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After he sighed, the topic returned to the previous topic.

He continued to talk to Shi Jin about the treatment and herbal medicine.

After the conversation, Shi Jin bade Doctor Zhu farewell and walked out.

Upon hearing Qiu Hengs voice, Shi Jin turned around and saw that he had not left.

Shi Jin had been with Doctor Zhu for almost two hours and he had been waiting for two hours

“Is anything the matter” Shi Jin asked.

“Its nothing much.

I just wanted to ask if my aunt is doing well.

I wanted to visit her previously, but she rejected me.

My parents are very concerned about her and want to know if shes doing well.

She only reports good news every time, so we dont know the details.”

When Shi Jin heard that, she knew that the aunt he was talking about was Qiu Xingmi.

She was curious.

“How did you know I went to see your aunt”

“Ive always been paying attention to Aunties situation.

I know whether you guys went or not.”

“Dont worry, shes not doing bad.

With your uncle by her side, it wont be a problem.”

“Thats good.” Qiu Heng smiled.

“Ill be able to answer to my parents when I get back.

Oh right, I heard youre studying medicine”

“Yes, I learned a little.”

“I heard from Doctor Zhu that you have done a lot of research on Chinese medicine, especially in terms of medicinal ingredients.” Qiu Heng thought for a moment and said, “Its a pity that I dont have much research in this area.

However, my teacher knows Du Xian.

If theres a chance, Ill ask him to introduce you.”

Shi Jin could not help but laugh.

Why did someone mention Eldest Senior Brother again

However, seeing Qiu Hengs sincere attitude, she didnt reveal anything.

She just said, “Thank you.”

After Qiu Heng left, Shi Jin returned to the Fu family.

Regarding the new treatment proposed by Shi Jin, Qin Fanya went to study it.

After reading it, she had to admit that the treatment was indeed more comprehensive and exquisite than she had imagined.

However, she did not study this treatment seriously back then.

When Dr.

Zhu came to look for her, she was indeed a little perfunctory.

After all, she was really busy.

How would she have the time to treat some bodyguards old injuries

If the bodyguards were injured, they could just change them.

Isnt that easier than coming up with a treatment

Jiang Yiqian, who was standing beside her, was still talking.

“Fanya, how could Shi Jin be better than you She must have learned that treatment from that Dr.


Jiang Yiqian was also a member of the Jiang Family.

Her grandfather and Old Master Jiang were brothers, and they used to be famous in Hong Kong.

However, after her grandfather passed away, her branch completely declined.

Fortunately, Old Mr.

Jiang was loyal and did not do anything to her.

He even tried his best to support her as his great-niece.

Jiang Yiqians life was rather comfortable now, but it was still lacking compared to her previous wealth.

Qin Fanya replied indifferently, “Its just a small treatment.

It doesnt matter much.”

Jiang Yiqian smiled and said, “Yeah, theyre nothing to you.

Only they would consider this as important.

What youre researching is the most important thing.

I heard that youve been working hard on human genetic engineering recently.

Shi Jin is nothing compared to you.”

Qin Fanya smiled.

“Every ruler has inches and centimeters.”

“Youre too humble! Many hospitals are waiting for your research! What youve created can benefit all mankind! Shi Jins research is just a small matter.”

“Youre just sweet-talking.” After hearing her words, Qin Fanyas mood was indeed much better.

“Come, lets drink! Its time for you to relax!” Jiang Yiqian pulled Qin Fanya out.

Qin Fanya stood up and left with Jiang Yiqian.

She really needed to relax.

What had happened recently was giving her a headache.

This was a high end bar, so the music wasnt loud enough to cause a headache.

Jiang Yiqian ordered a glass of alcohol that wasnt too strong for Qin Fanya before sitting down.

Many people around them were rich second-generation heirs and daughters of prestigious families in Hong Kong.

When they heard that Qin Fanya was here, they all greeted her politely.

Qin Fanya had a calm expression on her face, but she didnt reject anyone who came to offer her a toast.

Although she only dipped her lips into the wine glass and didnt drink much, there was no lack of etiquette.

One could tell that she did not dislike such social interactions.

Moments later, the waiter brought over various fruit platters and wine.

“Miss Qin, this is the fruit platter sent by the Chang familys second young master.”

“Miss Qin, this is the wine that the Liang familys eldest daughter sent.”

“Miss Qin, our boss said that the bill for your table is already on his tab.”

“How can I accept this” Qin Fanya looked at the bill and put it down again.

“Our boss said that its already an honor for you to be here.

If it wasnt for the fact that he cant fly over now, he would have come personally to toast you.”

The waiter left after seeing that Qin Fanya had no other instructions.

In Hong Kong, wherever Qin Fanya went, everyone would bow down to her and place her on a pedestal.

Jiang Yiqian smiled and said, “Fanya, every time I come out with you, I feel the difference between worlds.

I really like going out with you.”

“In that case, you can settle all these things.” Qin Fanya raised her chin and looked at the high-end fruit and wine dishes on the table.

“Hahaha, then Ill take the wine away!”

As Jiang Yiqian was speaking, she heard a voice coming from afar.

“Shi Jin, are you really not coming”

From the sound of it, it should be Jiang Ning.

She had asked Shi Jin out for a drink and seemed to have been rejected.

“Arent you tired from studying herbs and stuff at home every day” Jiang Ning rolled her eyes at her phone.

“Alright, alright, I wont disturb you anymore.


Jiang Ning was the real heiress of the Jiang family and her status was comparable to Qin Fanya.

The only person who would reject her invitation was probably Shi Jin.

Jiang Yiqian snorted and said, “Shi Jin researching herbs Whats wrong with her Why is she copying everything you do, Fanya”

“What Im learning is not a secret.

If others want to study it, they can do so.

Theres no need for me to approve it.” Qin Fanya was not bothered.

“Its not that I want to say anything, but you race, so she races.

Youre in the medical field, so she also joins the medical field.

Isnt she just making a fool out of herself Also, does she really think that the treatment from Doctor Zhu belongs to her Why doesnt she look in the mirror!”

Jiang Yiqian was furious and wanted to shake Qin Fanya awake.

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