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Realizing the situation, Dr.

Jason was shocked.

“Fu, is that Chinese medicine really useful”

“I dont know if its of any use, but this is the result.” Fu Zhaoxiang was as calm as ever.

There was a hint of surprise in his calmness that couldnt be concealed.

“Oh my god!” Dr.

Jason stood up and said, “Assistant, book me a ticket to Hong Kong immediately!”

Fu Zhaoxiang looked at Dr.

Jasons eagerness and had more hope for this treatment.

Old Master Qin was overjoyed when he heard that Dr.

Jason was coming to Hong Kong.

“Is the news accurate Fanya” Old Master Qin asked.

Qin Fanya said, “Yes, my senior brother Han Qingshan told me himself.

He is now an assistant researcher in the United Nations Medical Laboratory.

Although he did not contact Dr.

Jason directly, the news is very accurate.

I heard that this time, he even applied to come back with Dr.


“It must be the research report you gave him that moved him!” Old Master Qin was elated.

He twirled his beard and said, “Fanya, youve really brought glory to Grandpa.”

Qin Fanya didnt expect her research report to be able to move Dr.


She was indeed very satisfied with her report this time.

She had also asked a few industry big shots to take a look at it.

After the big shots finished reading it, they unanimously agreed that there was no need for any embellishment.

It had already reached a very high level.

However, Qin Fanya still did not expect it to cause Dr.

Jason to come personally.

Her heart was racing, but she maintained a faint smile on her face, as if this was already within her expectations.


Jason hasnt been to Hong Kong in years, has he” Grandpa Qin said to the butler beside him with a smile.

“Go and prepare to welcome him.”

Qin Fanya, who was sitting at the side, smiled and said, “Back then, I was indebted to Dr.

Jason for not rejecting me.

He even gave me quite a lot of pointers.

This genetic research project is also led by him.

My mentor, Professor Xu, is also working under him.

Its really great to be able to meet him in person.”

“Yes, you should learn from him.

I wonder what else he wants to do in Hong Kong besides your research report”

Old Master Qin still felt that a research report was not enough to achieve such an effect.

Qin Fanya thought so too.

She was just applying for a researcher position, it should not be enough to get Jason to come, right

“Could it be that Fu Zhaoxiangs illness has some new research results” Old Master Qin pondered and said, “Its been so many years.

Could it be that he really found a cure”

“The treatment for that illness is too difficult.

The other research institutes have given up on it, only Dr.

Jason is still persisting,” Qin Fan said.

“However, even if the medicine is developed, it wouldnt be of much use to this world.

After all, only seven such cases have been discovered so far.

The other six cases couldnt last much longer…”

Qin Fanya did not say the word “suicide.”

The Fu Family was the only family that could afford to spend so much money to protect Fu Zhaoxiang and Qiu Xingmi, and even invest so much money to research drugs.

However, no matter what, she was part of the reason Dr.

Jason came.

That was enough.

Old Master Fu was also shocked.


Jason is coming” He stood up.

“Did Zhaoxiangs condition improve”

Butler Kang quickly said, “I havent heard anything strange happening in the Southern Courtyard recently.

Maybe Dr.

Jason is just here to take a look as per normal.”

He did not dare to be too confident, afraid that he would disappoint the Old Master.

“Sigh, thats true.” Old Master Fu sat down, a helpless expression on his face.

“After all, its been so many years.

If there were any new developments, it would have happened long ago.

Zhaoxiang… the best age in his life has been spent following Xingmi in there, betting his entire life on that relationship.

Thats why I always say: If only there was no love in this world.”

Butler Kang did not dare to reply.

Because of this, the Old Master and Old Madam had quarreled countless times.

Now, they were living separately and did not want to see each other.

“Old Master, I also heard that Dr.

Jason is here to see Miss Qin,” Butler Kang said.

“Meet Fanya Thats right.

Fanyas ability is getting more and more outstanding.

Her teacher and senior brother are both working in the United Nations Medical Laboratory.

It wont be difficult for her to get in.”

“Thats right.

Speaking of which, Miss Qin is really amazing in this aspect.

She also holds a position in the International Ancient Chinese Medicine Hospital and was able to gain Dr.

Jasons favor.

Its really impressive.” Although Butler Kang had wholeheartedly acknowledged Shi Jin as the Young Madam, he couldnt help admiring Qin Fanya when he mentioned her.

Old Master Fu said, “No matter what, lets arrange to receive Dr.

Jason first.”


Jason and the others boarded the plane together.

After they boarded the plane, Dr.

Jason said to his assistant, “Give me a cup of coffee.”

“Professor, youve been working for more than 30 hours.

You should rest,” the assistant advised.

“Did I ask you to follow me to serve me, or to manage me”

The assistant had no choice, but to get him coffee.

What was placed in front of Dr.

Jason were Fu Zhaoxiangs recent medical cases and drug test reports.

For the first time in his life, he was lost in thought as he faced these pictures of the wondrous eastern flora and fauna he used to despise.

Ancient Chinese medicine wasnt completely useless.

At the very least, it was ranked among the top in the world.

However, according to what Dr.

Jason knew, all the better talents in ancient Chinese medicine were included in the list.

Over the years, there was no progress in Fu Zhaoxiangs condition.

The person who came up with this treatment was really surprising.

What kind of team and equipment did they have to control Fu Zhaoxiangs condition

Not far away from Dr.

Jason were Professor Xu and Han Qingshan.

Professor Xu had worked for Dr.

Jason for many years as an assistant.

Han Qingshan, on the other hand, had just joined the team for less than a year and was not qualified to study and research under Dr.


He was just doing some external support work.

Even so, because of this, Han Qingshan was as famous as Qin Fanya in Hong Kong.

They had heard that he was returning to Hong Kong from the United Nations Medical Laboratory.

The various media outlets and hospitals in Hong Kong were already on the lookout for him, making appointments for his time, arranging interviews and special lectures.

Professor Xu saw that Han Qingshan had been replying on WeChat and said earnestly, “This time, you should prioritize Dr.

Jasons schedule.

As for your side, its best if you dont have other plans.”

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