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“What did I steal Even Miss Qin didnt question me, and youre questioning me” Doctor Zhu was furious.

Fu Neng had nothing else to say.

He couldnt figure out why it was like this, but he had no choice but to accept it.

Shi Jin didnt expect herself to become so famous in Hong Kong without even showing her face.

During dinner, Old Master Fu looked very happy.

“Grandpa, did you encounter something to make you happy today” Shi Jin asked with a smile.

Old Master Fu smiled, but said nothing.

At the side, Butler Kang said, “Young Madam, Old Master is happy for you.

You may not know it, but today those people were all doubting you, but Doctor Zhu took out evidence and slapped them in the face.”

Fu Xiuyuan frowned slightly and raised his eyebrows.

“What happened”

Butler Kang quickly recounted what had happened today.

Fu Xiuyuan had never liked others promoting Shi Jins medical skills.

She was already busy enough every day.

If others found out, she would be even busier.

However, this matter could not be blamed on anyone.

He did not say much and picked up some food for Shi Jin.

“Young Madam is really impressive today,” Butler Kang said proudly.

Shi Jin did not expect her unintentional action to slap Qin Fanyas face on the spot.

Old Master Fu smiled and said, “Shi Jin, is it true that you know medicine, or is it because of that doctor called Si Jin”

“What do you think, Grandpa” Shi Jin didnt answer, but looked at Old Master Fu instead.

Old Master Fu pondered for a moment before smiling.

“One is marked by the company one keeps.”

He did not give an answer directly and Shi Jin did not continue the topic.

She smiled and said, “Grandpa, lets eat.

The food is getting cold.”

Old Master Fu especially stayed behind to chat with Shi Jin.

He glanced at Fu Xiuyuan, who was trying his best to suppress his impatience, and said indifferently, “Why Are you looking forward to spending time alone that much Cant I have a few more words with Shi Jin”

“Since you already know that, dont be the third wheel,” Fu Xiuyuan said calmly.

“Your temper is exactly the same as your old man!” Old Master Fu said speechlessly.

Butler Kang walked over and said in a low voice, “Old Master, Qiu Heng is here.”

“He said he wanted to have a chat with Dr.

Zhu, but I bumped into him.

He also asked me to bring you a present.”

“So he wasnt going to give me a present if you hadnt run into him” Old Master Fu waved his hand.

“Ask him to come over when hes free.”

As Shi Jin went upstairs, he asked Fu Xiuyuan, “Who is Qiu Heng”

Thinking of Qiu Xingmi, Shi Jin realized Qiu Heng must be Qiu Xingmis nephew.

“It seems like Qiu Heng isnt close to the Fu family”


When my mother was sick, everyone avoided her because of the contagious disease.

The entire Qiu family was ostracized by everyone for many years.

The Qiu family is a family of scholars.

My uncle and aunt are all educators.

They cannot handle as much pressure as the Fu family.”

Shi Jin understood.

No wonder Qiu Heng didnt come to see Old Master Fu when he came to see Doctor Zhu.

It was probably because the incident back then had dealt a huge blow to the Qiu family, causing a rift between the Qiu family and the Fu family.

“Do you want to meet him” Shi Jin asked.

“Theres no need.

Hes devoted to the research of genetic science and doesnt care about external things.

I havent seen him much since I was young.

Meeting him will only increase his burden.”

Since Fu Xiuyuan said so, Shi Jin didnt bother anymore.

However, the next day, when Shi Jin went to see Doctor Zhu, she saw Qiu Heng.

When she entered, Shi Jin didnt know that it was Qiu Heng.

She only saw a young man wearing thin-rimmed glasses talking to Doctor Zhu.

Shi Jin waited quietly by the side.

Doctor Zhu looked up and saw Shi Jin.

He said happily, “Young Madam is here”

“I came to check on the herbs you mentioned last time.”

“Please take a seat.” Doctor Zhu stood up to welcome her.

“Go ahead, Dr.


Ill wait.”

Only then did Qiu Heng look up.

Under his thin-rimmed glasses was a pair of clear eyes.


Zhu hurriedly said, “Young Madam, this is Qiu Heng.

Hes my colleague.

Qiu Heng, this is… Look at my memory.

Why am I introducing you Qiu Heng should know Young Madam.”

“Its really my first time meeting Shi Jin.

Nice to meet you.” Qiu Heng reached out his hand and said politely.

Shi Jin shook his hand.

“Hello, cousin.

Although its my first time meeting you, Ive heard from Xiuyuan about you.”

“He mentioned me” Qiu Heng was surprised.

He had never interacted much with Fu Xiuyuan.

It was rare for him to mention him.

“Youre his cousin, so its normal for him to mention you.

He said youre researching genetics and have great results.

Ive heard a lot about you.”

Qiu Heng looked cheerful, but he was very shy.

After hearing what Shi Jin said, he couldnt hide his shyness.

Fortunately, his glasses blocked his gaze and gave him space to hide.

“Young Madam, Qiu Heng is indeed impressive.

Even I feel pressured as a peer.”

He smiled and said, “Doctor Zhu, you must be joking.

How am I in the same field as you I can only be considered a borderline student.”

“Dont say that.

You used to study under me for a few days.

Now, youre a big shot in the medical research lab.

How would a doctor like me dare to compete with you” Doctor Zhu hurriedly said, “Im already very surprised that you can come to my place.

Youre making me look bad by saying that.”

Qiu Heng adjusted his glasses and said elegantly, “Doctor Zhu, wouldnt Shi Jin feel bored listening to us talk about this”

“Young Madam, please take a seat.” Doctor Zhu came back to his senses and invited Shi Jin to take a seat.

“Take a look at this herb.

According to what you said last time, I personally went to buy and choose it.

Its already 70% dried from the sun.

Do you think theres any other issues”

“Theres nothing wrong, its very good.” Shi Jin touched it.

Qiu Heng said from the side, “Ive heard that this treatment was proposed by Shi Jin.

Seeing it today, she really lives up to her reputation.

Its a pity that my research on ancient Chinese medicine is limited and Im not proficient in this field.

Otherwise, I could still learn it.

Its really a pity.”

“I heard that Cousin specializes in research.

You specialize in various fields and have your own strengths.

Thats pretty good.”

Qiu Heng smiled and stood up.

“I still have some matters to attend to, so I wont delay your chat.

Ill take my leave first.”

Doctor Zhu walked him out for a few steps.

When he left, he turned around and said, “Qiu Heng has always been a good researcher.

Hes willing to learn from other people.

Old doctors like me are always looked down on by others.

Its not easy for him to come and discuss with me.”

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