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Old Master Wang was close to the Qin family and already knew that Doctor Zhu went to seek advice from Qin fanya.

He said, “Actually, theres no need for Dr.

Zhu to go to the Qin family to impart his experience.

After all, Dr.

Zhus experience was learned from Fanya.

If Im not wrong, his so-called new treatment method was learned from Fanya.”

Everyone started discussing.

“Really Even this was learned from Fanya”

“As far as I know, these old injuries are actually the most difficult to treat.

Since it has already happened, its very difficult to treat them anymore.

They can only be treated and recuperated.

Thats why all the doctors in the past were helpless when it came to the old injuries.

Now that the old injuries can be treated, they are indeed very powerful.

I believe that this is Fanyas doing.”

Old Master Fu also remembered that Doctor Zhu had come to Qin Fanyas place before.

Before that, no one could do anything about old injuries, and Doctor Zhu did not have any special treatment methods.

It was also from then on that Doctor Zhu suddenly became enlightened and grasped a certain skill, treating most of the injuries of the Fu familys bodyguards.

So that was why.

No wonder Old Master Qin had such an expression.

“Fanya, am I right” Old Master Wang smiled at Qin Fanya.

Qin Fanya replied humbly, “I have indeed discussed this issue with Dr.

Zhu before.

However, to be able to treat so many people, Dr.

Zhu is truly capable.”

Although she was praising Doctor Zhu, she also indirectly admitted that this treatment was hers.

Everyone praised her again.

Old Master Qin looked at Old Master Fu proudly.

Old Master Fu was indeed rather fond of Qin Fanya.

Since things had turned out this way, he naturally said, “So, Fanyas contributions were also involved.

Look at me, I almost forgot about this.

Fanya, what do you want later Tell me, I will reward you handsomely.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Fu,” Qin Fanya replied obediently.

Old Master Qin pouted and said, “Old Brother Fu, dont make empty promises about the child.

If you are really sincere, you should let Xiuyuan participate in our activities and apologize to me so that Fanya wont keep thinking about this matter.”

Old Master Jiang was puzzled.

“Apologize for what”

“Do you think Ill let the issue of Xiuyuan causing trouble in the Qin family last time go so easily” Old Master Qin said.

This matter was actually nothing much.

Everyone knew how Fu Xiuyuan was when he went crazy.

It was all in the past.

Old Master Qin had also silently agreed that there would be no follow-up to this matter, but it was probably because everyone was praising Qin Fanya, that gave him confidence.

He couldnt help but bring up the past again.

He wanted to use this as an excuse to make Fu Xiuyuan submit.

This was to prevent people from saying that Qin Fanya was trying to curry favor with the Fu family, but getting nothing.

Facing Old Master Jiangs question, someone immediately said, “Old Master Jiang, its about the Fang family.”

Old Master Jiang remembered and so did everyone else present.

Fang Yunxi was indeed at fault for bringing Shi Jin to the Southern Courtyard.

She was indeed a little vicious.

It was normal for Fu Xiuyuan to fly into a rage.

However, he lost his temper at the Qin family and left without even apologizing to Old Master Qin

For a moment, everyone did not know if they should say that Old Master Qin deserved it for covering up for Fang Yunxi or that Fu Xiuyuans temper was something that everyone had to learn to tolerate.

Upon hearing his words, Old Master Fu knew that Old Master Qin wanted to use Qin Fanyas help to manipulate the Fu Family.

He said indifferently, “Oh, that matter, isnt it the Fang familys fault Xiuyuan didnt find trouble with the Qin family.

He only went to deal with the Fang family.

It seems like theres no need to apologize to Old Brother Qin, right”

Old Master Qin snorted.

“Besides, Im an elder too.

Hes just a junior.

If he were to apologize to me, would he suffer Doctor Zhu didnt have such an attitude when he came to discuss medicine with Fanya.”

Seeing that he was indeed comparing the two matters, Old Master Fu was a little angry as well.

However, he had good self-restraint and didnt show it.

Instead, he picked up his teacup and said, “Sigh, Xiuyuan has grown up and I cant control him anymore.

I have the heart, but not the strength.”

Old Master Qin was so angry that he was trembling.

“Im already such an old man, yet hes shouting and killing in front of me.

Is he the one suffering”

“Grandpa!” Qin Fanya quickly stopped Old Master Qin.

“Forget it, Brother Xiuyuan wasnt targeting us back then.

I really shouldnt have let Fang Yunxi stay as a guest.

Grandpa, dont be angry.”

After appeasing Old Master Qin, she consoled Old Master Fu.

“Grandpa Fu, thats not what my grandfather meant.

Brother Xiuyuan has his reasons for doing things.

The discussion between Doctor Zhu and me is what we learn from each other as doctors.

Theres no favors being done.

In the future, I still have many things to ask these doctors.”

Her words were reasonable and sensible.

Not only were the two elders comforted, but the others also praised her endlessly.

All sorts of praises were heard.

At that moment, Doctor Zhu arrived.

The butler brought him to everyone.

“Hello, everyone.” Doctor Zhu greeted them.

Just now, he was a genius in everyones eyes.

Now that they knew that he had learned everything from Qin Fanya, everyones respect for him became average.

Old Master Jiang smiled and said, “Doctor Zhu, I invited you here because I want you to help one of my personal bodyguards take a look at his old injuries.

Other than recuperating, I want to see if there are any other ways.”

“Okay.” Doctor Zhu knew what he should do on such an occasion and agreed immediately.

This bodyguard and chief bodyguard was invited over, and Dr.

Zhu immediately looked him over.

The place where he was injured was his calf.

It was obvious that he had been severely injured in the past.

Now that he had come out, he was using a walking stick.

Old Master Jiang relied heavily on him and was very concerned about his injuries.


Zhu, hows the situation”

“It can be treated, but this old injury is a little serious and needs some time.

However, the recovery is not a big problem,” Doctor Zhu said after some consideration.

“Thats great!” Old Master Jiang clapped and laughed.

“Then, Doctor Zhu, Ill have to trouble you.”

“Old Master Jiang, youre too kind.

This is just my duty as a doctor.

As long as Old Master Fu has no objections, I can spare a few days to come over for treatment.”

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