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He could understand as well.

How could such a prescription be given out so casually Besides, Young Madam was so busy every day and had a ton of work to do.

As he was thinking, he heard Shi Jin say, “Bring the doctor here.

Ill talk to him.”

“Huh” Fu Jiang was stunned for a moment before saying, “Oh, okay.”

He really did not expect Shi Jin to be so easy to talk to in this aspect.

He was momentarily stunned.

“What are you waiting for Get the doctor here,” said Shi Jin.

Only then did Fu Jiang rush outside.

The doctor in the family, who specialized in treating external injuries for bodyguards, had the surname Zhu.

He had been in the Fu family for a long time.

He was already in his early sixties and was extremely responsible.

Ever since he found out that Fu Jiangs old injuries, which were difficult to treat, had been completely healed, he had researched Fu Jiangs injuries many times and the medicine that soaked his feet.

He was full of admiration for the person who prescribed the medicine.

Therefore, he pestered Fu Jiang for many days to find out about the situation of the herbs.

He also asked Fu Jiang to help him ask the doctor.

Every day, he looked forward to Fu Jiangs reply.

Today, someone came to check on his injury.

After he was done, he started to wait for Fu Jiang to come over.

Doctor Zhu immediately stood up when he saw Fu Jiang.

“Fu Jiang, is there any news What did the doctor say”

“She agreed and told you to go over.”

“Good, thats great!” Doctor Zhu patted Fu Jiangs shoulder.

“I have to thank you on behalf of so many young people with old injuries.”

“Youre welcome.

Go ahead, Young Madam is waiting for you.”

“The medicine was given to me by Young Madam,” Fu Jiang said.

Doctor Zhu was surprised.

“Its really her”

It wasnt that he didnt know Shi Jin, but no matter how limited his understanding of the entertainment industry was, he knew that female celebrities relied on their looks to make a living.

How could there be any other talents

Needless to say, medical skills were things that took time to accumulate.

“I didnt tell you before because I was afraid that you wouldnt believe me and that people would disturb Young Madam, but now, Young Madam has agreed to let you go.”

“So its Shi Jin.” Doctor Zhu could not help, but have second thoughts.

The doubts in his heart were too big.

However, he was the one who had asked Fu Jiang to do this.

It was too late to say no now.

“Lets go and take a look.” Doctor Zhu was no longer as excited and agitated as before.

A persons first impression was very important.

The first impression that Shi Jin had left him with was really not very good.

It was indeed quite difficult for him to suddenly change his impression of Shi Jin.

Fu Jiang led Doctor Zhu to the backyard.

Shi Jin was sitting on the swing in the backyard, replying to WeChat messages.

As the sun set, the afterglow shone on the tree in the backyard.

The extremely faint light fell on Shi Jin, making her look somewhat out of place, as if she was from heaven.

She looked lazy and obedient, not like someone who knew any medical skills.

Doctor Zhu had second thoughts.

“Young Madam.” Fu Jiang took a few steps forward.

“Doctor Zhu is here.”

Shi Jin put away her phone and her expression turned serious.

Her eyes were filled with coldness and indifference towards outsiders.

At this moment, the aura of a Young Madam engulfed her.

Doctor Zhu stopped underestimating her and went forward to greet her, “Young Madam, I am the doctor of the familys bodyguards.

My surname is Zhu.

Previously, I heard that Fu Jiangs old injuries were treated by you, so I specially came to seek guidance.”

“I heard from Fu Jiang.

Tell me about the situation of your patients so that I can give you a rough treatment plan.”

Doctor Zhu found her words to be rather arrogant, as if all the injuries were nothing to her.

As the doctor exclusive to the Fu Familys bodyguards, he was well known in Hong Kong.

Other than the old wounds that the bodyguards sustained, he was able to heal everything else easily.

Even the other doctors from other families could not help but come to ask for advice frequently.

Qin Fanya was also full of admiration for his medical skills.

Doctor Zhu had seen countless good doctors.

However, Shi Jin made it sound as though these troublesome old injuries were not difficult at all.

Doctor Zhu felt that she was indeed too young.

However, since she was the Young Madam, Dr.

Zhu would not go against her on purpose.

He bowed and said, “Here are the various records that Ive written.

Theyve been sorted and sorted out.

Please guide me, Young Madam.”

Shi Jin took the thick documents and flipped through it.

In terms of content, Doctor Zhu was very responsible.

All the bodyguards in the house had detailed records of their physical conditions and injuries.

The contents were very detailed.

With such a doctor, it was no wonder that the Fu Familys bodyguards were the best in Hong Kong.

Seeing that Shi Jin was flipping through the pages seriously, Dr.

Zhus mind was also racing.

It seemed like Shi Jin was indeed very serious about understanding the situation at home.

Even if she was unable to come up with any treatment plans, she had the heart to do so.

“Doctor Zhu, Im done.” Shi Jin handed the documents back to him.

Doctor Zhu saw that she had just casually flipped through it and said that she had finished reading it.

In his heart, he thought that the young lady was still too young.

However, her status as Young Madam was still there, so he did not say anything and respectfully took the item back.

“I think the old injuries of these bodyguards are categorized into four categories…” Shi Jin said.

“For these four categories, we can use roughly four prescriptions.

Then, according to the condition of everyones old injuries, we can add and reduce the number of medicines.

These four prescriptions are like this… All of my herbs are picked by themselves to be dried and used in different parts according to the condition.

For example, the aconite in front of me has the strongest medicinal effect in the center, but it has the opposite effect on certain injuries.

Although the side effects are weak, it has a strong calming effect.

Therefore, after I buy it, I will twist it and use it as two types of medicine…”

When she first started speaking, Dr.

Zhu didnt think much of it, but after Shi Jin said a few words, Dr.

Zhu couldnt help but shiver.

He straightened his body and tried to grasp every word she said.

“Wait, Young Madam.” Dr.

Zhu stopped her.

Shi Jin stopped and looked at him.

Doctor Zhu was a little embarrassed.

“Im sorry, I want to record everything you said, but I think my hand speed is limited.

I want to record it on my phone, is that okay”

“Sure.” Shi Jin did not object.

Doctor Zhu immediately took out his phone and pressed the recording button.

His face was filled with excitement.

He had spent his entire life researching external injuries.

He could almost tell the value of these prescriptions just by listening.

What Shi Jin said just now quickly made him realize that he had underestimated this Young Madams ability.

What she said could answer many of his usual questions about healing, and it could also supplement many of the loopholes in his treatment system.

In particular, he had tried the treatment method for these herbs before, but because the herbs he had bought were all the same, the effects did not reach his expectations.

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