhu first.” Qiu Heng couldnt sit still anymore.

He stood up and left.

Mother Qiu smiled in embarrassment.

“Old Master, please dont take it to heart.

This child doesnt like anything.

He only likes to study his professional knowledge.”

“Its a good thing that the child likes to study.

Let him be.”

Qiu Heng went to Doctor Zhus side.

Shi Jin was indeed there and the two of them were chatting happily.

In the past, Doctor Zhu had only admired Shi Jin when it came to Chinese medicine.

He liked to consult her in this aspect, but now, Doctor Zhu trusted her with everything.

He really wished he could ask her all the questions he didnt know.

When he saw Qiu Heng walk in, he said, “Qiu Heng, dont disturb me.

I still need to ask Shi Jin two more questions.”

“Then Ill listen at the side.” Qiu Heng sat down humbly.

He sat there for quite a while, but Doctor Zhu was still not satisfied.

Qiu Heng realized that he had other things to do and couldnt stay any longer.

He stood up and said, “Shi Jin, Doctor Zhu, I still have something on.

Ill come back another day.”


You go first.”

“Doctor Zhu, I have to go back too.” Shi Jin took a look at the time.

“I still need to prepare a medicine when I go back.

I cant stay here for too long.”

Although Fu Zhaoxiang had come out of the Southern Courtyard, he still needed to take medicine to recuperate.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to fully recover his body, which had been damaged for a long time.

When Dr.

Zhu heard this, he had no choice, but to say, “Forget it for today.

When I have time in the future, Ill come and seek your guidance.”

“See you then.” Shi Jin walked out with Qiu Heng.

She took a look at her phone and apologized, “Cousin, Im sorry I didnt see your message just now.

Ill look into these two questions next time.”


Actually, I wanted to discuss it with you before telling a friend, but it doesnt matter.

It doesnt matter whether he knows or not.”

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