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Chapter 64: He Had to Admit Shi Jin Was Good

Yao Jiahong looked at Deng Yufei and contemplated.

Shi Jin knew that Yao Jiahong always had a strange obsession for Deng Yufei and his eyes would light up the moment he saw her.

Since he had promised Fu Xiuyuan to only have one celebrity, he was unable to sign Deng Yufei.

Judging from the way he looked, he was very upset about Deng Yufeis failure.

He might even convince Fu Xiuyuan to let him sign Deng Yufei as his celebrity.

Shi Jin reminded him solemnly, “You shouldnt sign Deng Yufei.

Why dont you give up already and focus on planning my career”

Yao Jiahong sneered, “Just because you won one round of the competition doesnt give you the right to poke your nose in my business.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he turned to leave.

It was impossible for Shi Jin to compare with Deng Yufei in terms of songwriting talent!

Shi Jin said, “I am not taking the huge van, so you can go ahead first.”

Yao Jiahong could not be bothered with her.

He got into the huge fan and told Li to drive!

Shi Jin stood at the contestants secret entrance for a while until a familiar Rolls Royce pulled up beside her.

Even without asking, she knew Fu Xiuyuan would watch the show.

Since Fu Xiuyuan was not allowed to interfere, he must be very anxious, so it made sense that he would pick her up personally.

The moment the car door opened, the air inside felt so cold that the secret entrance nearly froze over.

Shi Jin got onto the car and saw Song Fan looking at her so desperately that he might kneel anytime like she was his last ray of hope.

Fu Xiuyuan was utterly cold as he pursed his lips and frowned impatiently.

Shi Jin got challenged repeatedly tonight.

Although he did not smash anything, if there was a house in his heart, it would definitely be in chaos with everything in smithereens by now.

After Shi Jin got into the car, Fu Xiuyuans expression finally changed a little.

He reached his hand out to pull her into his arms.

Shi Jins lips curved into a smile as she whispered, “Were you worried”

Fu Xiuyuan placed his chin on the top of her head.

After being challenged repeatedly on the program tonight, her hair was already slightly disheveled, so the loose strands of hair left his cheek tickling.

“They are nothing.

Even without your help, I can destroy them all!”

It was true.

Although Shi Jin kept getting challenged, she ended up winning.

Otherwise, Fu Xiuyuan would not have succeeded in holding his temper.

“For the next few days, I wont be going for training.

The program is so poorly planned that I cant stand it anymore!”

Fu Xiuyuans tension eased up and his cold aura dissipated a little.

“It is more important to spend time with my husband!”

Fu Xiuyuans lips curved into a smile as he raised his brows.

“Uh huh.

I think so too.”

Shi Jin spoke softly to Fu Xiuyuan.

Before long, his breathing became even and he fell asleep.

He always slept irregularly and often suffered from insomnia, so he hardly had quality sleep at all.

He would only completely relax and fall asleep with Shi Jin around.

Since Shi Jin was busy recording the program, she was not home most of the time.

During this time, he worked nonstop and did not remember to sleep at all.

However, now he finally managed to relax.

Song Fan watched dumbstruck for some time.

After working for him for almost a decade, he had never seen him sleeping in the car! He could not help feeling impressed by Shi Jin.

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