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Old Master Qin waved his hand.

“Working together is flattering Fanya.

Its good enough to be able to enter the research team after a few more years in the laboratory.

When the time comes, it will be Fanyas fortune to even be able to be Dr.

Jasons assistant.”

“Hahaha, thats true, but no matter what, this is all smoke rising from the Qin familys ancestral grave.”

The main hall was filled with laughter when the butlers surprised voice came from outside.

“Old Master, Dr.

Jasons car is here!”

“Quick, quick, lets go out and welcome them!” Old Master Qin quickly stood up and said.

Qin Fanya also perked up.


Jason had come to the Qin family instead of the Fu family, so it was true that her research report had moved him.

The rest of the people also stood up and followed Old Master Qin and Qin Fanya to welcome the guests.

They walked to the door as a car stopped at the door.

Seeing that there was only one car, Old Master Qin paused for a moment, but still walked forward.

The butler stepped forward to help open the door.

The door opened and a young man stepped out.

Seeing that it was Han Qingshan, everyone knew that it must be Professor Xu and Dr.

Jason who would get out of the car next.

When Han Qingshan saw so many people coming to welcome him, he didnt feel that there was anything wrong with it.

He walked over and greeted, “Grandpa Qin, Fanya.”

There was no one else in the car.

Qin Fanya looked at the car and was puzzled.

The butler had already closed the door and the driver had started the car.

Old Master Qin couldnt help looking disappointed.

“Why are you alone”

“Its just me.

Didnt Fanya call me and ask me to come over for dinner”

“I mean, didnt Dr.

Jason and Professor Xu come back with you Why didnt they come with you Didnt I ask the butler to send a message to Professor Xu and arrange for a car to pick them up”

“Oh, its like this.

Grandpa Qin, Dr.

Jason and Professor Xu have all gone to the Southern Courtyard.

They dont need me there for the time being, so I came here first.”

“I see.” Grandpa Qin was a little disappointed, but it was understandable.

After all, the Fu family valued Dr.

Jason a lot.

The fact that Dr.

Jason went straight to the Southern Courtyard after he returned meant that he was concerned about the patient.

He was indeed a kind doctor.

Qin Fanya hid her disappointment and smiled.

“Welcome, Eldest Senior Brother.”

“Long time no see.

How have you been recently” Han Qingshan went forward to embrace Qin Fanya.

“Pretty good.

How have you been, Eldest Senior Brother”

“Lets go.

Lets go in first,” Old Master Qin said.

Han Qingshan followed them in.

Qin Fanya asked, “Then when will Dr.

Jason be free How long will he be staying at the Southern Courtyard”

“Im not too sure about that, but I can ask his assistant later and tell you the situation.”

“Okay, I actually want to talk to Dr.

Jason and ask him to give me some pointers on my new research project.”

“Then this is indeed a good opportunity,” Han Qingshan said.

“The research lab is indeed short of people.


Jason has always valued talents.

A talented girl like you will naturally be favored by him.”

“Okay, then I will have to trouble you to contact Dr.

Jason for me.”

This conversation washed away the disappointment of the Qin family.

“Oh right, Senior Brother, why didnt you stay at the Southern Courtyard to help”

“I have to go back to my alma mater to do some publicity, and I have to accept two interviews.

Professor Xu told me to do my own things first, and Ill meet up with them later.”

After discussing in detail with Dr.

Jason and Professor Lu, Shi Jin took out a syringe and said, “If this injection is administered, Dads infectious disease should be completely blocked.”

Professor Lu praised, “I initially thought that you would use traditional Chinese medicinal techniques, but I never expected that you would change your methods.”

“Whatever is useful should be used.”

“People always say to not deny a genius with strict standards, and thats the same with your methods.

Good, good!” Professor Lu agreed with her.


Jason looked grave.

“I dont think theres anything wrong with the drugs.

Use them.”

Fu Zhaoxiang extended his arm and passed it to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin injected him directly.

After the injection, she said, “If there is no reaction tonight, Dad should be able to move around freely in Hong Kong tomorrow.”

Fu Zhaoxiang was moved after hearing these words.

It had been more than twenty years.

He had accompanied Qiu Xingmi for so many years and had been living here ever since.

He could really go out without any burden.

Such a surprise was something he could not imagine before.

“What about your mothers side” Fu Zhaoxiang asked.

The first thing he asked was Qiu Xingmis condition.

Fu Xiuyuan looked at him indifferently and pinched his brows helplessly.

“I still need some time,” Shi Jin said.

“The snow has already melted.

Will spring be far away” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

Fu Zhaoxiang lowered his head.

Professor Lu smiled and said, “That makes sense.

However, since we can witness such a thing this time, we wont leave.

Shi Jin, well be watching you the whole time and waiting for you.”


Jason added, “Yes, we wont be leaving this time.

What kind of treatment do you have If you need any help, we will stay here.”

“Thank you, both of you.

I really need your help this time.” Shi Jin was sincerely grateful.

Qiu Xingmis condition was serious and she really needed someone experienced to help her.

“Its getting late.

Lets go back first.” Fu Xiuyuan tugged Shi Jin and said to Dr.

Jason, “Dr.

Jason, Professor Lu, Ive booked a hotel for you.

Well arrange for someone to accompany you.”

“You dont have to.

Ill stay here tonight,” Dr.

Jason said directly.

“I want to observe Fus reaction and record all the data.”

Fu Xiuyuan knew that people like them had a unique pursuit for data.

They hoped to have all the first-hand information, so he didnt force them.

He and Shi Jin walked out of the Southern Courtyard.

It was late at night and the evening breeze was chilly.

Fu Xiuyuan held Shi Jins hand and turned to look at her.

After being busy for such a long time, she did not look tired at all.

Instead, she was in high spirits and her eyes seemed to be filled with diamonds.

“Are you tired” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

“Not at all.” Shi Jin was still immersed in the joy of curing the illness.

Fu Xiuyuan reached out to stroke her hair.

A lot of things he wanted to say and express were contained in this action.

Shi Jin raised her head and looked into his eyes.

“Being able to treat a sick person is the happiest thing for me and also the most fulfilling thing.

To be able to treat the parents of the person I care about, the happiness is doubled, no, three times, four times, ten times, a hundred times!”

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