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“I have no objections.

Come over.” Old Master Fu agreed.

“In that case, Old Brother Fu, we can get the doctor to learn from Doctor Zhu later on.

That shouldnt be a problem, right After all, our doctors are basically all men.

Even if theyre treating old wounds, theres no doubt they still have to touch the patients.

If they learn from Fanya, it would be inconvenient.” Old Master Jiangs words satisfied both Old Master Qin and Old Master Fu.

He was good at phrasing things nicely.

Old Master Fu nodded.


Old Master Qin said calmly, “Doctor Zhu, youre really quick at learning.”

Only then did Doctor Zhu notice that Qin Fanya was here as well.

The last time he consulted Qin Fanya, his questions made her unhappy.

He knew that Qin Fanya was extremely arrogant and had never looked for her ever since.

However, now that he saw her, he had to greet her.

However, Dr.

Zhus attitude had changed from being extremely respectful to her to the point that he would tremble from excitement at the prospect of seeing her to being extremely calm.

“Hello, Miss Qin.”

Qin Fanya could tell at a glance how his attitude had changed.

She couldnt help feeling a little surprised.

When this person was learning from her, his attitude was respectful, but now that he had learned it, he was like this

“Doctor Zhu is still the better one.” Qin Fanyas tone was neither cold nor warm, but mocking.

Old Master Jiang could tell that Qin Fanya was a little uncomfortable.

He smiled and said, “Oh right, I forgot.

Doctor Zhus treatment method was learned from Fanya.

This time, all of us went to learn from Doctor Zhu.

We still have to get Fanyas approval.

Fanya, are you alright with that”

Qin Fanya wanted to magnanimously say that there was no problem, but Dr.

Zhu had already spoken.

“Old Master Jiang, I didnt learn my therapy from Miss Qin.”

Old Master Jiang was surprised.

Old Master Qin was stunned.

Qin Fanya looked at him in amusement.

The rest of the people couldnt help, but look at Doctor Zhu.

They felt that he didnt know what was good for him.

The things he learned were Qin Fanyas.

This was something that Old Master Fu and Old Master Qin had stamped and verified.

Now that he learned it, he didnt want to admit it

Old Master Fu was also a little embarrassed.

“Old Zhu, youre being silly.”


Zhu wasnt good at hiding his emotions, so he said, “Old Master, I really didnt learn this treatment from Miss Qin.

The treatment and medicine needed to treat Old Master Jiangs bodyguard isnt what Miss Qin described.”

Old Master Qin was so angry that he laughed.

“Everyones injuries are different.

The medication used is indeed different.

I cant say that it was all learned from Fanya.

However, Ive finally witnessed the story of a farmer getting bitten by a snake he raised today.”

Everyone could hear his obvious sarcasm and felt that Dr.

Zhu was being too rude.

“How can you do this You wont admit it after learning it from her”

“The Fu Family is too arrogant!”

“Master Fus arrogance has his reasons and capital to be arrogant.

Where did a mere doctor learn such arrogance”


Zhu waved his hand.

“Look, the method Miss Qin gave me is to use Western medicine and medical equipment.

However, the medicine I prescribed for this bodyguard is Chinese medicine.

The treatment method is also accompanied by Chinese medicine.

Its indeed different.”

Fortunately, he had already prescribed medicine for the chief bodyguard just now.

The prescription was still here, and everyone could tell at a glance.

Seeing that he had prescribed Chinese medicine, everyone was enlightened.

Old Master Qin was somewhat taken aback as he glanced at Qin Fanya.

Qin Fanya did not expect him to use this method, so she did not speak.

Old Man Wang couldnt help but say, “Yes, you gave this bodyguard important treatment, but as far as I know, when you treated the old wounds of the bodyguards in the Fu family, you basically used the method Fanya gave you, right Do you dare to say that you wont teach Fanyas method to others Theres nothing to deny, right”

Old Master Wangs words resonated with everyone.

“Yes, you used Chinese medicine once or twice, but you used the same method as Fanya before.”

“This cant erase Fanyas contribution, right”


Zhu was a little anxious as he said loudly, “Yes, Miss Qin did tell me about the treatment.

When I saw it, I also felt that it was very exquisite and amazing.

However, when I went back to practice, I realized that the treatment wasnt as effective as expected.

This treatment oversimplified many things.

The truth from practice doesnt match my expectations.”

Qin Fanya was a genius in Hong Kong and had never been doubted by anyone.

She was the type of person that everyone wanted to worship.

All these years, no one had dared to point out her faults like Dr.


Qin Fanyas expression changed slightly.

However, she was extremely confident in her own strength.

After a slight change, she knew that this was just slander.

Her expression quickly stabilized as she picked up her teacup in satisfaction without being affected at all.

The others were already speaking up for her.

“Doctor Zhu, do you know what youre saying”

“Dont you dare slander Fanya just because you have some medical skills!”

“Im not slandering Miss Qin.

Miss Qins idea is indeed ingenious.

With time, we can improve on it, and this treatment will indeed have unexpected effects.

However, I can only say that up till now, Ive been treating my familys bodyguards using traditional Chinese medicine methods.

Although at the beginning, many people were willing to choose Miss Qins treatment method, after three to five days, they realized that my other treatment method was better, so they changed their minds and switched to another treatment method.

Im not lying to you.

There are all the medical records and detailed records here.

You can check them all!” Doctor Zhu carried a lot of things with him, and the medical records never left his body.

Everyone was astonished.

There is a treatment method better than Qin Fanyas

Qin Fanya could not help but frown as she looked at Dr.

Zhu in disbelief.


Zhu said, “The treatment Im using now was told to me by the Young Madam at home.

Its very effective.

You can investigate those bodyguards who are recovering and find out what medicine they used.”

“Is this a joke Shi Jin knows how to treat illnesses”

“This is too funny.

Doctor Zhu, you can come up with a better reason.”

“Maybe Fanya was the one who researched this Chinese medicine treatment method.”

“Thats right.

Fanya used to be a top student at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It would be more strange if it was Shi Jins treatment method.”

After this period of clinical practice, Doctor Zhu had washed away his blind admiration for Qin Fanya.

However, his worship for Shi Jin had increased.

When he heard everyone slandering Shi Jin, he immediately took out his phone and said, “Since you guys dont believe me, I can release a recording of my conversation with Young Madam.

When she told me about it, I couldnt keep up and specially recorded it.”

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