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Chapter 65: Is It Impossible to Recover Completely

Shi Jin had survived the repeated challenges and gained a lot of fans.

Although Yao Jiahong did not like her entirely, he was her talent agent, so he spoke to the production team to raise his displeasure about the problematic rules and bad planning.”

The production team promised never to do it again and would ensure the contestants were unable to take advantage of loopholes.

“It doesnt really matter if you cant fix the problems.

After all, Little Stone is more than capable of handling the challengers.”

The director looked awkward.

It was true that no other contestant could have handled it like her.

“Little Stone wont be joining your training sessions for the next few days.

She needs her rest.”

The director agreed.

Despite his disappointment, he could only give in.

Shi Jin was very popular right now and he wanted to do some extra filming of her doing interviews and other activities.


Shi Jin was ready to operate on Fu Heyans hands, but Shi Jin visited with Fu Xiuyuan once and got driven out by Fu Heyan.

Since she was unable to even see Fu Heyan in person, she could forget about operating on Fu Heyan.

She pondered and decided to show up in a disguise.

She worked on her disguise and quickly changed her appearance.

Her long black hair reaching down to her waist was hidden under a short bob wig.

She also put on some androgynous clothes to conceal her lovely figure.

It was not hard to change her appearance since makeup was already very advanced in this time and age.

Shi Jin had covered her scar and transformed into a slightly mature lady with short hair.

She deliberately made herself look more mature so that she could gain Fu Heyans trust.

She put on a white robe and the temporary employees pass before entering the hospital.

Fu Heyan sadly listened to the doctor talk.

Standing before her was the world-class surgeon from America, Richard.

He was usually a humorous man just like any other American, but he was speaking seriously as he explained the situation to Fu Heyan.

“Richard, is it impossible for the nerves in her hands to recover completely” Qin Sinian sounded anxious.

“Thats right.

She wont be able to do things that require great accuracy.

We were able to help regain her sense of touch and she is able to do basic movements.

It was the best possible outcome,” said Richard candidly.

The top surgeon in the country also agreed with his diagnosis.

They had already done their utmost to save her hands.

Fu Heyan did not move as she sat in a daze.

Qin Sinian was terribly worried, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Fu Xiuyuan stood by the side.

“Is there anything else we can try”

“No, there isnt anything else you can do.” Richard was an internationally acclaimed surgeon.

If he said nothing else could be done, it was probably true.

“Can you leave first” said Fu Heyan finally.

Qin Sinian was worried.

“I will stay with you.”

He was worried his wife might do something foolish.

She was born with everything she could want and was a proud woman, so he was afraid she might take the diagnosis badly.

“I dont need your company.

I just need some space.” Fu Heyans face looked ashen and her voice was so hoarse that she could barely speak.

All her hopes were dashed.

She could not accept her fate.

Fu Heyan was in her early thirties and at the peak of her career.

She had so many plans for the future.

She wanted to participate in international competitions, become a judge, come in champion and perform piano… Everything was over for her.

Just as Qin Sinian was about to turn and leave, he noticed something glinting in her other hand.

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