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Doctor Zhu couldnt help recalling what Shi Jin said yesterday and said, “Miss Qin, if we treat him like this, wont the side effects be too great”

“Other people do have side effects, but the bodyguards are strong.

Even if there are side effects, they can get through it.

What do you think, Doctor Zhu”

Doctor Zhu thought of Shi Jins treatment method which was more comprehensive and scientific.

He could not help but say, “No matter what, we still have to consider the condition of the injured.”

“My treatment method does tend to be violent and efficient.

Doctor Zhu has his own ideas and I respect that.” Qin Fanya took a sip of tea.

She had always been used to making decisions on her own.

Because of her excellent medical skills, no one would question her opinion.

However, today, Doctor Zhu had asked two questions consecutively, which displeased Qin Fanya.


Zhu could tell as well, so he didnt continue asking.

Instead, he said, “Miss Qin, what other advice do you have Im all ears.”

After leaving the Qin family, Doctor Zhu compared Qin Fanyas treatment with the medicine and treatment that Shi Jin had mentioned.

Both of them clearly had their advantages and disadvantages, but in comparison, Shi Jins method was clearly superior and the disadvantages were less.

This made Doctor Zhu sigh.

In this world, there was always someone better than you.

Qin Fanya was already so powerful, but there was still someone who could suppress her.

This was truly not easy.

When they returned to the Fu residence, Fu Neng was also there.

He was probably waiting for Doctor Zhu to hear about Qin Fanyas situation.

“Doctor Zhu, what did Miss Qin say” Indeed, everything Fu Neng said was related to Qin Fanya.

“She told me a lot of things and gave me some medicine,” Dr.

Zhu said with a smile.

“Miss Qin is indeed amazing.”

Fu Nengs proud expression was very obvious.

However, Dr.

Zhu still voiced his opinion.

“However, I feel that Miss Qins treatment this time is a little biased.

Of course, the effect might be quite good.

If I hadnt seen Young Madams treatment method, I would also think that this method is very ingenious and worth using.

However, after seeing Young Madams treatment method, I still feel that Young Madam is better this time.”

Fu Neng didnt like hearing this.

What did he mean that Shi Jin was better He said indifferently, “Really Doctor Zhu, do you need more time to think”

“Ive already thought it through.

Miss Qins treatment method is indeed extraordinary.

I definitely didnt think of it beforehand.

However, Im afraid that Young Madams treatment is more comprehensive,” Dr.

Zhu said calmly.

“This is what Im not biased against.

As a doctor, Im willing to choose Young Madams treatment method.”

Fu Neng revealed a rare smile.

“Doctor Zhu, you are indeed someone close to Fu Jiang.”

With that, he turned around and left.

Doctor Zhu felt a little strange.

What did this have to do with him being close to Fu Jiang

Recently, the weather had changed rapidly.

It was usually sunny in the morning and stormy in the afternoon.

After that, the sun was shining brightly and it was difficult to stabilize the weather for the entire day.

The number of bodyguards with old injuries that came to seek treatment also increased.

There were several people coming and going today.

Doctor Zhu gave them the prescription that Shi Jin had given them based on his own judgment.

According to his judgment of their injuries, he added and reduced the dosage.

“Doctor Zhu, are you prescribing us herbs” Someone immediately questioned when they received the medicine.

“Thats right.

Take this back to soak your feet.

Its good for your old injuries.

Of course, other parts of your body can be steamed and heated.”


Zhu, I heard from Brother Neng that Young Madam taught you this method”

“Yes.” Doctor Zhu did not hide anything.

“Its not important who taught me.

Whats important is that it can treat injuries.”

The few of them looked at each other and put down the herbs.

“Doctor Zhu, I heard that Miss Qin also taught you a way to treat our old injuries.

Let us use Miss Qins method.”

“Yes, we cant see Miss Qin in person, but since Miss Qin taught you, please help us.”

Doctor Zhu was in a dilemma.

However, those people begged.

It was as if Shi Jins method was to harm them and only Qin Fanyas method could truly cure them.

“Alright, then Ill make it clear.

I think both of these methods are effective, but personally, I think Young Madams method is better.

Since you guys want to choose, then choose the treatment method you want.”

“Alright, well use Miss Qins!”

Doctor Zhu had no choice, but to give them the medicine according to their wishes.

After all, those who came to visit the old wounds all believed in Fu Neng.

Of course, they chose Miss Qin.

Besides, even if Fu Neng didnt say anything, who wouldnt know about Qin Fanyas fame in Hong Kong Most people knew that choosing her wouldnt be wrong.

However, there were still a few people who chose Shi Jins treatment method.

After all, Fu Jiangs old injury was a model that everyone could see.

His medical report would not lie either.

Many people still hoped to recover as soon as possible like him.

Doctor Zhu had recorded their situation in detail, and it was also a good opportunity for him to make a comparison.

He wanted to see how the two methods were differentiated in terms of the effectiveness of the treatment.

This would lay the foundation for future treatment.

On Shi Jins side, the first batch of medicine that she had prepared for the Southern Courtyard was ready.

Since Fu Zhaoxiang and Qiu Xingmi were unwilling to let her and Fu Xiuyuan go over, she didnt force them.

Instead, she got someone to send the medicine over.

Now, this medicine was placed in front of Fu Zhaoxiang and Qiu Xingzang.

Shi Jins video call was on.

“Dad, Mom, this medicine isnt perfect yet.

There might be some strong side effects, so we need someone to test the effects of the medicine first,” Shi Jin said.

Fu Zhaoxiang said, “Let me try.”

“But, Shi Jin said that the side effects are more severe…” Qiu Xingmi said.” Anyway, my condition is more serious.

Let me try.

“If youre more serious, the side effects will be more harmful to you.

Let me do it.” Fu Zhaoxiang said and blocked Qiu Xingmi.

He picked up the medicine and drank it in one gulp.

Shi Jin sat opposite the screen and looked at everything before her.

Her heart was filled with boundless emotions.

It was said that true love was hard to find in this world, but the two before her had given her a different perspective.

When she came back to her senses, Fu Zhaoxiang had already put down the bowl.

“Dad, this is a form.

There are all kinds of reactions on it.

I hope that you can record your physical condition every hour and send it to me.

I will adjust the dosage of the medication according to this.

If its sweat or skin pain, its considered normal.

If your heart hurts, you have to get the doctor beside you to help observe it.”

There was a doctor in charge of their daily physical condition in the Southern Courtyard, so Shi Jin was not too worried about them.

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