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“Can I just spare two days Anyway, Dr.

Jason wont let me be his assistant.

I dont know him well enough to cooperate with him.”

Professor Xu nodded and asked, “Are you going to visit Fanya this time”

“Of course I have to go.” Han Qingshan thought about how he was able to enter the United Nations Medical Laboratory.

Back then, Qin Fanya had given him one of her research results for free.

If not, he would be the one who couldnt enter.

On the surface, Qin Fanya did seem to have a pure heart and few desires towards these pursuits, but Han Qingshan also knew that her ambition was more towards the Fu Family than these.

“Go ahead then,” Professor Xu said and closed his eyes to rest.

After the plane landed in Hong Kong, Han Qingshan took a car to the Qin Family home, whereas Professor Xu and Dr.

Jason went straight to the Southern Courtyard.

Professor Xu was also curious.

What exactly was the situation with Fu Zhaoxiangs condition It was actually starting to be controlled and he had new skin.

This was really curious.

They soon arrived at the Southern Courtyard.

At that moment, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were sitting opposite Fu Zhaoxiang.

Fu Zhaoxiang didnt really mind his own condition.

Instead, he asked, “Can Xingmi start using this medicine”

“Not for the time being.” Shi Jin shook her head.

“Your condition is different.

You were infected by her and because you tried too many drugs, your condition is fundamentally different from hers.

The same drugs might not work and might even have serious side effects.”

Fu Zhaoxiangs face instantly turned serious as he asked, “Then when exactly can we give her medicine”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at him unhappily.

“Speak harshly to Shi Jin again.”

The father and son immediately fell into a tense atmosphere.

Fu Zhaoxiang was getting on in years and knew how to back down.

He took a step back under Shi Jins gaze.

“Forget it.

I know you still need some time.

I was too anxious.”

“We do need more time.

Dad, you cant rush this matter.”

“Weve waited for so many years.

Will a few more days matter” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

Seeing that the father and son had started again, Shi Jin hurriedly held Fu Xiuyuans arm and said, “Lets take a walk over there, dont say so much, Xiuyuan.

Anyway, I want to see what medicine is suitable.”

Fu Xiuyuan took a look at Fu Zhaoxiang and followed after Shi Jin.

On Fu Zhaoxiangs side, a servant walked over.

“Sir, Dr.

Jason is here.”

“Invite them in,” Fu Zhaoxiang said immediately.


Jason and the others had been here multiple times, and they knew how to keep themselves safe in the Southern Courtyard.

They all put on protective suits, and the group entered.

Fu Zhaoxiang walked over and said, “Dr.

Jason, youve worked hard.”

“Take off your clothes and show me,” Dr.

Jason said urgently.

Fu Zhaoxiang: “Lets go into the examination room first.”

The Southern Courtyard had a specialized examination room, so it was not troublesome.


Jason was already very anxious.

Professor Xu was beside him and also wanted to see it as soon as possible.

Fu Zhaoxiang took off his clothes, revealing his skin.

Because Dr.

Jason and the others had spent a lot of time on the plane, his skin was even better than what Dr.

Jason saw on the plane.

Moreover, the skin and flesh that had previously been terrifyingly bloody began to heal.

Skin problems had always been difficult to solve in the medical field.

Acne was the lightest case, and burns were on the more serious end.

All of these were extremely difficult problems for doctors.

The treatment methods varied from person to person, but it was very rare for the skin to heal to become smooth and flawless as a newborn.

However, Fu Zhaoxiangs skin had indeed healed.

This was an effect that no skin transplant surgery could achieve.


Jason looked grave and surprised, at the same time filled with interest and excitement about the new therapy.

After a round of examination, he looked at the data report and said, “Even the contagion has been reduced to the lowest level”

Fu Zhaoxiang nodded.


Hence, he had been talking to Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin for quite some time today.

The two of them did not take any protective measures because Shi Jin had already told him about this.

The others took the report and read it one by one.

They had participated in this research for many years and had never been optimistic about Fu Zhaoxiangs condition.

Although they had also successfully researched many other results, this matter was still a regret.

Now that Fu Zhaoxiang had recovered, everyone could not help feeling excited.

Professor Xu sighed repeatedly.


Fu, which medical lab did this Can we meet up with their team and have a detailed chat We can communicate with each other, so that we can further research.”

“Actually, this is the medicine my daughter-in-law gave me.” Fu Zhaoxiang looked proud when he mentioned Shi Jin.

“Your daughter-in-law” Professor Xu asked, “Who is that Is it Fanya”

He had been overseas for a long time and didnt have a clear understanding of the matters of love.

He only knew that Qin Fanya liked Fu Xiuyuan and knew that Qin Fanyas personal knowledge and abilities were sufficient for her to have such capabilities.

As Qin Fanyas teacher, Professor Xu could not help but feel proud.

“Its Shi Jin,” Fu Zhaoxiang said with a smile.

“She was the one who did the research.

She was also the one who gave us the medicine.

And it was within this month.”

“Shi Jin” Professor Xu suddenly remembered.

That Shi Jin who had a bad reputation and had been raised in someone elses family How was this possible

Besides, he had vaguely heard that Shi Jin was in the entertainment industry.

The barrier between that industry and the medical industry was probably as high as the Himalayas.

Was Fu Zhaoxiangs condition in his brain

Seeing his expression, Fu Zhaoxiang said, “Its up to you whether you believe it or not.

I dont want to make it public either.

After all, its been hard on her to help me treat my illness this time.

My son is about to fall out with me.

If you guys continue to publicize it and make it harder on her, Im guessing that before I leave the Southern Courtyard, my son will cut ties with me.”


Jason said to Professor Xu, “Professor Xu, I want you to study the list of drugs in detail and integrate all the medical records.

I want the curve data.”

Professor Xu really did not want to hear Fu Zhaoxiang brag, so he brought people and went off to work.

“Fu, tell me the truth.

I want to see this doctor right now.” Dr.

Jason and Fu Zhaoxiang were old friends, so he spoke more directly.

“Follow me.” Fu Zhaoxiang led Dr.

Jason over.

Before he could get close, Dr.

Jason heard a delicate young woman cooing to a tall man.

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