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“Thats fine too.” From his words, Shi Jin had also gained a lot of inspiration today.

Medical research was interconnected.

After mastering it, no matter what one did, there would be progress.

“Right, cousin, what are you doing now Which teacher are you following”

“Recently, my research project is about the unconventional division of genetics, following Professor Chang Hai.

Shi Jin, if you want to do this research, I can introduce Professor Chang to you.

He will be very happy to accept you.

However, you are still a university student.

He might be a little strict with you.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Thanks, but I dont have the time for that, so Ill pass.”

It was mainly because Chang Hais ability might not be enough able to teach her.

Moreover, with Qiu Hengs current ability, it probably is getting a little difficult for Chang Hai to guide him too.

“If thats the case, then forget it.

Thats true.

After all, you still have other work to do.

Youre quite busy.”

“Cousin, why didnt you apply for a better research lab From what I know, although Professor Chang is quite capable, his research team is actually a bit…”

Shi Jin didnt know how to phrase it.

In short, it was a little weak.

Qiu Heng smiled.

“Ive already applied.

Ive applied for it before, but I didnt pass.

If I have the opportunity, Id like to go to the United Nations Medical Laboratory.”

“Mm.” Shi Jin nodded.

So he wanted to go there.

The screening of personnel over there was a little strict.

It was indeed not easy to get in.

However, with Qiu Hengs ability, it was only a matter of time.

Qiu Heng walked out of the door.

His thin-rimmed glasses couldnt hide the brightness in his eyes.

Even his footsteps were light.

When he reached the door, he bumped into Fu Xiuyuan who had just returned.

Fu Xiuyuan tilted his head and looked outside.

When he saw Qiu Heng, he asked the driver to stop the car.

The car stopped in front of Qiu Heng.

Qiu Heng paused.

He fixed his eyes on the opened car door and saw Fu Xiuyuan getting out.

He smiled.


“Cousin.” Fu Xiuyuan enunciated heavily.

“Are you here to look for Shi Jin”

“Yes, I discussed some academic matters with her.”

Fu Xiuyuan sized him up and suddenly felt that it was meaningless to argue with such a nerd.

The faint hostility on his body instantly dissipated.

“I wont see you out.”

“No need, no need.

You can do what you need to do.” Qiu Heng was still immersed in the conversation, so he didnt notice that Fu Xiuyuan had suddenly become jealous.

When Fu Xiuyuan entered, Shi Jin had put the manuscript on the coffee table away.

When she saw him, a soft and adorable smile appeared on her cold face.

After getting to know Shi Jin, Fu Xiuyuan finally understood what it meant to have flowers bloom from a smile.

As for that smile, it had always belonged to him, and only existed for him.

The last bit of jealousy in Fu Xiuyuans heart dissipated as he walked towards Shi Jin.

“Did you see Cousin He just left.”

“I dont want to look at him.” Fu Xiuyuan moved closer to her.

“It wasnt enough that he sent flowers and plants, why did he have to come personally”

Shi Jin could smell the faint smell of jealousy.

She could not help, but purse her lips and smile.

“Who cares why hes here Anyway, Im waiting for my husband to get off work.

Hubby, youve worked hard.

Ill give you a massage.”

The lines on his face became more relaxed.

He pulled her into his embrace and whispered into her ear, “Then lets go massage in the bedroom.”

His voice was so low that only his breath could be heard.

It was ambiguous and lingering.

That night, Qiu Heng sent his application to the United Nations Medical Laboratory to Shi Jin on WeChat.

“Shi Jin, if youre free, can you help me take a look”

Shi Jin was already asleep.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at the message and replied, “Shes asleep.

Whatever you have to say, leave it for tomorrow.

No need to reply.”

Qiu Heng glanced at the message and realized that it was Fu Xiuyuan.

He suddenly remembered that Shi Jin was already married.

How would she have the time to discuss such a question with him in the middle of the night

He typed out a line of apology, then saw that Fu Xiuyuan said not to reply, so he could only delete it and put down the phone.

It turned out that he could even eat dog food through the phone.

Shi Jin only saw his thesis the next day.

She read it once and found that it was quite ingenious.

Many of the ideas were novel, and they were supported by theories and had practical value.

Shi Jin: “Youre doing this research for your aunt, right”

Qiu Heng immediately replied, “Yes and no.

My uncle supports several medical laboratories.

Everyone is actually researching their illness while doing other things.”

Shi Jin said, “Theres nothing wrong with this.

Thats strange.

They didnt pass you”

Shi Jins tone was too matter-of-fact.

Qiu Heng couldnt help but send a smiley emoji.

“Im not at the stage where Im guaranteed selection by the United Nations Medical Laboratory.”

Shi Jin said, “That means their judgment was wrong.”

She had read the research papers of other people in the United Nations Medical Laboratory.

Qiu Heng was definitely one of the best.

Qiu Heng: “Thank you for comforting me.”

Shi Jin: “Then why did you apply this time”

Qiu Heng: “I changed the topic and want to apply again!”

She found it strange that the United Nations Medical Laboratory had such high expectations.

However, Shi Jin could not find out the reason directly either.

She put this matter aside and continued her research on Fu Zhaoxiang and Qiu Xingmi.

That was her top priority now.

She considered sending medicine to the Southern Courtyard.

United Nations Medical Laboratory.

When Professor Jason heard that Fu Zhaoxiang had casually taken the medicine, he was shocked beyond words.

“Fu, how can you drink medicine so casually! Have you forgotten the lesson of casually drinking the so-called ancient Chinese medicine from your side that caused your condition to worsen When all the medicine is developed, we need to conduct animal experiments first, then let the patient test the medicine before we can use it on you!”

Over the past twenty years, Professor Jason had been working hard on Fu Zhaoxiangs condition.

However, all these years, he had developed many medicines to treat small illnesses, but he had never solved this problem.

Obviously, Fu Zhaoxiang would only increase the difficulty of his research and delay the project by randomly drinking medicine.

When the others heard that Fu Zhaoxiang was drinking Chinese medicine like he did many years ago, they couldnt help shaking their heads.

“Please send me your detailed physical report immediately,” Professor Jason said.

Fu Zhaoxiang chose a few photos and sent them out.

Professor Jason received the photo and clicked it open.

It was a photo of Fu Zhaoxiangs body.

It was different from the terrifying skin scraps that covered his body in the past.

Now, the scary things on his body were gradually falling off and new skin was clearly covering his entire body.

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