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Jason knew the man was Fu Xiuyuan.

The young lady looked unfamiliar.

Although she was tall, she still looked young.

It was unknown if she was even twenty years old.

Was this the doctor Fu Zhaoxiang was talking about


Jason found it hard to believe.

“Hubby, weve agreed that we cant be angry with Dad later.

His condition has just improved.

What if his condition worsens if youre angry at him”

“If he doesnt scold you, I wont be angry with him.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“You get angry with him, his condition worsens, Ill be the one suffering.

Dont you think that your anger is directed at me”

Seeing that Fu Xiuyuan did not say anything, Shi Jin smiled even more sweetly.

“Alright, I wont tease you anymore.

Its fine as long as you dont say anything when we get down to business later.”

“Shi Jin!” Fu Zhaoxiang smiled and said, “Come and meet Dr.


“Hello, Dr.

Jason.” Shi Jin, who was smiling sweetly beside Fu Xiuyuan, regained her composure the moment she saw an outsider.

If he had not seen her smile with his own eyes, it would be hard to believe that she could smile so sweetly.

At this moment, only the redness at the corner of her eyes confirmed that the smile that Dr.

Jason and Fu Zhaoxiang saw earlier was real.

It was also because of her aloofness that Dr.

Jason believed that she was a doctor who could produce such drugs.

His attitude changed from questioning to serious.

“Hello, Miss Shi.

I would like to discuss the drugs used on Fu with you.” Dr.

Jason was too curious and went straight to the point.

“Alright, what do you have to ask”


Jason had a lot of questions to ask and directly asked a few highly professional questions.

Shi Jins expression did not change as she answered directly.

For this period of time, she was the one who sent the medicine to the Southern Courtyard.

She could recite the data on the feedback report accurately to the two digits behind the decimal point.

The questions asked by Dr.

Jason were not difficult for her.

At first, Dr.

Jason was skeptical, but gradually, his expression became more serious.

In the end, he couldnt help but ask, “You dont have a research team behind you”

“Speaking of assistants, do people like Butler Kang and Fu Jiang count”

Fu Zhaoxiang explained their identities to Dr.



Jasons expression became even more serious.

He actually felt a little ashamed.

A little girl had solved so many problems that the team had not been able to solve for more than twenty years by herself.

He said, “Fu, I admit defeat this time.”


Jason, you dont have to blame yourself or feel guilty.

Ive actually read a lot of your research reports.

Your theories and papers have also provided me with a lot of inspiration and ideas for my medical skills.

I have to thank you for meeting me today.”

“Dont you specialize in ancient Chinese medicine”

“I learn whatever is useful.

However, what youve said is very true.

The main focus of this treatment is still ancient Chinese medicine.

Therefore, Im not fighting alone.

Behind me stands the blood, sweat, and essence of all the ancestors of S Nation over the past five thousand years.

Its precisely because Im standing on their shoulders that Im able to make such rapid progress in this disease.”

Shi Jins words made Dr.

Jasons face brighten up.

He clapped his hands and said with a smile, “Good, good.

I have lost to your five thousand years of medical history.

It is a glorious defeat!”

“The predecessors planted the tree so the descendents can stand in the shade.

Ive also benefited from it.”


Jasons impression of Shi Jin had changed from the initial doubt to full appreciation.

Her humble and critical attitude was especially refreshing even though she still looked cold and distant.

“Miss Shi, I wonder if we can have a good chat together in the future.

I have a lot of things to…”

“Discuss.” Shi Jin knew he was going to say “seek guidance,” but she disagreed with that term.

“My pleasure.”

She also had a lot to learn from Dr.


“Okay!” Dr.

Jason immediately stretched out his hand.

“Its settled then.”


Jason took out his phone.

“Lets add numbers.”

It had been a long time since Fu Zhaoxiang had seen Dr.

Jason take the initiative to add someone.

Shi Jin generously took out her phone and added Dr.

Jasons contact information.


Jason called over an old professor beside him.


Shi, this is Dr.

Lu from our research lab.

His research direction involves more things regarding ancient Chinese medicine.

For now, we should let him connect with you regarding the treatment.”


Jasons arrogance was replaced by sincerity.

“Okay.” Shi Jin nodded and added Professor Lus contact number.

Professor Lu was in his sixties, and he looked amiable.

“I didnt know that theres a kid that knows so much about ancient traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine.

Its been too long since Ive paid attention to this aspect.

This trip wasnt in vain.”

“You flatter me, Dr.



Lu, just call me by my name.” Shi Jin felt a little uncomfortable being addressed by these reputable big shots.

“Alright, then Ill call you by your name directly.

In this treatment, what are the medicinal herbs that you used” Dr.

Lu asked directly.

Old Master Qin was ready to entertain Dr.


“This time when Dr.

Jason is back, you must treat him well.

I heard that Professor Xu and Han Qingshan are back as well.

Get the butler to prepare the welcoming banquet.” As Old Master Qin arranged things, he asked Qin Fanya, “Have you invited the teachers and professors from the school”

Qin Fanya replied, “Theyve all been invited.

With them accompanying us, there shouldnt be any problems with the reception this time.”

“Thats good.

I wonder where Dr.

Jason and the rest have gone” Old Master Qin looked outside.

“Grandpa, its still early.

Dont worry.”

“Im not worried.

Anyway, youre here.

Oh yeah, have you prepared the research report for Dr.


“The initial draft has already been submitted.

I can hand the final draft directly to Dr.

Jason this time,” Qin Fanya said.

The elders of the Qin family who were standing at the side couldnt help but praise Qin Fanya when they heard his words, “Fanyas abilities are truly getting stronger and stronger.”

“Many people want to see Dr.

Jason, but our Fanya is about to become a researcher in his research lab.

She will have the chance to work with Dr.

Jason in the future.”

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