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Chapter 634 Arent You Afraid (1)

Fu Zhaoxiang asked, “What did Shi Jin say Did she prescribe any medicine”

Even though he did not have any expectations for Shi Jins medical skills, he could not help asking, not giving up any hope.

Qiu Xingmi shook her head.

The light in Fu Zhaoxiangs eyes dimmed.

However, he wasnt too disappointed.

He was used to it after all these years.


Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin returned to the Fu residence.

Old Master Fu was drinking tea when he saw them.

He slammed the teacup on the table.

ou two went to the Southern Courtyard”


“Yes.” Fu Xiuyuan did not avoid it.

“You!” Old Master Fu was furious.

“Do you know what youll do if something happens Im already so old, what should I do”

Fu Xiuyuan pursed his thin lips and did not reply.

“Shi Jin, Xiuyuan doesnt listen to advice and neither do you!” Old Master Fu turned his attention to Shi Jin.

He remembered that Fu Xiuyuan rarely stepped foot into the Southern Courtyard in the past.

When he was young, he would cry and throw tantrums, but it was fine after he grew up.

Fu Xiuyuan decided to go again after Shi Jin arrived.

It was clearly Shi Jins responsibility.

“Grandfather, it has nothing to do with Shi Jin.

I wanted to bring her to meet Dad and Mom.”

“You!” Old Master Fu was speechless and heartbroken.

“Arent you afraid…”

“Grandpa!” Shi Jin walked to Old Master Fus side.

“Dont worry.

Xiuyuan is only bringing me to meet his parents.

Were already married.

No matter how ugly a wife is, she still has to meet her in-laws, right Since I met them this time, I wont go next time.

Dont worry.”

Shi Jin had always been cold and aloof, but as long as she was willing, coaxing the elderly was not a skill she lacked.

It all depended on her willingness.

Indeed, the effect of having his granddaughter-in-law coax him was different.

Old Master Fus mood was finally not as bad.

When Shi Jin saw that his expression had turned better, she continued, “Grandpa, if you want to live a long life, Xiuyuan and I will continue to accompany you.

As for the Southern Courtyard, we will not go there anymore, okay”

“Hmph, at least youre sensible.” Old Master Fus expression relaxed.

“Butler Kang, lets eat.”

Shi Jin held Fu Xiuyuans hand and followed Old Master Fu.

After dinner, Fu Xiuyuan accompanied Shi Jin upstairs.

“Arent you going to ask me how Mom is doing” Shi Jin asked Fu Xiuyuan.

“Mm, tell me about it.”

“Her condition is indeed not too good.

It seems like it will take a long time for her to fully recover.”

“Fully recover” Fu Xiuyuans calm eyes could not help but ripple.

He had not heard these two words since he found out about his mothers illness.

He did not even hear any words related to hope from any doctor.

And yet Shi Jin actually said, “fully recover”!

“Yes, it will take a long time for her to fully recover.

However, I have already made some progress in controlling the infection,” Shi Jin said confidently.

“The last time, I came back with her skin samples for testing.

This time, Ive done some verification and Im very confident.”

“Are you saying that Mother will be able to come out soon and live a normal life” Fu Xiuyuan asked, unable to hide the shock in his voice.

As long as Qiu Xingmis illness was no contagious, she could come out to live.

She could act normally and no longer be criticized by others.

She did not have to worry about the negative effects she would bring to others.

In fact, for someone like Qiu Xingmi, as long as she was not worried about infecting others, she could rely on her wealth and the Fu Familys power to live freely.

However, her sense of responsibility made her stay away from the crowd, refusing to take a single step out for fear of affecting others.

Her sense of responsibility had trapped her for more than twenty years.

If there was hope, it was undoubtedly the greatest relief for Qiu Xingmi.

“Yes.” Shi Jin looked up and laughed.

“Quick, praise me!”

Fu Xiuyuan reached out and grabbed her waist, pulling her into his embrace.

He kissed her passionately as a compliment.


After Shi Jin got more information about Qiu Xingmi, her research went further.

She was sitting in the backyard drying herbs when she received a message from Fang Tang.

“Shi Jin, I heard that Fang Yunxi was hospitalized due to serious injuries.

The entire Fang family is in a bad state now.”

“Yes, I didnt expect things to turn out this way either.” Shi Jin typed on the keyboard.

“The matter started because of Fang Yunxi.

She brought this upon herself.

Before she did anything, why didnt she think about who she would offend”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

“Do you have anything to say to me”

“Not anymore.

Just a casual conversation.”

“I thought you were going to plead on behalf of the Fang family.

If you ask, I might consider it.

Fang Tang, you can tell me after youve thought it through.”

Shi Jin placed her phone aside.

After a long while, there was another notification on WeChat.

Fang Tang sent a message over.

“Ive already thought it through.

Theres no need to plead for them.

My dad has looked for my mom several times, and she asked for my opinion.

I feel that everyone should bear the consequences of their choices.

Fang Yunxi should do the same.”

“Thats good,” Shi Jin replied.

She was not afraid that Fang Tang would be soft-hearted.

After all, Fang Tang had the blood of the Fang family running in her veins.

Shi Jin was willing to make an exception for her.

However, Shi Jin was more willing to see Fang Tang becoming stronger.

The sun was setting in the west, and the chill in the air was beginning to replace the sunshine.

Fu Jiang walked over to help Shi Jin collect the herbs.

“Put these over there.

Put these away.

You dont have to sun-dry them tomorrow.” Shi Jin didnt make a move and just instructed.

“Alright.” Fu Jiang swiftly put away the money and said, “Young Madam, I have something that I need your help with.”

“Hm” Shi Jin looked up at him calmly.

Faced with such a beautiful face, Fu Jiang was at a loss for what to do.

However, he calmed down after remembering that she was the Young Madam.

“The herbs that you gave me previously healed my old injuries immediately.

The doctor at home pestered me to ask about the situation.

Young Madam, you know that the Fu family has so many bodyguards working for Old Master and Young Master.

Its inevitable that they would have some injuries and illnesses.

The doctor said that he wanted to know where these herbs were made and how they were made…”

He sounded a little guilty.

This unique technique was definitely Shi Jins secret.

He shouldnt be asking Shi Jin to reveal it.

However, that Dr.

Zhu kept asking him about it ten times a day and even told him to seek Shi Jins help.

He had no choice, but to ask this question.

“Oh, well, everyones injuries are different.

The formula will therefore definitely be different.”

Upon hearing Shi Jins words, Fu Jiang understood.

She was rejecting him politely.

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