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“Okay.” Fu Zhaoxiang did not hesitate.

In any case, he had drunk all sorts of medicine over the years, so it was fine to drink a little more.

In fact, he didnt have any regrets in the past few years.

His children were already old, and he and his wife were getting older day by day.

It didnt seem to matter even if he died of old age here.

However, he did not want Qiu Xingmi, up to her death, to still be a name that was a taboo word in Hong Kong and anyone who mentioned her would be terrified.

So even if there was a trace of hope, he still had to continue trying.

Qiu Xingmi looked at her husband through the mask on her face.

Her heart was surging and her eyes were red.

“Ill be online anytime,” Shi Jin said.

“Ill keep looking at the feedback.”

With that, she ended the video call.

Qiu Xingmi was deeply moved.

“Regardless of whether Shi Jins treatment is effective or not, Im satisfied with this childs good intentions.”

“Those are my thoughts too.”

“Since shes able to treat us like this, then shell wholeheartedly love Xiuyuan.” Qiu Xingmi spoke in a light voice.

“Xiuyuan can obtain his love, so I have no regrets.”

Fu Zhaoxiang suddenly sweated profusely.

It seemed that the side effects of the drug had really appeared.

Qiu Xingxun helped him up and recorded the situation.

Fortunately, Fu Zhaoxiangs condition was similar to what Shi Jin had said.

There was no sign of heart pain.

Shi Jin recorded everything and continued her research.

Fu Zhaoxiang had been taking medicine for several days.

His condition wasnt as serious as Qiu Xingmis.

His face wasnt old, and the parts of his skin that had problems were concentrated on his body and didnt appear on his face.

At night, he and Qiu Xingxing would sleep in different rooms.

For so many years, for the sake of healing and recuperating, the two of them had always been like this.

Fu Zhaoxiang did not pay too much attention when he was showering.

He took off his clothes as usual and turned on the water.

As he washed, he inadvertently glanced at himself in the mirror and realized that there was a patch of fresh flesh on his back where his skin was originally crisscrossed with marks.

He immediately turned off the water and looked at his back again in the mirror.

As expected, he wasnt mistaken.

Fresh skin had really appeared.

Soon after, he realized that the skin on other parts of his body had also grown out.

It was just that his back was the most obvious, so he had never noticed the others.

Just as Qiu Xingmi was about to fall asleep, she heard a knock on the door.

She sat up and guessed that it was Fu Zhaoxiang.

All these years, the couple had been living in separate beds.

Although they lived in the same place, they did not have any real intimate relationship due to their illness.

As time passed, although they were used to it, there was always something missing, but she was afraid that she would infect Fu Zhaoxiang even more.

Usually, when he knocked on the door, she would persuade him to go back.

Tonight was no exception.

Qiu Xingmi stood at the door and said, “Hubby, Im about to fall asleep.

You should go back and rest early too.”

“Let me show you something.”

Fu Zhaoxiang could not hide the excitement in his voice.

Qiu Xingmi thought for a moment, then dressed herself properly before opening the door.

Fu Zhaoxiang was wearing a bathrobe and his figure was still well maintained.

“Quick, take a look.” Fu Zhaoxiang took off his bathrobe in front of her and showed his back to Qiu Xingmi.

Qiu Xingmi saw the skin on his back and covered her mouth in surprise.

“Did you see that Fresh skin really grew.

Shi Jin did not lie to us.” Fu Zhaoxiang could not hide his excitement.

He did not hear Qiu Xingmis reply and turned to look at her.

He realized that she was covering her mouth and crying silently.

Fu Zhaoxiang instinctively wanted to hug her, but Qiu Xingmi subconsciously avoided him.

The couple had lived like this for many years.

One wanted to get close to the other, but the other did not dare.

However, at this moment, Fu Zhaoxiang still hugged her desperately.

“Since Shi Jin can really cure me, she can definitely cure you too.

So what if I hug you”

Qiu Xingmi listened with mixed feelings.

It had been many years since she dared to hug Fu Zhaoxiang so happily.

Fu Zhaoxiang said in a low voice, “In any case, our ages added up are already more than a hundred years old.

Even if Shi Jin cant cure us, so what Well live like this for the rest of our lives.

Are we still afraid of the future”

“Theres no buts.

Ive already thought it through.

Regardless of whether Shi Jin can treat us this time, I dont want to hide from you anymore.

At most, well just die here.

However, I cant promise to bring you outside.”

Upon hearing Fu Zhaoxiangs words, Qiu Xingmis tears flowed even more furiously.

With the positive feedback from Fu Zhaoxiang, Shi Jins progress was even faster.

The latitude of Hong Kong was low, and there was no winter.

There were four seasons in a year, and it was only warm, hot, and hotter.

And the days were long.

These old men in the wealthy families, those who had retired, and those who had given up their power, had a long and leisurely time every day.

Ever since Fu Xiuyuan returned, Old Master Fu had been even more free.

Fu Xiuyuan had asked someone to keep the matter of Fu Zhaoxiang and Qiu Xingmi seeking treatment a secret from him so as to not give him unnecessary hope.

“Old Master, Old Master Jiang invited everyone to have morning tea today.

He has recovered and is more energetic now.

He said he wants to meet an old friend,” Butler Kang said as he served Old Master Fu tea.

“Alright, it has indeed been a long time since I last visited him.

However, how could he have the time Does he not care about his family matters anymore” Old Master Fu asked.

“There arent many successful people in the Jiang family.

Can he let go”

“I heard that Old Master Jiang has been specially grooming Jiang Ning recently.

Although Jiang Ning is usually a little naughty, she is quick at handling family matters.

Old Master Jiang can be considered to have a successor.”

On the way out, he saw Fu Neng and Fu Jiang training on the training ground far away with their men.

Their voices could be heard from afar.

“It seems that the physical fitness of the bodyguard team has improved a lot recently.” Old Master Fu had sharp eyes and could tell that the situation there was different from before.

Butler Kang smiled and said, “I heard that Doctor Zhu has researched a new treatment method.

It has a unique healing effect on injuries left behind by training.

Many bodyguards have recovered from their old injuries and their physical fitness has improved.”

“Good, good, good.” Old Master Fu got into the car, satisfied.

At the entrance of the Jiang residence, the Qin familys car slowly drove over.

Qin Fanya accompanied Old Master Qin to visit Old Master Jiang.

“I heard that the bodyguards of the Fu Family have improved physically.

The treatment you gave them is quite effective.” Old Master Qin looked at his granddaughter with satisfaction.

“Grandpa, are you blaming me for not doing my best to our own bodyguards” Qin Fanxin said with a smile.

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