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He pressed the phone and Shi Jins unhurried voice came through.

In this recording, Shi Jins tone was calm, but confident.

She was very familiar with the names of medicine and injuries.

From time to time, she would be interrupted with Doctor Zhu and Fu Jiangs various questions.

She explained patiently and went into the details.

Even Fu Jiang, who did not understand medicine, expressed that he understood.

Just a few minutes of Doctor Zhus recording was enough to prove where his treatment method came from.

“Miss Qin, can you confirm that this isnt your treatment” Dr.

Zhu didnt want Young Madam to be misunderstood.

Qin Fanya had no choice but to nod.

“It isnt.”

Her words were equivalent to slapping herself in public.

However, Dr.

Zhu was a stubborn person and did not understand the twists and turns of social events.

She could not admit that this was her therapy because she did not fully understand what Shi Jin had said.

As soon as she said this, the entire crowd was in an uproar.

Old Master Qin had been very arrogant just now, and his words were full of the things that the Qin family had done for the Fu family.

The Fu family was not grateful at all.

Now that he had been slapped in the face at the speed of light, he felt a little embarrassed.

The others didnt know what to say.

They looked at Qin Fanya and then thought of that useless Shi Jin.

They felt complicated in their hearts.

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Doctor Zhu was a straightforward person who only knew the truth.

Seeing that everyone was silent, he said, “If everyone wants to learn this treatment, I can promise you that I wont have to ask Young Madam anymore.

At that time, Young Madam had already said that medical skills are used to treat illnesses and save people.

As long as you can achieve this goal, you can teach it to anyone.

In the future, I will do my best to teach it to anyone who wants to learn it.

I can also share Young Madams recording.”

“Shi Jin is really not bad.”

“It seems like her medical skills are still alright”

“Have you all forgotten that she also studies at the University of Chinese Medicine”

“I thought she was too busy with her acting career to go to class.”

“If I remember correctly, her older brother seems to be a famous doctor too”

Actually, when Shi Jin returned this time, firstly, she did not appear at the gatherings of the wealthy families, and secondly, she did not participate in any social activities to build her reputation.

Her presence was very weak.

There were also many people who did not believe that she was the one who drove the racecar last time.

However, even though she was not around, her name was suddenly stamped in everyones minds.

Qin Fanyas fingers dug into her palm as she gritted her teeth.

Old Master Fu laughed out loud.

“Hey, everyone, dont praise Shi Jin too much.

Xiuyuan has always had good taste.

As his grandfather, I cant interfere with his choice.


He liked Qin Fanya, but he was also protective of his own people.

Qin Fanya felt even more upset.

Old Master Qin didnt say anything else and laughed along awkwardly.

After Doctor Zhu left, the gathering finally came to an end.

Old Master Jiang couldnt help, but say enviously, “Brother Fu, I didnt expect your granddaughter-in-law to be so capable.

Speaking of which, I havent thanked you for what happened last time.

Doctor Si who operated on me seems to be a friend of your granddaughter-in-law.”

“Of course.

Doctor Si is Shi Jins good friend.”

“So its true…” Old Master Jiang laughed.

“You must bring Shi Jin along for the next gathering.

I have to thank her properly.

Qin Fanya and Old Master Qin bid farewell to Old Master Jiang and walked out.

Old Master Fu also bid farewell and left.

Seeing the two of them, he walked up and said, “Old Brother Qin, Xiuyuan is indeed busy.

I hope you can forgive him for disturbing you previously.

How about this, Ill get Fanya to come over to help when we have a project next time.

What do you think”

He was suddenly so magnanimous because he was in such a good mood today.

How could Old Master Qin not see through his arrogance However, Old Master Fu actually offered to let Qin Fanya help with the project.

Old Master Qin knew that Qin Fanya was still important enough for Old Master Fu to not want to completely fall out with her.

After Old Master Fu left, Old Master Qin asked Qin Fanya, “Is that Chinese medical treatment really not yours”


I didnt study those things seriously.” Qin Fanya could only shake her head.

“It doesnt matter if its not.

Its just a simple therapy.

Its not like you cant produce it.

Among those who ridiculed you today, theyll pay for it in the future.”

His words comforted her, brightening her mood.

She suddenly thought of a possibility.

Shi Jin knew that Doctor Si.

Was this treatment really Shi Jins It was probably not, right

Old Master Fu was overjoyed, and so was Butler Kang.

“Our Young Madam has really made a name for herself this time.

I didnt expect her to be able to convince everyone without even being around.”

“Dont praise her too much.” Old Master Fu smiled and said, “This might not even be her therapy.

Dont flatter her to death.”

“If this isnt Young Madams therapy, whose is it Oh, Old Master, you mean that Dr.


Butler Kang came back to his senses.

Old Master Fu closed his eyes to rest.

“No matter what, the credit belongs to the Fu Family.”

Butler Kang smiled.

Even if it was Doctor Sis treatment, Doctor Si was Young Madams good friend.

Anyway, the Fu Family did not lose face today.

After Doctor Zhu returned, Fu Neng came to look for him.

“You used Young Madams treatment to treat everyones injuries” Fu Neng was extremely puzzled.

A patient came in.

After Doctor Zhu examined him, he asked, “You can still choose these two treatments…”

“I choose Young Madams type! Dr.

Zhu, this question of yours is really unnecessary.

During this period of time, everyone knows that Young Madams treatment is very effective and has little side effects.

Seeing that everyone else is alive and kicking, I dont want to be plagued with old injuries, so dont ask anymore.”

“Alright, Ill prescribe some medicine for you right away.”

The bodyguard rubbed his elbows and said, “Do you think this Young Madam is a living Buddha”

Doctor Zhu couldnt stop laughing.

“I dont know if shes a living Buddha, but her medical skills are really good.”

“Indeed!” The bodyguard agreed.

What people like them feared the most was getting injured.

Not only would they feel pain, they might even lose their careers.

Now that they had Young Madams treatment, everyone had hope and became more motivated.

Fu Neng stood at the side with a dark expression on his face.

He had thought that everyone had gotten better during this period of time all thanks to Qin Fanya.

Who knew that it would be like this

After the bodyguard left, he asked Doctor Zhu, “Are you sure you didnt steal the dragon and turn to the phoenix Did you use Miss Qins things and say it was Shi Jins”

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