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Qin Fanya also found it boring and stood up to leave.

Jiang Ning calmly stayed behind and continued to drink and chat with her friends.

However, she did not see the jealousy and hatred in Jiang Qingsongs eyes behind her.

Jiang Ning went back and told Shi Jin about this.

On the other end of the phone, Shi Jin was amused.

“Dont you think its a little pointless to argue with people like that”

“Is it pointless I think I look really cool when I fight for justice!”

“Yes, youre very cool! But its a waste of saliva!” Shi Jin could not help shaking her head with a smile.

Her cold eyes looked especially charming because of the smile.

“I can produce more saliva.

I just cant stand looking at Qin Fanya and her group of so-called best friends.

In fact, they are basically lackeys and boot-lickers.

Besides, Ive wanted to scold Jiang Yiqian for a long time.

Who does she think she is How dare she call herself a member of the Jiang family and call my grandpa her grandpa”

“Oh, so youre using your position to take revenge for your personal grudge” Shi Jin asked.

“Hahaha, youve seen through me.

Lets not talk about it anymore.

My grandfather asked me to look at the reports.

I really have a headache now.

Ill talk to you later.”

“Go ahead.” Shi Jin put down her phone.

Butler Kang walked over.

“Young Madam, Young Master Qiu Heng sent this over.”

“What is it” Shi Jin looked at the huge gift box and felt strange.

Her relationship with Qiu Heng didnt seem good enough for him to give her a gift.

“Why dont you open it and take a look” Butler Kang said.

“Yes.” Shi Jin noticed that the gift box was not wrapped up on purpose.

It was obvious that it was for convenience.

If it was something she could not accept, she would return it to him later.

Butler Kang opened the door and was surprised to see a few pots of flowers.

“My, this is…”

Shi Jin could tell at a glance that these plants were rare Chinese herbs.

Due to the climate and dimension of Hong Kong, it was easy to produce such herbs.

However, due to modern development, natural herbs were rarely seen.

It was rare to see such a plant grown.

“Ill accept it.” Shi Jin fiddled with a leaf, unable to bring herself to return it.

Butler Kang had probably guessed that it was not some ordinary kind of flower, but something useful.

He quickly asked, “Then how do we raise it Do we need to put it in a special place”

“Place it in a spot with good ventilation and water it three times a day.

Theres no need to water it thoroughly.

Just wet the soil.”

After accepting such a huge gift, Shi Jin couldnt pretend that nothing had happened.

She turned and asked Butler Kang for Qiu Hengs contact number and added him on WeChat.

Qiu Heng was filling in a form at home.

When he saw Shi Jins name, he clickedaccept.

Shi Jin said, “Cousin, is it I saw the Chinese medicine you sent over.

Thank you.”

Qiu Heng: “If you want to thank someone, why dont you thank Dr.


Qiu Heng: “I promised to give it to him after planting it, but he said that its useless to him.

He doesnt know what to do with it, so he asked me to give it to you.”

Qiu Heng: “This was a gift from a friend.

I dont understand it myself, so its useless to keep it.”

Shi Jin replied, “Alright, thank you.

Ill thank Doctor Zhu later too.”

Qiu Heng: “Yeah, its fine.

Dont worry about it.”

He put down his phone and heard a servant come to the door.

“Young Master, Miss Qin is here.”

“Ill be right down.” Qiu Heng closed the file, picked up his phone, and walked downstairs.

Qin Fanya was already seated on the sofa, waiting.

She had an upright bearing and was dressed very elegantly.

Her long hair was slightly curled and she looked capable and mature.

Qiu Heng walked down the stairs.

Qin Fanya smiled and said, “Are you busy with your research”

“Well, the most recent research project has been a bit difficult.”

“Do you want to discuss it together” Qin Fanya asked.

“Not for now.

I want to think about it myself.” Qiu Heng looked at her with interest.

“Everyone says that my brain is good, but when it comes to your brain, theres nothing to compare.

Youre researching Chinese medicine, Chinese herbs, and the future direction of gene development.

I cant compare to you.”

Qin Fanya smiled.

“My research is too complicated.

In the end, Im not as dedicated as you.”

Her humble attitude made Qiu Heng smile even wider.

“Oh right, Qiu Heng, about the Chinese herbs you mentioned to me before, are you still planting them” Qin Fanya asked.

“You mean the ones my teacher gave me some time ago”

“Unfortunately, I just gave it away.”

Qin Fanya looked disappointed.

Qiu Heng was also a little regretful.

“Last time I asked you, you said you didnt need it.

I thought that it would be a waste if I kept it.

Coincidentally, a friend of mine was researching this, so I got someone to send it over.

To be honest, Im really afraid that I might accidentally raise these precious Chinese herbs to death.

Wouldnt that be a sin”

“Tell you what.

Ill ask my teacher sometime and see if theres more.”

“Mm, its fine even if you dont have it.” Qin Fanya suddenly thought of researching this.

Having been crushed by Shi Jin in this aspect recently, a strong sense of crisis arose in her heart.

In the past, she had always relied on her extraordinary talent to gain knowledge in all aspects.

She had always been fearless, but Shi Jins existence made her feel threatened.

Seeing that she was a little disappointed, Qiu Heng couldnt bear it and softened his voice.

“Ill try my best to help you find it.

If it really doesnt work out, Ill go back and look for that friend to ask for some of it.

Im sure she wont mind.”

“Alright,” Qin Fanya agreed readily.

“Do you have any urgent use for these”

“Its not urgent.

Im applying for the position of a researcher with Professor Jason.

I want to do some research.”

“Professor Jason! You have to prepare well.” Qiu Heng was filled with respect and admiration.

Professor Jasons research lab was the worlds top medical research lab.

Not only was it conducting advanced genetic research, but it was also cooperating with the Fu family.

People in this field had a strong desire to enter this research lab.

Even Qiu Heng was no exception.

However, Qiu Heng had applied and failed.

“Is there anything else I can help with” Qiu Heng asked.

Qin Fanya shook her head lightly.

“Not yet.

If there is, I will trouble you again.”

Actually, she had already prepared herself.

She didnt need anyones help.

Moreover, Qiu Heng might not be able to help her.

After finishing her business, she did not stay for long and left.

When she reached the door, she saw Butler Kang of the Fu Family standing there, so she greeted him gently, “Butler Kang.”

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