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“What about the happiness of being with me” Fu Xiuyuan was influenced by her emotions, and his tone became lighter.

“About ten thousand times”

With that, she was pulled into Fu Xiuyuans arms and wrapped in his embrace.

It was late at night when they returned to the Fu residence.

Upon the sight of the two of them, Butler Kang rushed forward.

“Young Master, Young Madam.”

“Mm.” Fu Xiuyuan handed him his jacket.

Butler Kang had just received it when he saw Old Master Fu walking down the stairs in his clothes.

“Old Master, why are you up” Butler Kang quickly helped him up.

“Wheres Dr.

Jason” Old Master Fu asked anxiously.

“Hes at the Southern Courtyard.

He didnt come over.”

“Old Master, you have waited for the whole night.

You should rest early.

Since Dr.

Jason is at the Southern Courtyard, he will not be able to come today.”

“Whats the situation at the Southern Courtyard” Old Master Fu asked Fu Xiuyuan.

“No news yet.

Well see tomorrow.”

Old Master Fu frowned.

“I thought they came all the way here to make some progress.”

“Lets wait until tomorrow.” Fu Xiuyuan did not give him hope directly.

Shi Jin got up early in the morning.

After washing up and having breakfast, she and Fu Xiuyuan headed straight to the Southern Courtyard.

When the two of them went in, they saw Dr.

Jason and Professor Lu recording something with serious expressions.


Jason, Professor Lu…” Although Shi Jin was confident about the results, she was still a little nervous when she saw their expressions.

“Shi Jin, you came at the right time.


Jason actually said that my deduction process can be omitted by three steps.

How can there be such a saying If this is omitted, many things will not be able to achieve a smooth outcome.” Professor Lu pointed at the paper as if he wanted Shi Jin to give him an explanation.

“I think it will work.” Dr.

Jason took a pen and paper and continued writing.

“Thats impossible.

If you dont believe me, ask Shi Jin and let her explain.”

“Sure,” Dr.

Jason said, still sticking to himself.

Shi Jin stopped the two who were about to start arguing.

“Doctors, I would like to ask, how was your observation last night How is the patient”

Only then did the two of them recall that that was Shi Jins main point.

Professor Lu was so excited that his face was a little red.

“Last night, Dr.

Jason and I stayed with Mr.

Fu for a night.

The situation was very good.

There were no problems with the various data.

You see, we have recorded all the data in detail.

This record sheet has a very important meaning and use for our subsequent research.”

“Indeed, it can provide a lot of evidence for our theory!” Dr.

Jason nodded in agreement.

“Then he should be able to go out” Shi Jin asked.


Jason, so I said that the data from last night can be improved upon.

Is that okay” Professor Lu changed the topic and returned to the professional question.

Shi Jin hurriedly grabbed Fu Xiuyuans hand and slipped away quietly.

“Shi Jin, why dont you tell us…” When Professor Lu wanted to seek Shi Jins opinion, he realized that the two of them were long gone.

Fu Xiuyuan followed behind Shi Jin.

His expression was calm, but intense emotions were surging in his eyes.

The two of them went to Fu Zhaoxiangs side.

Qiu Xingmi was locking herself in her room.

“You can go out first.

Shi Jin said that she can think of a way.

Since youre okay, I have a high chance of getting out too, right”

“If you dont go out now, youll be letting down all of Shi Jins hard work,” Qiu Xingmi said.


Dont let our son hate us.”

Fu Zhaoxiang steeled himself and turned around and walked out, just in time to see Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan rushing over.

“Dad, lets go,” Fu Xiuyuan said calmly.

“With Dr.

Jason here, Mom will definitely be fine for now.”

“Alright, lets go,” Fu Zhaoxiang said.

Fu Xiuyuan informed Butler Kang over the phone and asked him to inform Old Master Fu that Fu Zhaoxiang was going back.

Butler Kang dropped his phone in shock.

“Sir can really come back”

Realizing that Fu Xiuyuan wasnt joking, Butler Kang hurried to Old Master Fus side.

“Old Master, Sir is coming back.”

“Which Sir” Old Master Fu slowly sipped his tea.

Old Master Fus teacup fell to the ground with a clatter.

Ignoring the fact that the tea was hot, he stood up and grabbed Butler Kangs hand.

“Whats going on Did Dr.

Jason bring special medicine Is Xiuyuan picking him up”

“It should be.

Old Master, Young Master and Sir are not people who do things casually.

For Sir to be able to return, it must be because his illness is fine.

This is a joyous matter!”

“Thats great!” Old Master Fus face was filled with sorrow and regret instead of a smile.

Fu Zhaoxiang changed into a brand new suit.

His figure was similar to Fu Xiuyuans, and he maintained a good posture.

When he got into the car, he was not particularly emotional.

It was obvious that he was worried about Qiu Xingmi and could not help feeling a little worried.

He did not even have the mood to look at this world that he had not properly observed for many years.

The car stopped at the Fu residence.

Fu Xiuyuan got out of the car with Fu Zhaoxiang and Shi Jin.

When they saw Fu Zhaoxiang, a few servants recognized him and could not help, but be stunned.

There was obvious surprise and evasiveness in their eyes.

Only when they realized that they shouldnt do that did they barely stand still, but they still didnt dare go forward.

No one dared to take such a risk.

Fu Zhaoxiang had gotten used to such looks many years ago, so he didnt think much of it.

He just looked at the Fu family mansion and couldnt help feeling emotional.

Old Master Fu walked over with Butler Kangs help.

Looking at Old Master Fus aged face and fervent gaze, Fu Zhaoxiangs calm expression could not help being moved.

He walked over and said in a low voice, “Dad.”

“Youre finally back.” Old Master Fu was overwhelmed with emotions.

He had thought of many things to say, but this was the only thing he said.

“Your son is unfilial.” Fu Zhaoxiangs tone was heavy.

“Forget it, forget it.

Lets go in first.” Old Master Fu patted his sons shoulder.

“Sir, please come in!” Butler Kang welcomed him.

The family sat down in the living room.

Old Master Fus emotions gradually calmed down.

He personally picked up the teacup and poured a cup for Fu Zhaoxiang.

“Its all thanks to Dr.

Jason that you were able to come back.

There shouldnt be any problems with Xingmi, right”

“She should be fine, but…” Fu Zhaoxiang glanced at Shi Jin and said slowly, “This time, we did not use Dr.

Jasons medicine.”

“Whose is it then Other research labs”

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