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Hearing Jiang Yiqians words, someone beside her couldnt help but ask, “Isnt that treatment Shi Jins Why did I hear from my grandfather that Shi Jin was the one who suggested it The doctor proved it too.

Back then, many people praised her.”

“Thats not true at all, okay Dont you guys know that she has a friend whos a doctor That doctor was the one who performed my grandfathers surgery back then How could Shi Jin be so shameless to use her friends belongings as her own!” Jiang Yiqian pouted.

“Shi Jin really likes to flatter herself.”

“Thats right.

In order to be worthy of Master Fu, one naturally needs to have something on their face to be able to do it.”

“I originally thought that she really had something, but it seems like she was just boasting.”

The people around them started whispering.

Qin Fanya held her wine cup and remained silent, but she agreed with these discussions.

Then, everyone started talking about Qin Fanya.

“Even if Shi Jin really came up with that treatment method, its nothing much.

What Fanya is researching now is human genetic engineering, the light of the future of human technology!”

“Thats right.

How can those old things Shi Jin is studying be compared to Fanya”

“Thats right! Fanya, youre going to come up with another world-shaking research project this time, arent you I heard that youre going to use Traditional Chinese Medicine to assist international big names in research.

This is really amazing.

Can you share it with us”

Jiang Yiqian waved her hand.

“What are you guys trying to find out This is a highly confidential study.

Even if its not confidential, what can you guys understand even if Fanya tells you If you want to learn any medical skills, go learn from Shi Jin!”

“What nonsense are you talking about” Jiang Ning walked over with a glass of red wine in her hand.

There were many people around her.

As the heiress of the Jiang Family, Jiang Nings status could not be compared to someone irrelevant like Jiang Yiqian.

Her arrogant attitude made Jiang Yiqians eyes turn red.

She stood up and said, “We were just talking about Shi Jin and Fanya.

We didnt get in your way, did we”

“Continue then.

I want to know what it is!” Jiang Ning walked over with a smile on her face.

Jiang Yiqian said loudly, “I said that Shi Jin was fishing for fame and used her friends stuff as her own.

She even bragged about it to everyone in Hong Kong.

Is there anything wrong with that I also said that Shi Jins research is nothing compared to Fanyas.”

Just as she finished speaking, the red wine in Jiang Nings hand suddenly splashed onto her face, piercing into her eyes.

Jiang Yiqian exclaimed, “Jiang Ning, what are you doing!”

“I cant stand you, so I splashed wine on you.” Jiang Nings tone was still smiling.

“Cant I”

“Let me give you a piece of advice.

Dont spout nonsense if you dont know anything.

Shi Jins treatment is her own.

It doesnt belong to anyone else, and its even more forbidden for you guys to gossip about it!”

Wiping the red wine off her face, Jiang Yiqian said awkwardly, “Were just telling the truth!”

“Alright then, feel free to talk about it.

Next time, dont go looking for Doctor Zhu to impart the experience to your family!”

Instantly, many people stopped talking.

These people more or less had a group of bodyguards at home.

If they were injured, they naturally needed treatment.

They still had to rely on Doctor Zhu, and behind Doctor Zhu was Shi Jin.

“Jiang Ning, youre splashing wine on me.

Apologize to me!” Jiang Yiqian yelled in exasperation.

“You havent apologized to Shi Jin for your nonsense.” Jiang Ning held the empty wine glass and looked calm.

“Ill tell Grandpa!” Jiang Yiqian hollered angrily.

Jiang Ning crossed her arms and looked at her in amusement.

“Grandfather Thats my grandfather, not yours.”

Someone at the side stepped out to smooth things over.

“Alright, Jiang Ning, were all brothers and sisters, so cut it out.

Your behavior of splashing wine is indeed not good.

Apologize to Qianqian!”

Jiang Ning glanced at the person who spoke.

It was Jiang Qingsong, her cousin.

His father and her father were biological brothers, and he was much closer to her than Jiang Yiqian was.

However, in the two generations of the Jiang familys younger generation, there wasnt a single person who could do anything.

They couldnt manage company affairs, but they were quite good at minding other peoples business.

“Why doesnt she apologize first” Jiang Ning said coldly.

“At the very least, her words didnt cause any real harm.

You splashing wine on her is different.” Jiang Qingsong stood up, putting on what he thought was a fair attitude.

“Ha, thats funny.

To spread rumors about others in public and spout nonsense, isnt that considered harmful Then if I call you trash, thats not harmful either” Jiang Ning asked.

Jiang Qingsong was so angry that his face turned green.

The two generations of the Jiang family were not very good.

Everything was handled by Old Master Jiang alone, and he, Jiang Qingsong, was considered the worst of the worst.

The people outside secretly called him trash behind his back.

Therefore, Old Master Jiang and Old Madam Jiang would rather pamper Jiang Ning alone than give him a chance.

Now that Old Master Jiangs condition had improved, Jiang Ning was the first to take over the management of the company.

As a man of the family, he was actually inferior to his female cousin.

He was already upset with Jiang Ning, and he had indeed sided with Jiang Yiqian.

Now that Jiang Ning had called him trash, how could he not be angry

“Jiang Ning, dont go overboard!”

“How am I going overboard Didnt you say that words wont cause any substantial harm So what if I call you trash Even trash can be considered a loving nickname.” Jiang Ning didnt pamper him and said whatever hurt his heart.

Jiang Qingsongs expression was so ugly that no one could look straight at him.

Qin Fanya saw that the cousins were causing such a huge ruckus and said calmly, “If you want to fight, go back and fight.

Arent you embarrassing your family in public”

“What does that have to do with you” Jiang Ning rolled her eyes at her.

Jiang Qingsong also realized that arguing with a woman in public was a very embarrassing thing.

He immediately shut up and turned to Jiang Yiqian.

“Go and change your clothes.

Stop arguing with Jiang Ning.

You cant win anyway.”

Jiang Ning said loudly to the crowd, “Im not here to argue with you.

I just want to say that if theres no evidence, dont talk nonsense and dont talk too much about it.

Everyone better believe the truth and not make up baseless rumors.”

Jiang Yiqian added, “Alright, since youre so protective of Shi Jin, Id like to see what other tricks she has up her sleeves! Now that shes bragging so much, dont embarrass yourself in the future!”

Everyone discussed for a while before dispersing.

Jiang Yiqian ran to the washroom to clean up.

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