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“Im not blaming you, Im praising you.” Old Master Qin laughed.

“Who in our family doesnt praise you when your name is mentioned”

“Grandpa taught me well.”

Qin Fanya held onto Old Master Qins arm and accompanied him into the Jiang residence.

Today, the elders of each clan were mobilized, and with the juniors accompanying them, the Jiang Clan was bustling with noise and laughter.

Old Master Jiang was invigorated and his face was rosy as he welcomed them.

Everyone sat down and the butler served them tea.

“This is good tea that Fanya gave me.

Usually, I cant bear to drink it alone.

Dear brothers, you have benefited from Fanya today.” Grandfather Jiang asked the butler to pass the tea to everyone.

When everyone heard that it was Qin Fanyas tea, they could not help, but pick it up solemnly and place it at the tip of their noses to take a careful sniff.

Indeed, the fragrance was elegant.

After taking another sip, the aftertaste lingered.

“Fanyas tea brewing skills have improved again.”

Admiration filled the air.

Qin Fanya replied humbly, “My dear grandpas, youre flattering me.”

Old Master Qin immediately felt proud.

Old Master Jiang then realized that Old Master Fu had come alone.

He couldnt help but smile and say, “Brother, Xiuyuan didnt come with you”

“Hes busy and doesnt have time, so he asked me to send his regards.” Old Master Fu sat in the most distinguished guest seat and sipped his tea leisurely.

His words gave Old Master Jiang face.

Old Master Jiang smiled and said, “Everyone knows that he is busy, unlike the children in our family who are always fooling around.”

Old Master Wang was unhappy to hear this.

“Youre wrong.

Some children are fooling around, and some are not.

At least our Fanya isnt fooling around, right”

“Thats right, thats right.

I was wrong.

Fanya is a busy person.” Old Master Jiang changed his tone and said, “Speaking of which, in all of Hong Kong, there is no man like Xiuyuan.

And there is no woman like Fanya.”

Qin Fanya lowered her head and did not say anything else.

Old Master Jiang also realized that Fu Xiuyuan was already married and did not continue this topic.

He changed the topic.

“Fanya, I have something to ask you.”

“Please ask, Grandpa Jiang.”

“When my bodyguard accompanied me to America a few years ago, didnt he meet with a robber Luckily, he protected me with all his might, allowing me to survive.

However, he was injured because of this.

Although he was fine previously, recently, some old injuries have relapsed, and his condition isnt good.

The doctors who have seen him have told him to take good care of himself.

Its not impossible to take care of him, but hes not by my side, so I always feel uneasy.

Fanya, do you have any good ideas” Old Master Jiang asked sincerely.

He also wanted to go over and ask Doctor Si Jin, who helped him perform surgery last time.

However, on second thought, surgery and treating old injuries were two different things.

Si Jin didnt come often, so he decided to keep this thought and ask Qin Fanya.

It just so happened that recently, the news that Qin Fanya was good at treating old injuries was spread, so this thought intensified.

Old Master Jiang had just finished his question when Old Master Tang, who was sitting beside him, couldnt help but speak up.

“I dont think theres a need to trouble Fanya over such a small matter.

I heard that the doctor at Old Master Fus house has been busy researching new treatments for old injuries.

Its very effective and the results are very good.

Wouldnt it be better to let that doctor help This way, Fanya would have time to do her new research.

Isnt Fanyas time more precious than other doctors”

As these old masters spoke, they were all defending Qin Fanya, their love for her overflowing.

Old Master Jiang looked at Old Master Fu and asked, “Brother, which doctor is he referring to”

Old Master Fu didnt hide anything and shared openly.

“That Doctor Zhu has always been working at home.

Hes an old doctor and likes to study.

Hes always been pretty good.

This time, its indeed because of him that many peoples old injuries were cured.”

All of the wealthy and influential people present had a hundred years of heritage and were worth a lot.

The bodyguards in their families were all professionals and were also very reliable when their families went out.

These bodyguards were considered the most precious resource of the familys human resources.

Hearing Old Master Fus words, everyone pricked up their ears to listen.

If there really were such good medical skills, then all the families would have to learn from it.

Everyone had their own interests to begin with, and these resources were shared as well.

Old Master Jiang was also very curious.

“In that case, this Dr.

Zhu is a sage.

Brother, I have to ask you for help regarding this matter.

He has to help my bodyguard with his injuries.”

Everyone looked at Old Master Fu.

They all had the same thoughts.

Old Master Fu waved his hand grandly.

“Old Kang, get someone to fetch Doctor Zhu.”

Butler Kang hurriedly said, “Alright, Ill arrange it now.”

“I really want to meet this Doctor Zhu,” someone said.

“Ive seen this Doctor Zhu before.

He does have something.”

“At the end of the day, Old Brother Fu has good taste.

There are hidden dragons and crouching tigers everywhere in the company.

I wonder how many talents there are.

Its really enviable.”

“Thats right.

With Dr.

Zhu around, Fanya will be able to take a break.

Wouldnt it be better if she could spare some time to help us with other better research”

“Old Brother Fu, let us arrange for a doctor to go over and learn from Doctor Zhu.”

“Sure, sure.” Old Master Fu put down his teacup.

Because of everyones praise and flattery, he couldnt help but reveal a smile.

“I dont hide these things.

After all, doctors should treat everyone equally.”

“Old Brother Fu is so generous!”

“Ive learned from your magnanimity!”

Old Master Qin sat at the side, but he didnt say anything.

He turned his head and glanced at Qin Fanya as he spoke in a low voice, “Lass, you are going to be in the limelight again.”

“Grandpa, youre teasing me again.”

“Thats right.

Didnt you teach Dr.

Zhu how to treat injuries and illnesses Tell them later and look at their eyes.” Old Master Qin looked even more proud than Old Master Fu.

Old Master Fu could tell and said, “Old Qin, let Doctor Zhu go over to your side to impart his experience.”

“Hahaha, Old Master Qin has Fanya at home.

I dont think he needs the help, right” Someone laughed.

“Hey, how can it be the same” Old Master Fu said.

“Fanya is involved in major research.

Shes already busy with so many difficult illnesses.

Its better to let the doctors handle these minor problems.”

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